Summary: He thrived in a realm where decay and sloth ruled. He became something much more terrifying and refined. Yagami Light became a Prince among the Shinigami and what's more…he's given the gift to live again. LxLight

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This story was written in admiration for Yagami Light. I've given him power over the entirety of the situation and perhaps the world… Perhaps future LxLight.

The Prince of Death

by K. Kotone


He'd died. Darkness had consumed him wholly and he'd landed in the Shinigami realm soon after. The journey there was a maze of memories and emotions. So even if he'd been told to recall his trip there he doubted it would make much sense. Looking around and observing his new surroundings he felt his eyes widen. It was so depressing. Earth in comparison was paradise.

However as bad this realm was, the Shinigami were worse. While most had welcomed him he felt sick at merely being in their presence and as such avoided them. Except…there was one Shinigami that Light could tolerate and actually enjoyed the company of. He'd introduced himself as Barsh and looked like a man mixed with a bird producing an awkward contortion of limbs and bones. His eyes were black and beady and his body rail thin and ill looking.

"You'll alter not much." He'd said slowly glancing at him up and down. "You absorbed much the Death Note had to offer and by doing so have preserved your physical appearance. Hmm… Perhaps you'll ripen here instead."

"Pardon?" Light had asked taking a seat by the Shinigami.

"Hmm…" The Shinigami had contemplated ignoring Light's question. "You've got potential not seen. Forgive me if I talk too much." Light had nodded and the Shinigami swallowed before speaking. "Some Shinigami come here after using the Death Note on Earth but a majority are murders that have been given a choice to either come here or hell…Most choose to come here believing that they've won the lottery. Much disappointment and boredom awaits them when they do arrive…I was among the few that came here after using a Death Note…I was a professor for a school and stumbled across the Death Note on campus…I only killed three people of which included my wife… I miss her." The Shinigami looked at him again and nodded. "You've killed many more and soaked your skin with resistance to the poison that drifts here…The more you kill the more you'll preserve your appearance… you'll not likely loose your youth and beauty. As I said before you may become more ripe and rich with your stay here. The poison may enhance you rather then inhibit…you've exposed yourself to the taint when you were alive so it is very probable. You'll stand out here." This Shinigami was full of information even if he spoke rather inconsistently.


3 days later

"So you finally received your Death Note." Barsh had said noting Lights new companion tucked carefully within his jacket. Light had nodded patting the book fondly and taking a seat by Barsh once again.

"I feel as if I've been reacquainted with an old friend." Light said happily and Barsh pulled out his own with difficulty.

"I find myself discouraged to write names. I don't like to kill…In fact I don't anymore..." The Shinigami had glanced at him and said softly "I'd gladly die for you." Light had remembered being startled but had nodded gratefully.


Two months later

"You've changed." Barsh had noted after a period of time had passed. Light had been alarmed but Barsh had quickly calmed him amused at his panic. "You've become more…I guess the world to use is surreal. What's poison to us is not with you. You're skin is fairer, eyes sharper tinged with rose red, and you've gained a grace all others loose here as they change into the more typical structure you see around you." Barsh looked at him in envy then and sighed. "Maybe you are a God among us Light."


Eight months later

"I know more about this place then all others." Barsh had said struggling to stand. Light helped him and Barsh thanked him though he huffed as well. "Since I've stopped killing my bones had stiffened considerably…Take me to the Shinigami King if you will." Light had complied but really what else was there to do?

The King had been startled at seeing him and had stood walking to him ignoring Barsh altogether.

"I've not seen the likes of this since the beginning. You are a creation of what this world was born to achieve. 'A being that thrives instead of dying, absorbing the wandering sin and changing it to strength. A Prince of Death.'" The King had smirked to himself and then shook his head going back to his throne. He seemed to have just quoted something or someone.

"That is why I come." Barsh had said "I wish to do a Trade of Three." The King had seated himself on his throne and then tilted his head.

"That you know of the trade is something rare…I'll listen."

"My remaining lifespan will be given to the child. My Death Note as well. Thirdly I give my-," Barsh coughed but continued taking out a bracelet to which even the King seemed interested in. "…I give my weapon."

"You are the possessor of The Call?" Barsh had nodded before turning to Light and handing it to him. Light took it gingerly not sure what exactly he was holding.

"Why?" The Shinigami King asked as if bored.

"A God needs a chance to rule." Barsh had said glancing at him. "A God deserves a second chance."

"The brat isn't a true God." The king snapped and Barsh smiled. The first time Light had seen him do so.

"At least a prince … You yourself said so. " The king's mouth twisted and he rose to his feet suddenly.

"Very well… In return you're forgiven for all…sins." The King spat that word out. "The brat will be given a second chance to relive the days the sun has passed by… This time however…"

"He shall be a mortal death god…"


One hour later

"I don't understand…" Light had reluctantly said as the King dismissed them. "At least I have an understanding but I do not wish to be hopeful." Light looked at the bracelet and decided to slip it on his right wrist. Barsh tapped it.

"This is a rare weapon. It is an original of seven that were created simultaneously at the beginning of this world."

"Weapon?" Light questioned and Barsh nodded speaking slowly.

"It's a caller of a weapon. I suppose that would be a more accurate description… It calls a scythe called Avarice."

"A scythe?" Light whispered now excited at this thought. Barsh nodded and groaned taking a seat on the ground.

"To call it forth you must merely concentrate on your name." Light did so but nothing happened and he frowned.

"Your name is Kira." Barsh said noting Light's failure. Light tried again and was pleased as the bracelet gave a pulse and an instant later somehow clasped in his right hand was a gleaming scythe. It was beautiful and very elaborate with much detail taken in creating it. It was pitch black with the words Avarice engraved in small lettering in the middle of the handle. The blade, which was just as black as the handle, was shaped like a snake's fang. Light planted it beside him to test the height and had to crane his head back to stare at the full length of it. It was about seven or eight feet tall. To Light it was as heavy as a feather but when he swung and planted it in the ground a sound of great weight could be heard. Barsh too seemed surprised.

"You wield it so effortlessly. I couldn't even lift it."

"This is mine?" Light asked and Barsh nodded. Light noted the sand that was replacing the contorted limbs of the Shinigami.

"I die now. But upon my completed departure from this world you'll breathe again." The Shinigami looked up at him and smiled. "Goodbye Prince Kira. Keep that scythe close for it'll keep insanity at bay."

Light had only nodded and watched as Barsh the Shinigami who undoubtedly held vast knowledge and secrets changed to sand. Light was sad to see him go but was thankful for the second chance he was given…

"Thank you." He whispered and the Shinigami nodded just before the last of him changed to sand. Not long after Light felt his eyes close against his will.

The sensation of falling was soon all he knew…

Next Chapter: Revival of an old Foe, Birth of Another


The Death Note that started it all is dropped once again. Another other than Light finds it and begins their own…revolution.

L appears and Light sits back and grins with an all knowing smile…

'Perhaps they'll kill each other off?'

Perhaps only the Prince knows truly of what's descended.

Note from Author:

Thank you for reading the first chapter and I appreciate any comment (negative or positive) you leave. I always find the first chapter the hardest to write and have written this several times already before finally deciding to post it. Hopefully you'll find it satisfactory. Note I will update during weekends only so look forward to the next chapter Saturday or Sunday. Thank you for Reading.

-K. Kotone