*daddy's girl*

(WARNING: slight lemon)p

Clapping could be heard throughout the room...echoing off of the cold, deaf walls.p

"Well done...." A man's voice joined the echo' cold as the walls surrounding her. p

She looked down at the bodies around her...blood washed everything in it's trademark color. The metallic taste rich on her tongue...feeding her blades and her. The scent brought her to a euphoric state; she took in her surroundings with obvious glee and pleasure. The man's voice called to her attention, as she turned her head sideways and looked upon him. Only a moment passed, as she lingered on the taste a while longer, before she kneeled before him in deep respect and loyalty.p

"I am pleased to hear so, Dynast-sama." Her light purple hair brushing slightly against her face from the pony tail it was pulled into. Her dark blue slitted eyes focused on the ground, where a pool of blood lay beneith. Her fingers were long and delicate, the nails polished with a light crystal white color. She had become his general after dispatching of the previous a rather gruesome manner, to boot.p

"You may stand, my lovely." Dynast chimed lightly, an actual smile pulling the corner of his mouth as he looked upon her hunched form.p

She stood slowly, pulling the had that was bathed in blood to her face, lapping it up slowly, catlike, with her eyes closed. After a few laps she opened one eye to examine her lord. After she finished, she let her hand fall and looked at him with open amusment. "M'lord...that's was most enjoyable..thank you for the recreational activity."p

Dynast smiled at her, moving a gloved hand under her chin and lifting it up to look at him, his eyes burrowing into her own. "You are the only one who would consider training a recreational activity." p

Her eyebrows arched. "That was training? How so? I hardly saw a challenge. Those humans were pathetic. None of them could use magic...though I refrained from my own. I love the feel of my blade sinking into's wonderful Dynast-sama." She smiled dream like, looking upon her master with adoring eyes.p

He actually chuckled...iShe is definatly a woman of my own heart/i he thought wickedly as he tightened his grip on her chin. "You like a challenge then? How about this one: amuse me. It's rather difficult, but I must say you are the only being who has come close to amusing me."p

Tsunami grinned and stepped forward, wrapping her arms around his back and kissing her lord with a hungry passion, letting the taste of human blood mingle between their mouths. He released her chin and equaled her hunger, licking the roof of her mouth before pulling away for a moment. She was no longer a girl...most definatley not. A woman in every repect and desire. Her natural beauty was astounding. He merely aged her body, nothing more, he added no beauty to her. It was all her....and all captivating.p

"Ah...many woman have tried..." He was cut short by another kiss. i This girl has the odasity to silence me? I'll punish her later.../i He thought as her mouth seemed to beccon him to focus on her alone. One of his hands held the back of her head while the other trailed down her side. Tsunami's hands dropped lower on his back until she came to the bottom of the back plate of his armor. She pulled the kiss apart for a moment to give him a slightly annoyed glance. "M'lord...this armor is troublesome and takes to now aren't you sweet?" Tsunami grinned, as the armor faded off his body before she could finish. She worked at the undershirt, giving slight playful tugs, slowly releasing it from his body. p

Dynast was amused...a long time since that has happened. But he said nothing, wanting her to continue to amuse him. This girl had fire in her unlike his other servents. And fire was so warm, even in personality, compared to this cold region. He gained much pleasure from her was empowering in a sense. His hands seemed to moving on thier own accord, repeating on her what was just done to him, removing the womans shirt. He reached down and grabbed her hip, pulling her lower body closer to his own, trailing his kisses down to her neck. Tsunami giggled at the little nips, tilting her head to the side and pushing her teeth into his shoulder, raising a low growl from her master. She moved one of her hands ontop of his bare chest, pushing him to the ground and tasting him with little licks as he watched her with hungry eyes.p

There Dynast and his general stayed for a long time, her continuing to amuse her lord.p

(A.N. Gomen ne...I needed to work that out of my system O.o...NAUGHTY Kiavie-chan!! but it is also more important than it's my way of showing how Tsunami feels about Dynast. And what she has become...BAD DYNAST . what have you done to their daughter?? )p


The screaming was lonely, painfilled, and quite insane.p

Dolphin *loved* it. The sweet music that the blonde dragon produced was so sweet to her ears that the dark lord pitied that it would have to end soon.p

"Well...since it doesn't have to end just yet, why not look at my little pet?" The blue haired mazoku giggled, standing as graceful as water and swaying down the halls of her underwater keep until she came to the door of the chamber that the once dragon was kept. She opened the door slowly, the screaming increasing ten fold as it was relased from the closed chamber. p

Dolphin stepped inside, closing the door behind her and looked through the glass window into the chamber that she was kept. p

Filia just stared at the glass that Dolphin was hiding behind, screaming with her eyes wide open in fear and insanity. Her hands were up to her face, the nails on her index fingers sinking into the skin on her cheeks, sending tails of blood across her face as she screamed in absolute horror. p

Dolphin smiled sweetly for a moment, and said to herself "Now now...we cannot be damaging that pretty face of yours, you know that." Dolphin teleported in, and waved the image on the window to stop playing it's horrible story of Filia murdering Xelloss and Tsunami over and over again.p

The dark lord's hands closed around Filia's wrists, surprisingly gentle. Filia's screamed stopped so suddenly that Dolphin was astonished by the silence. The blondes blue eyes looked into Dolphins, almost pleading. p

"Will you accept now or will this have to continue? You are rather stubbron though, that much I will award you." Dolphin smiled sweetly, looking upon her prize. p

Filia turned to look at the window with it's frozen image, pursing her chapped lips, causing them to crack and bleed slighty. She nodded once in acceptance.p

Dolphin smiled. "Oh...poor thing." Dolphin brushed the blonds hair with her hand as she held Filia. "Don't fret, I'll make it all better. I promise." P


" you think it worked?" Amelia asked as they walked back to the ship.p

Xelloss shrugged his shoulders. "Who knows? He's should know that more than any of us by now."p

Amelia nodded and walked the rest of the way back to the ship in silence next to the trickster. *Well...I hoped it worked enough to get him to realize that he is not as bad as he thinks.....* She sighed. p

They approached the ship in silence...there was no one on the ship save some of the crew members. Xelloss pat Amelia's shoulder and motioned to the doorway to the lower decks. "I suggest you get some rest."p

Amelia nodded and did as suggested. When she stepped into her room, she yawned largely, reached over to the dest top and grabbing her nightgown. Slipping out of her soceress outfit and putting on the comfortable gown. For quite a while the princess sat, reading a book about magical theory and multiple uses. After she felt the ship set sail, she stood, comming before her small vanity. p

She sat infront of the mirror, combing her hair with an absent mind, letting her thoughts drift over the song she sang to Zelgadis. p

So absorbed into her thought, that the knock on the door sent her about three feet in the air in fright. p

"Y..yes?" She called. p

No answer. p

Amelia, being with Lina long enough to practice caution, called out her question again, only to be once again met with silence.p

She cracked open the door, ready to fling the fireball building at her finger tips at any would be intruder...p

but met emptiness. Looking down she noticed a little slip of paper. The princess bent down and picked it up, reading it's simple words and complex meaning, in Zelgadis' hand writing.p

iI'm sorry./ip

Amelia baffled over this note for a while, wondering what he was sorry about. Was he sorry for making her angry earlier? Was he telling her that he didn't want her? Was he confused? Well she sure was. Curling the paper between her fingertips, she walked with a lost expression down the hallway, not realizing she had been walking until she came up to the deck.p

Blinking a few times, she shook her head at herself. iHow can I be so absentminded that I wandered all the way updeck?/i Her eyes drifted to a lone figure...ironically draped over the rail like a man she acused him of being alike was earlier. She walked up to him, the same exact approached as before, and leaned over the rail next to him, staying silent for a long time.p

Finally Zelgadis sighed and closed his eyes. That seemed to prod Amelia forward.p

"What are you sorry about?" Amelia asked quietly.p

Zelgadis didn't move. His eyes remained closed for a long time, and he said not a word. After about five minutes of silence, Amelia picked herself off the rail and turned to go back below deck, figuring he was in one of his "moods"...p

"A lot of things, I suppose...when you think 'bout it." He muttered, keeping his eyes closed.p

Amelia turned and looked at him, with his back to her. "A lot of things? Can't you be more specific?" She said in a slightly snappy tone.p

Zelgadis straitened and turned, opening his eyes and looking at her up and down. " sure have been cranky. Is it that time of the month?"p

*twitch* "Do you want to find out?" She asked in a dangerous sweet tone, feeling the fireball of justice tinging in her fingers. p

Zelgadis' eyes grew wide. "You are spending too much time with Lina!" He laughed a little.p

Amelia blinked...realizing that she WAS acting a lot like her companion. She brushed herself off and laughed a little herself. "Sorry...I have been going through a lot...emotionally, metally, physically...socially... morally even...." She smiled a little and put her hands behind her back.p

Zelgadis nodded and folded his arms across his chest. " answer your question...what I said earlier...and everything I have said that has hurt you feelings. It's not like I am out to hurt you, you seems to happen. Like the comment I made way back about your family....I should have realized..." He swollowed. "Sometimes I am not very good at keeping my mouth shut when I should. I guess..." He trailed off.p

Amelia smirked and decided to finish his sentence. "You can be as bad as Gourry with that?"p

Zelgadis glared at her. " you have been around Xelloss too long as well. But yes...I guess...worst sometimes..." The shrugged. "I am not very good at socializing."p

Amelia shook her head at him and let her princess face slip on: serious and firm. "Zelgadis, I wish you would open you eyes." She turned to walk away again. "And thank you for the apology. It means more to me than you will ever know. And I am sorry for everything I have ever said to you that was the time we first met."p

Zelgadis reached out and grabbed ahold of her arm and turned her to look at him. "Wait, Amelia..."p

She was startled, and did not protest as she looked at her old travel companion...the man she loved so dearly. "What is it?"p

He stepped forward and hugged her. "Thank you. I understand what you were trying to tell me...and...and I know how you feel. But I am not ready that. Please understand. I...need time. I am..." His voice dropped to a whisper as he hugged her.p

Amelia felt her tears welling up. least he isn't yelling at me....and he is just saying that he is not ready.../i Her arms came up and around his back as she buried her face into his chest. "W...when will you be ready?" She asked quietly.p

"I don't know. I guess I have to ask you to forgive me again." He answered back quietly.p

"Won't you ever drop your search?"p

" I feel like a monster, and that's the way I will always feel when I look in a mirror. No matter how human you make me feel inside, the outside will never change, and I think someday it might drive me insane...." He very gently, to avoid scratching her with one of the stones on his face, laid his cheek on the top of her head, closing his eyes again.p

Amelia understood. She also knew why she couldn't ask to go with him on his search: he would refuse it. With good reason. As much as she loved him...he needed to search alone. This was more than a cure for his body...but his mind. And that is something she would only get in the way of. She could feel the body wracking tears starting to build up as he held her quietly.p


"Don't say that."p

"Say what?"p

"'san'...please just call me Zelgadis. I know you are polite but drop the manners with me and just call me by my name. You are familiar enough with me to use it that way." He mumbled. p

"Ok...I'll try. It's kind of habit though. But I'll try..." Amelia said...ihe knew what I was going to ask him and stopped me..../ip

The pulled away finally and he looked at her tear streaked face. "You're crying..."p

"Pretty good observation." She grumbled, wiping the tears away with the back of her hand. p

"WAY too much time with Lina." He whispered with a smile, leaning forward and kissed her on the cheek quickly, blushing furiously as he did so. "That's about the most you are going to get out of me for a while. Gomen ne..." p

Amelia was blushing as well, and smiled broadly. "It's enough to keep me waiting."p