I wish I had an Angel

Chapter 1: First encounter

Time: Shortly after the end of Battle City

So Isis, Malik and Rishid had stayed in Domino City.

It had been shortly after the summer break from school, and of course Isis had insisted on Malik being sent there to participate in lessons. All his contradictions and fights had been in vain, and even Rishid had betrayed him by siding with Isis..

Maliks rage and compulsory mind hadnt helped against this immense power of two older siblings. So he had had to give in and now found himself being in that nasty boring school of that Japanese people.. It appeared to be the typical neat, white and innocent building – as well as its participants inside. He felt as if he was the only individual here having somewhat of what you might call an "own mind".

It was puzzling.

First day at school passed by like any other typical first day at a foreign school. Luckily, that he already had learned that Japanese tongue, or he wouldn't have been able to grasp just a hint of what they told to each other. On the contrary it was fun to see them puzzled when he started cursing in Egypt or Arabic. He delighted in giving them frowns and questioned faces, as well as giving them his famous dangerous glare.. It proved to be the only thing which made school life bearable.

Sighing, he let his gaze wander around the remaining students, which had regarded it the better to stay in class room in break. The typical Japanese girls, always smiling like honey and with high-pitching voicing.. it was that sort of girls he usually hated the most. They were of no substance to him, of no character. Just all the same in a mono- coloured environment.. Okay, there were some exceptions, but exactly these were that kind he tried not to think about.

Joey, for example.

The "dog", as Seto Kaiba liked to call him. And, like Malik had to admit, was damn right about it! He smirked broadly and reminded how he had used Joey to fulfil his own plans. He had been his slave, and it had been so astonishing easy to bring him down. Just another kind of an ultimate push-over..

Starting to hum silently to Nightwishs "Dark Chest of Wonders" he let his bright lavender eyes survey the rest of the students. Of no importance. Neither of them. The only one he had started to grow a liking on had been Bakura. But the Ring Spirit, not his innocent and always smiling brighter half. Evry time Malik caught a glimpse of him he had the feeling of being surrounded by a shiny white aura. It was almost unnatural – How could one individual maintain such an innocent character?! He knew that Ryo, like his friends called him, had quite some nasty secrets resting within his soul.. Malik didn't have to use that Millenium Item to know that (which by the way he didn't possess anymore), it were his good senses of humans which told him.

Character analysis could still be helpful some day. It was a kind of hobby he had taken a liking of.

This and European music. Especially the Dark Wave and Gothic style. He detested the Japanese versions, and often he had started a dispute with his classmates about that. But how could he made a point if hardly anyone tried to listen him? It was just the common "What's that?!" and then – flight.

He personally liked that music, it reflected parts of his philosophy and own character. But he wouldn't have ever told someone about these things.. Not even his sister or even Rishid. They were his siblings, but they also didn't try to listen to him. It mostly was the case that they did not talk at all. Or very little.

And honestly, Malik had been quite happy with that. Why talk too much and at the same time tell so little, like it tended to be after a while? Most people he knew buried each other with an amount of words but at the same time didn't hardly say anything important and worth of discussing. So why talk at all?

"What are you staring at?," suddenly a high-pitched honeyed voice disrupted his thoughts and with a sharp hiss he glanced at the invader - It was Théa, the girl he hated most.

"Why should that be of any intrest to you?," he took the plugs out of his ear, being not very amused about her sudden appearance.

Théa frowned. She hadn't counted on a counter-question. This boy was indeed very strange. Not participating in any of their common undertakings, still being somewhat out-of-reach and untouchable.

"You are acting mean to us. You don't try to join us when we invite you!," Théa blurted out and gave him her best smile. "You don't even talk to us!"

Malik shot her an angry look. "Why should I anyway? I don't see any advantage it could hold for me."

But the girl just blinked and then continued in her speech. She seemed to have overheard Malik's insult.

He frowned. Did she just act so dumb or did she actually lack some synopses in her brain? Plus that steady pink cloud in which she seemed to be embedded when walking on this earth. She probably had never experienced or even got a glimpse of the things Malik had gone through his entire childhood. And then trying to tell HIM how to behave!

"Can you just leave me alone?," he started growling at her, already feeling that he might lose his temper. "I'm not in the mood for talking."

But Théa of course did'nt hear the dangerous growling tune in his voice. Which proved to be a mistake. A probably severe one. "Why are you so angry?," she chirped. "I still don't understand your way of acting. We just want to be your friends, despite after all you did to us." She eyed him suspiciously. "We are nice to you."

That did it. Furious Malik got up and hissed at her: "I just dont WANT your damn friendship! I'm happy on my own, you fucking bitch!" His bright eyes, flickering with rage, darted death glares at the still surprised girl who didn't move an inch. "You wanna get kicked, do you?!"

Théa still stood there. Puzzled.

What.. had that been for? What had she.. done wrong?

Finally she had understood and tears began filling her eyes. "Why.. why you said these nasty things to me?," she started sobbing, obviously still astonished that someone didn't actually want her friendship. Malik was the first who had insulted her that much. It hurt.

"I.. I just wanted to be kind..," she started again. Sobbing and holding back her tears by covering her face with her palms. Together with that pink uniform she looked like a pink cloud having come to life.

Seeing her still standing there, Malik felt the present urge to kick her literally. She just looked like someone in whose face a slap might look good.. despite that she was a girl. "If you actually want to do me a favour, LEAVE!," he snarled at her and growled again.

And this time Théa got the tune in his voice and went backwards. Slowly, then she turned, still crying, and ran out of the room. To God-knew-where.

Malik took a look around.

Everyone remaining in the room was staring at him. Some puzzled, some scared, some angry. "What the hell are you staring at me?!," he hissed at them and surprisingly they all turned around to ignore him further.

But the girls started disputing about him and now and again threw a glance at him. It was clear what they were thinking and discussing about.

And Malik knew that.

Now he really felt wrong at the place and truly pissed off. If anyone would now come in and say just one false word he might as well explode in an instant..

"Oh fuck you all..," he sighed and headed for the door. Although he might get into trouble if he would spent the next lesson somewhere else, but better than sit in there again..

He had just left the room when he heard someone behind him: "Nice talk, Ishtar. I delighted in that."

Frozen, because he hadn't seen or even heard him making a sound, Malik remained still. Then he recognized whom that deep voice belonged to. He turned slowly, making an arrogant and somewhat distracted look.

"You're kidding."

Seto smirked. "No, seriously not. It was really a talk I found nice to attend." He was leaning comfortably at the wall and, arms crossed in front of his chest, staring at the Egyptian.

Malik shot him a suspicious look. "Why are you telling me that?," he asked curiously. "I offended her and probably the whole class – not to mention my way of speaking."

"Exactly that was I liked most.," Seto smirked a bit broader. "Don't think you are the only one capable of cursing. By the way: Where did you want to go?" He looked at his watch. "Break's over in a few minutes."

"No way.," Malik snarled. "I'd never guessed that. You want to tell me I have to go in again?"

Seto fumbled something out of his pocket, which Malik was surprised to recognize as a package of cigarettes. Seto took one of them out. "Actually, I wanted to ask you if you wanna join me." He took one of the cigarettes and held it towards him. "Having a smoke?"

Malik blinked at him.


"Erm.. yeah.. why not?," he heard himself say, against all logical reasoning. "Better than beat her up."

And WHY THE HELL did he join?!

Walking off, Seto started laughing. "You really thought of that?" And turned to see if Malik would follow.

He did. Reluctantly at first, but he did.

So after some metres they were walking side by side, towards the front door of that boring school. Malik couldn't help an urgent feeling of being stuck in the wrong movie. His hand clutched the cigarette and he already thought of dodging backwards.

What went wrong here?!

Since when did Kaiba have the dignity to speak to anyone else except his brother?! And why in any cases did he he talk to HIM?! Frowning, and yet not finding any satisfying answer, Malik stumbled forward and almost bumped into the CEO, when he had been staring at the floor.

What had most surprised him was the fact, that Seto had made almost no sound when leaning at the wall. He had stood there perfectly silent. And Malik didn't like someone who couldn't be sensed by him.

It was dangerous.

"No one there." Seto stuck his head around the corner and then lead Malik through the door to a silent corner behind some walls. "I don't want to be disturbed."

Malik grinned. "I thought a Seto Kaiba doesn't have to follow restrictions."

"I do have, unfortunately." Seto grinned back and lit his cigarette. Having lit his own he passed the lighter on to Malik who gladly appreciated it. It was strange to do that after so much time. And it was damn necessary. Inhaling the smoke and then blowing it out he sighed. Seto had done perfectly right with that offer.

"Way better than sitting in there." Malik made small grey clouds with the smoke and stared at them, momentarily distracted. "Thanks."

"Welcome.," Seto did likewise and started thinking. He didn't know why, he just had the feeling that the Egyptian might be more of an intelligent human being that he had actually considered him to be. He eyed him suspiciously. He was a bit younger than he, but he could see in his eyes the anger and rage of years. Years full of pain, fear and disappointment..

"Anyway," he started talking to Malik, "Why did you yell at her?"

"She was going on my nerves.," Malik grinned like a wolf. "That chirpy attitude is the last I can stand. You know.. living in her own pink bubble.." He blew the smoke in the air. "And since I already had been in such a good mood.." he spoke sarcastically, ".. it was just a matter of seconds." He continued staring at the blue summer sky and the grey smoke.

Sighing, Seto nodded. "Yeah, the Kinder-Garden. I doubt they'll ever get adults.."

"Yeah. They have no glimpse of what the world is really made of." Malik finished smoking and inhaled deeply. Feeling already better, he walked over and passed by Seto who snipped away the stub of his cigarette. "Where are you going?," he asked curiously. "You forgot that lessons started."

"Fuck. Right." Malik stopped at once and made a grimace. "And I don't have any idea how to survive that."

Seto just smirked and then drew another cigarette. "I wouldn't mind talking a bit." Offering Malik a second one, he shrug his shoulders. "I think it would be better than anything else."

Malik first considered it for some seconds. But well.. what could he lose? Except some few years of his health and a boring lesson full of dull stuff, for which only Théa could find a liking in.

Setos laughing brought him back to reality. "You do have a funny sense for humour."

"Did I say these words out loud?" Malik frowned and began thinking of himself as not sane anymore. He really needed someone to talk to. Be it Seto or someone else. "Sorry for that. You see, I'm getting crazy in there.," he smirked and ground his teeth.

"You are not the only one." Seto sighed and lit the second cigarette. "Sometimes I have the urge to put a bomb in there. Or some virus.."

"I think I'm growing to like you." Malik grinned at him, full of menace. "But well.. there are different ways to get rid of stress."

"Namely?" Seto frowned.

"Sex, for example." Malik shrug his shoulders. "At least that's my way of getting a clear mind again."

"Don't you tell me.," the CEO chuckled.

"What's so funny about that?" Malik shot him a suspicious glare.

"You are the first telling me things like these." Seto smiled at him and blew the smoke in the air. "It's really relaxing to talk to normal people."

"You regard me a normal human being?" Malik felt that he and Seto might be some kind of alike. They were foes, somehow, but seemed to have some things in common.. "Evryone thinks I'm a lunatic."

Seto thought it over. "Maybe. But you have an intelligent mind. And you're honest."

Malik didn't answer to that. "Maybe. But I can't stand that innocent behaviour they all try to maintain. I mean.. just look at Joey! He's having a crush on Mai anyone can tell just by looking into his face, but what does he do..?"

"Nothing." Seto meant dryly.

"Exactly that's the point." Malik grinned wickedly. "I have to admit, Mai is really tough. And really intresting."

The grin widened. And then Seto understood.

"I see..," he grinned too and suddenly remembered a text from a song. "I'm in love with my lust, burning angel wings to dust, I wish I had your angel tonight."

Malik coughed and almost had dropped the cigarette. He stared at Seto, astonished. "Now I am surprised.. You listen to Nightwish?!" That couldn't be real. Not SETO!?

"Yeah, sometimes.," he got replied. "Especially when I'm in that good mood, like you called it. I like that texts."

Malik smirked again. "Now I really like you." He looked at Seto and scrutinized him quickly. "But I tell you what: These school uniforms suck."

"Yeah.. but well.. I have to endure that just one more year.. and then it's all over." Seto sighed. "I wonder if I'll survive that.."

Malik grinned at him. "Now you have someone to talk to."

"Indeed, Ishtar."

The Egyptian smirked. "Call me Malik."