This is my first Bleach story, so I thought I'd just do a random one-shot about my favorite couple!

"Karin, where is Ichigo?"

Yuzu stood in the doorway of the kitchen, looking in at the living room.

" How the hell am I supposed to know?" Karen was getting annoyed. Couldn't Yuzu see that she was watching TV? Karin had been looking forward to this soccer game for weeks...

"Could you go check if he's in his room. I hope he is, I just don't know where else he could be." Yuzu said worriedly.

" If you're so worried about him, why don't you go?" Karin really didn't want to leave the TV and risk missing the last crucial minutes of the game.

"But Karin, I'm trying to get these clothes washed. If I leave them too long they might shrink!" Yuzu pleaded.

Hmm, incur Ichigo's wrath, or spend possible months wearing 3-inch long T-shirts. Decisions, decisions...

Karin sighed. "Alright, I'll go. But you owe me."

Yuzu smiled. "Thank you! If he's there, ask him if he wants something to eat. It's almost 8 pm, and he hasn't eaten all day!"

"Yea yea, I'll ask."

Karin seriously hoped Ichigo wasn't in his room. He could be so darn stressy if anyone so much as knocked at his door. Besides, this had not been her week. She got a C in her math test (even though she studied for weeks), she sprained her wrist playing baseball, and now she was missing her TV time, just so she could get yelled at by her brother for "intruding on his privacy".

She ran up the stairs as fast as she could. She wanted to get back to watching the game as soon as possible.

She reached the top and headed for his room. She stopped in her tracks. She could hear someone.

She approached his door quietly.

Karin could hear the voice more clearly now. It definitley wasn't Ichigo, unless he had magically transformed overnight into a girl.

Wait a minute, Karin thought. The two things clicked together in her head. Ichigo had a girl in his room!

"He's so busted when I tell Dad!" Karin thought sadistically as she smirked.

Karin was thinking of all the wonderful ways she could embarrass him in front of his "lady friend", as their Dad always refered to them as.

She finally decided on the classic " just-happening-to-walk-in-and-see-them-making-out" technique.

She took a deep breath. She knew Ichigo would kill her for this afterwards, but it would be worth it.

Karin swung the door open with a smug look on her face.

"Ah ha! I knew it! I am so going to-" Karin looked around. The room was empty.

"What the-? Ichigo? But I was so sure I heard someone..." Karin frowned. She had been certain she heard someone in here.

After several minutes, Karin just shrugged her shoulders, sighed, and left the room.

The closet door burst open as Ichigo and Rukia fell out of it, landing on the floor with a bump.

"That was close! Don't they know they're invading my personal space?" Ichigo sat up, noticing that Rukia had fallen onto his lap.

"Your face was so funny! I told you I could hear someone outside! It's just lucky we hid in time!" Rukia laughed.

"I know, I'd hate to think what my Dad would say if Karin told him I had a girl in my room." Ichigo said, cupping Rukia's face in his hands and bringing it in line with his.

They leant in and kissed.

"I just heard a noise coming from up he- WHAT THE HELL?!" Karin was stood at Ichigo's doorway in shock.

Ichigo just stared at her, dumbfounded. He suddenly realized the suggestive position that he and Rukia were in.

"Um, I can explain!" ...

Well, there you have it. Kinda short, not brilliant, but oh well. What did you think? Let me know!