"What, Cassie?? Why are you yelling?" Andy was standing in his doorway.

"You took a book from my room!"

"Umm... so what if I did?"

"You didn't even ask!"

"Well, it's not like you would have said yes. Besides, I needed it." He walked over to his desk and picked up the copy of Where the Wild Things Are. "I wanted to re-read it so I could maybe do what Mara said for that report."

"You're always taking my stuff. You know you're not supposed to go in my room."

"Well, it's not like you care, you didn't even know what book I took until I told you."

"Now you're just being stupid and annoying. Give me back my book."

"No, I need it!"

"It's mine, Andy! Give it back!"

"It's not like you're going to read it, you're too old for it anyway!"

"Give it BACK!" She grabbed for it and began a tug-of-war for it with her younger brother, as they continued to shout and yell at each other.

Andy let go of his hold, causing Cassie to fall backward and land with a loud thud on the floor and hit the back of her head on the footboard of his bed. Andy laughed as he scrambled forward to grab the book Cassie had dropped.

Cassie rubbed the back of her head trying to fight back the tears that had sprung to her eyes. "Ouch, that hurt! You are such a brat... I am telling Mom when she gets home, you're going to be in so much trouble."

Andy made a face at his sister. "Maybe you shouldn't be so mean and selfish."

"Maybe YOU should ask first!"

"You would have just said no, and you know it, even though I need it for school!"

"You are so impossible! God, I hate you so much sometimes. This is why it's not fair that those stories never happen to regular people, because believe me, there would be a lot of times I wish the goblins would come and take you away!" She snatched the book out of his hands and stormed out of his room, slamming his door and then her own.


The Goblin King shook his head slightly as the goblins all looked to him, clamoring to go. "Not yet," he said simply.


"What on earth is going on up here?" Mara came up the steps, rubbing at the side of her head. Andy was alternately pounding, pushing, and kicking at Mara's door while yelling at the top of his lungs. "Andy! Chill! I really doubt you'd like having to shell out your allowance to replace the door." She pulled him away from the door and knocked.

"You can't have the book, Andy! You stupid brat!"

"Cassie, open the damn door." Mara was practically growling. The door was yanked open wide, and Cassie's red tear-stained face made its appearance, mouth open and about to let loose a din that Mara just didn't feel she could handle right at this moment. "No. Don't even think about it. I'm getting a migraine again and cannot deal with more bickering and screaming and yelling right now."

"Then tell him to stay OUT of my room!" Cassie shrieked.

Mara dodged Cassie's flailing arm and sighed. She pressed the heel of her hand against her browbone, then chided Andy. "Ok, Andy. You don't like it when Cassie goes in your room, right?"

He mumbled an answer and kicked at the rug.

"So you need to respect her privacy too, okay?"

"Yeah... I know. I just wanted to re-read Where the Wild Things Are so I could think about what you said for my book report, and I was already upstairs anyway. And I knew she'd just say no if I asked."

"I get it, it's just the principle of the thing. Now, Cassie," she turned back to the elder of the two of her cousins, "aren't you a bit old to be throwing these kinds of fits? You're fifteen, I believe you can handle a fight with an eight-year-old without screaming and hollering and bringing down the house."

Cassie glowered. "I have to fight the way he fights, or he doesn't understand."

Mara looked pointedly at Cassie. "It doesn't work that way, Cass, sorry. You are the older one here, you are the one responsible. If he's shouting and screaming, you keep your cool or walk away or something. And would it really be so terrible to let him use the book?"

"He went in my room, without asking! This is MY room!" As she said that, she caught a glimpse of Andy behind Mara, making faces at her."Arrrrrgh! I want those wishes, I mean it."


"I do! I'd do anything to be able to make a wish and have him taken away. I'd never have to deal with him anymore. It sucks that that only happens in stories."


"So what am I supposed to say? Aren't there some magic words? 'Goblin King, Goblin King,' or whatever?"

"Cassie, you're going too far."

"Just think, if the goblins came and took him away, I would never have to see him or listen to him or deal with him ever again! He'd be off in one of those mystical worlds and nowhere to be found on this planet!" She saw her little brother just staring at her, and that enraged her even more. "What, you think I don't mean it? Don't you get it? I hate that you're here, I hate you being around! So, yes I do! I wish the goblins would come and get you and take you away, I wish the Goblin King would turn you into a goblin and let me live in peace!"

"Cassie, the only one creating a ruckus is you, now shut your mouth!" Mara resisted the urge to slap Cassie across the face. "I've had enough!" Mara was screaming as well, despite the looming migraine having come out full force and making her head throb.

Cassie finally piped down, her cheeks still burning scarlet and still out of breath. Andy stuck out his tongue at her. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him. With a sudden movement that caught Mara off guard, Cassie pushed Mara out her door. She look at her brother and said, quite calmly, "I wish the goblins would come and take you away." She slammed the door in their faces. "Right NOW!"