SUMMARY: The world is divided by society rankings, the avatar being the highest you could be. And when the avatar becomes of marrying age, he is forced to marry a high society lady. But when the avatar falls in love with a mere Water Tribe peasant, will their love hold? Will the world be thrown into chaos? Or is it possible that they will be separated from each other forever?

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Separated We Are

Many years ago, in a time long past, the world was organized and divided by society and its rankings. There were the peasants, the servants and advisors to the higher crowd, the soldiers, the nobles, the princes and princesses, and the kings and queens. But highest of them all was the avatar.

The avatar was the most powerful being the world had ever seen. Those in all countries practically worshipped him. Many asked for his advice and gave him gifts, secretly hoping to see him do some of his famous bending.

There was only one avatar at a time, though, and the particular avatar in this story is the one called Aang.

Aang was a skinny, yet muscular boy of 15. His dark hair was somewhat short and his storm gray eyes could hypnotize the Spirits themselves. And, as avatar, he was able to control all elements – water, earth, fire and air – to do whatever he pleased.

And though Aang loved streaming the water and sliding the earth and blowing the wind and making flames crackle, he hated being the avatar.

Being the avatar meant many responsibilities that Aang did not care for. Settling conflicts, stopping natural disasters from hurting the innocent, and other such things that regular people could do if they really wanted to. They just didn't know it and forced it on the one person who seemed most powerful. Being the avatar meant girls swooning at the sight of him, but they didn't love him for being Aang. They didn't know him. They knew his powers.

Of course Aang wanted love, as most people do, but he wanted true love. Someone to love him for him, not his title.

But because of his turning 16 the next day, Aang would be forced to marry some high society lady that he did not love by his highest advisor, Long Feng. And according to Long Feng, they would start looking for a bride to choose tomorrow.

So Aang, with his advisors Long Feng, Iroh, and Jeong Jeong, left that afternoon for the South Pole.

Now, let's turn our attention to a certain person in the South Pole. This person was named Katara and she was a mere Water Tribe peasant.

Katara was a master waterbender, though she didn't use her powers like most women who had her same abilities did. She was a fighter, like the male waterbenders in the tribe, not a healer. If anything were to happen to the iceberg she called home, she'd be there.

This was why some people thought lowly of her. According to them, women were to stay in the house and keep themselves preoccupied with things such as cooking, cleaning and sewing. But Katara paid no heed to what the elder women of the tribe whispered as she passed by, because at least the men gave her respect for the spectacular bender she was. Katara could not exaggerate when she said she was the best waterbender in the South Pole.

Katara was a very beautiful person. Many men – warriors, higher class men, benders – thought her gorgeous. And, seeing as she was 16, she got many proposals of marriage. But, no matter how handsome the man proposing was, she turned them all down. Some she thought of as jerks. Others fellow fighters and friends that she'd never dream of being anything more with. Some she had never even spoken to. They just saw her looks and their male instinct kicked in.

Katara had always been somewhat insulted by this. Never a word to them and they were proposing? Just because of the way her face and body was arranged? Katara wanted someone to love her because they got to know her, not because they saw a pretty face in a crowd.

While Katara was out walking one day, there were many excited whispers surrounding her, though she heard her name nowhere in the conversations. When she finally decided to ask about all the commotion, a woman quickly replied that the avatar, of all people, was coming to meet Princess Yen and possibly become her husband. This meant that everyone else got to get a small glimpse of Aang, the famous avatar.

Katara was different than those folks in town, as you might have guessed earlier. She was happy that the avatar was coming the snowy land they lived in. She was happy that their snot-nosed, spoiled, brattish princess just might get a husband and be led far, far away. But she was not obsessed with celebrities and powerful people. But she did feel sorry for the man, having to meet their wretched princess.

The princess, as you also might have guessed, was not a nice person. She pushed the citizens of her nation around as if they were just another one of her slaves. Innocent were forced out of the way by guards when she walked past and if you said a word to her without being spoken to first, you were thrown mercilessly into the depths of the dungeon. Many thought it was her job as ruler and ignored it all. But some, like Katara, knew her for what she really was.

Katara, now late for her training session, had no time to think upon the matter more. She walked briskly off towards the ocean, her true friend, and began to practice with the other warriors.

These two people, Aang and Katara, avatar and peasant, had no idea that their paths would cross. They had no idea that their destinies would intertwine. They had no idea that it would change their lives forever. But you know. And I know. But I'm the one who knows the details. So, the story begins.

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