yesterday's a memory

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She wakes up cold, shivering, inexplicably, even though September's barely begun. Her little sister, across the room, is sleeping soundly, her covers tossed all over, and the girl knows that the cold is, yet again, just in her mind.

It began with the dreams. Strange dreams, the kind of dreams that were important, the kind that you wake up at three AM and try to puzzle out what they had been about, and as soon as you almost have it figured out, it all slips away, and you don't remember the dream, but you remember having it.

It came, too, in all the snapshots. They were missing someone, someone important, but she couldn't remember just who. Usually the perfect student, she began to zone out during class, her mind on the someone who wasn't there, her eyes glazed, her pencil held loosely in her left hand as she doodled idly. One day she looked down and saw a key, drawn on the sheet of paper, but she couldn't remember drawing it.

She drew other things, too. Not normal things. Spiky-haired heads (her heart ached trying to get the memory back), little sketches of her and the boy she couldn't remember.

She stares out her window, trying to recall. Two girls, worlds apart but so close together in the pain of their hearts, gaze out into the night sky.

All worlds share the same sky...

Two girls, missing friends long gone. Two girls whose hearts ache, and whose hands draw things they've never seen. Two girls who have dreams and who feel the missing person as surely as if he were standing there, two girls just alike, two girls sorely trying, uselessly, to recall what it is that is causing them to feel this way.

And in that single, rushing moment of perfect clarity, they remember. Two pairs of eyes widen; blue and green. Two hands go to their hearts; tan and pale. Two lips breathe names: Sora and Roxas.

In that glittering moment of awe, both girls stare out in amazement, but it is exactly 3:13 on the dot according to their clocks placed neatly next to their beds, and things learned in this hour are quickly forgotten. After that wonderful, glorious breath of sanity, they both lay back in their beds, disheartened.

But as they lie awake, both Kairi and Olette smile. They're not going crazy, after all. Yesterday's just a memory, a memory that neither can remember, but at last they are sure of one thing:

It exists.

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