Hiya everyone! Yes, I am writing a Mary long-fic. I promised myself I would, and I won't go back on my promise! This is for all of those Mary lovers out there, and also the fact that there is a HUGE lack of Mary long-fics. I would like to dedicate this story to HmGirly12 because when she said that there were no Mary long-fics out there, I made the promise about writing a Mary long-fic. Also, I wanna dedicate this story to The Scarlet Sky because she is truley inspiring. Plus, if she hadn't made her fourm, HmGirly12 wouldn't have said that ther were no Mary long-fics and I wouldn't have made the said promise. So there!

Signed Queenie-chan

Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure Harvest Moon isn't mine. I'm trying to steal Kai away, but that isn't going anywhere fast O.o

The Complicated Life of Mary


This is a story about a girl. She is just like any other girl. She has dreams. She has hopes. She has loved. She has been loved. But there is something different about this girl that separates her from the rest of them. There is something that makes her so special, that no one can compare to her. The reason?

This girl is me.

I run her life, and I make her decisions. I make her cry, and I make her laugh. I feel her pain, and I feel her joy. I learn from her mistakes, and I deal with her consequences.

Her name? Mary.

And this is her story.