"Art Of Life"

Summary: Sasuke could always count only on himself. Objecting his parents will, he decided to pursuit his dreams and concentrate on achieving success. But what will he choose in the end? Career or love?

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rated: M

Warnings: Yaoi. Incest. Lemons.

Pairings: Sasuke (26) x Itachi (29); Naruto (26) x Sai (26); one-sided Suigetsu (19) x Sasuke; Naruto x Sasuke (only in the past).

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Unfortunately.

"Art Of Existence"


I groaned as I heard the alarm clock. God, I was exhausted. Just how many hours did I sleep anyway? Four, three? Damn those projects which I had to finish for today…

Rubbing my eyes sleepily I yawned and turned on my back, deciding that I had to get up sooner or later. However, there was one thing that kept bothering me... I looked to my right.

"Hey there." Suigetsu. I narrowed my eyes instantly and sat on the bed abruptly.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I asked, anger clearly present in my voice. "Didn't I tell you to get the hell out of my apartment after we had sex last night?" Suigetsu just rolled his eyes trying to be playful as usual. He didn't get the fucking message. He never did.

"Oh come on Sasuke, you always say this—"

"I know I always say this, because I always mean it. But you never care to listen to me! Get the fuck out of here now!" I almost screamed. He shouldn't be fucking with me. He knew the goddamn rules.

Suigetsu looked at me for the second longer debating with himself whether he should leave or try me some more. Finally my pissed look won and he sighed in defeat, getting up from the bed and gathering his things.

"Well, see you on Saturday then." He said and left without another word.

I sighed deeply, putting my head on my hand. What a great way to start the day. Why did he always had to act this way? He knew that whether we had sex, he was supposed to leave right after it. He never did though. I think he always believed that with time those meetings would turn into something more than fulfilling our needs and urges, into a real relationship. Too bad. I didn't have time for things like that. Nor did I like him in some special way. Actually I didn't like him at all. He was just good looking and was great in bed.

I got up from my bed as I had to get ready to work. After I took bath I went back to my bedroom and tried to figure out what to wear. As far as I remembered I didn't have any important meetings today so I settled for dark grey jeans and black, long-sleeved shirt. Being all dressed, I headed to the kitchen.

When I finished making breakfast I went to my corner-couch and sat on it watching TV. I had quite big apartment. Especially for someone my age. It had three rooms plus kitchen, bathroom and hall and was furnished in very good taste. Well, seeing as I'm the absolvent of the Art Academy it couldn't be any other way.

Anyway, my apartment looked something like this: after entering, you found yourself in an average size hall with big, three-door dark brown closet on your right and doors to the living room on your left. After going through that door, you were in the big, square living room. If you would turn to your right and look directly at the window and balcony door that were on the opposite wall, you'd have a kitchen on your left, dining table with chairs also on the left but in the opposite corner and leather corner-couch with small coffee table and big, plasma TV on your right. Next to the TV corner was a corridor. If you'd go into that corridor, you would have door to my study room on your left, door to my bedroom in front of you and door to the bathroom on your right.

My whole apartment was painted in beige/ crème colour, not counting walls in my kitchen which had dark red bricks on them. Floors were made from light brown, almost white wood. Kitchen cupboards, dining table, chairs and coffee table were dark brown, while corner-couch was beige. Aside from that I had several big brown pillows on the floor near the coffee table, since I often liked to lay on the floor and watch TV.

My study room was also decorated in the same colours. In the far, left corner stood big desk with two computers, one stationary and one laptop, as well as other electronic devices like printer, scanner and tablet, that I used to work. Besides that, I had many shelves with books on the every wall and two, very comfortable beige armchairs, on which I often sat and thought about my projects. Other than that, you could find many pencils, brushes, boxes with paint, stocks of paper and other things like that all over the room, as well as two easels in different sizes. This room was like my atelier as well.

Bedroom had also dark brown furniture and light walls and floor. Right in front of the door stood my big, king size bed with brown sheets and many pillows. On both of the sides of the bed were small tables with Japanese-style lamps. On the left was big, four-door closet, and on the right door to the bathroom. There also was a TV on the dresser that stood in front of the bed, right next to the door.

In general, my apartment was decorated in Japanese-style. Modern and simple. Minimalism in one word. All lamps were from light beige paper, carpets plain but comfortable. I also had many big vases, mostly with tall, desiccated bamboo. On walls you could see paintings, mostly Gustav Klimt and some traditional Japanese paintings, like calligraphy or Hokusai.

Quite much as for a twenty-six year old man. Well, it's not like I bought it. Everything I had, except for my black Mitsubishi Eclipse which I won in an art contest, I owed my mother. Not my parents. Only my mother.

Of course it's not that I didn't have both parents. I did. Except that my dad didn't speak to me for the last five years. And why is that? Because I chose to pursuit my dreams instead of his, that's why.

I snarled as I started to think about my 'family'. This was never a good subjects to dwell about. It was pretty simple actually. They never really noticed me, never really cared about me. I was always left on my own. And when after high school I decided to study art, which was my dream, instead of going to some business administration university and help my dad with his company, I got disowned and kicked out.

It was mostly my father's fault though. My mom was against it, but she couldn't do much about it anyway. So, day after graduation, when I was nineteen, I moved out from our house having completely nothing. From that moment I could count only on myself, well, mostly. When I was submitted to the Art Academy I moved to the dorm near it and stayed in it for five years. I needed to get a job as well to support myself, so in the beginning I was working in the local restaurant. Around second year I was noticed by some Art Studio and hired there. They paid me quite well and thanks to the experience I gathered while working there, I managed to win a very prestige art contest. When I graduated on top of our year, my mom bought me an apartment and gave me money to furnish it.

Of course our father didn't know about that. She managed to take all those money and give them to me without him noticing a thing. Yeah, we were that rich actually.

And now, now I was working in my own Art Studio 'Hebi'. Well, maybe it wasn't only mine, since I opened it together with my two and only friends, Naruto and Sai. We specialized in organizing art exhibitions and other cultural events. We also had drawing and photography curses together with lectures about history of art. We often made internet sites and commercials as well. Because, you see, it's not enough to be good in one thing in today's world. I was an artist, I knew how to paint and draw and was very good at it, but I also learned a great deal about computer graphics. You never know what will be useful.

Well, that's how my life looked like. It was work, work and once again work from dawn to dusk. I couldn't complain though. This was what I wanted. And I wanted success. I loved my work. My art was my passion, the greatest thing in my life. I didn't care about anything else, I was ready to do anything to achieve what I wanted. Because, all in all, what else did I have?


I parked my car in front of the building, grabbed my briefcase with projects and went to open the Studio. Of course I was first there, as always.

When I entered, I went through the main halls which were currently decorated with mine and Sai's paintings, as well as Naruto's photographs and reached our office, which were on the back, just next to the classrooms.

I dropped my things near my desk and went to clean the classrooms, like on every Monday morning. There always was a mess after the weekend. Entering the room, I grabbed the broom and started to sweep the floor. No matter how many times we told those people not to sharpen their pencils right on the floor, they still did it.

I sighed, doing my chores. Sometimes I wished I could just kick out some of them. Too bad they paid for our living. Or at least tell them that they completely sucked and should find something other to do. Because honestly, there were few people that had talent and worked hard. Like Suigetsu. He was one of our students, and very gifted at that. But some of those people weren't cut out for this completely. Sometimes I wonder how come they never noticed this. Or maybe they did. They just didn't have any other ideas for life and didn't want to admit defeat.

Somewhere in the middle of placing chairs in the even rows, I heard some noises coming from hall. Few seconds later, Naruto and Sai entered classroom I was currently cleaning.

"Hey Sasuke!" Naruto greeted me with a big smile on his lips, Sai just nodded. I nodded as well and went back to work.

"Wow, you're fast, it's only 8.15 and you almost cleaned it already." He said coming my way.

"That's because I was here early."

"You're always here early. Don't you want to sleep a little longer? Seriously…" Naruto grunted and started to help me with chairs. Sai stayed at the front and gathered all papers and xero copies we used on the last lesson.

"You finished the project, right?" He asked in his usual neutral but not unpleasant tone.

"Yeah. This night. It's in the office." I answered him simply.

"Ok. I better get ready before going to the meeting." Sai said and left the room. Sai was always the one that went to the meetings with our clients. He was the best at it. I always scared everyone away and Naruto was too carefree to talk about concretes. Sai however was nice, smiling and open or at least acted like that in front of the other people. In reality he was perverted, smug and even unpleasant. But I liked him anyway. Even though he was sometimes very false and unnatural, he did understand other people very well and could be extremely honest and blunt with his thoughts.

After we finished cleaning all of our classrooms, Naruto and I joined Sai in the office, who was currently looking through my work. He was already dressed in formal clothes. Black trousers and black, bottom up shirt. He looked very good I must say. Well, maybe that's because I was similar to him. Both of us had very pale skin, dark eyes and black hair. Our facial expression, or rather lack of it, was similar as well. Only Naruto stood out in our trio with his tan skin, blond hair, blue eyes and big smile on his lips. Which doesn't mean he wasn't attractive. He was. Extremely.

I knew Naruto since primary school. From that time we've been always together, Sai joined us on the university. Every one of us was different from another, but somehow we just suited together. Maybe it was passion for art that united us. It didn't matter though. We worked together perfectly, and that's all that counted.

Sometime later, when Sai left with projects to meet our client, I still sat at my desk doing paper work and Naruto was searching something in the internet. That was my part of the obligations anyway. While Sai represented us in front of our clients, I took care of boring things like taxes and organization in general. Naruto was responsible for making our courses more interesting. Of course we switched places or took care of some things together. But that's how it looked like most of the time.

"Uchiha Sasuke, Hebi Studio, how can I help you?" I asked, picking up the phone. I listened to the person on the other side and rolled my eyes a little. Really, I couldn't believe some people. "Yes, of course. You can still join. You'll find the list of necessary items on our website. Yes. Yes, see you on Saturday. Bye." I hung up and sighed.

"More people interested in joining our course?" Naruto asked looking at me and with raised eyebrow.

"Yeah. I can't believe them. It's almost two months since we started. Just how much retarded you have to be to not know when school year starts."

"Come on Sasuke, not everyone knows what they want to do in their life. And besides, they do pay us, be grateful they keep coming on and on."

"Well, I'm wondering just how much more of them will come. We've practically run out of places, both Saturday groups are full."

"Oh well, we will figure something out… Hi Sai!" Naruto turned towards the door when he heard someone coming in.

"Hi." Sai greeted back, headed towards Naruto, leaned down a little and kissed him on the lips quickly. I winced slightly and looked away. Yes, Sai and Naruto were together since the second year of the university, it will be five years now.

"So, how did it go?" I asked, staring at my computer screen.

"Very good. He was delighted with your projects and the general idea. He is waiting for more of course. Great job, Sasuke."

"How much time do I have?"

"One week. I've made you notes on what he expects specifically, they are in the folder." I nodded at that. It should be enough, if I get to work that is. It looked like another busy week was coming.

I stood up and gathered my things getting ready to leave.

"I finished all paper work, so you don't have to worry about that. I'm leaving everything else in your hands. Oh, and don't call me unless it's something really important."

"Yes, we know Sasuke, really. Stop worrying so much, we can do without you just fine." Naruto replayed, trying to reassure me. Whenever I got some important project to do I always worked at home and left everything else in Naruto's and Sai's hands. I usually saw them only on drawing course on Saturdays. When I got a commission that is.

"See you on weekend!" Naruto called after me as I left the room heading home. I just had to stop at the shop and then it was work all the way.


Later that evening I was sitting in my study room on one of the armchairs eating Chinese food and looking through the notes Sai gave me. Soft music was flowing in the background as I tried to figure something our client would like.

Really, this guy was delighted by my ideas and still expected so much more? Clients were more demanding with every day, I swear.

I rubbed my eyes sleepily as I headed to the kitchen. I would make myself some green tea, go to bed and have a nice, long rest. Now I was too tired to think creatively anyway.

When few minutes later I was sitting on my couch with cup of warm liquid in my hand, my cell phone rang. I picked it up without looking at the screen. And regretted it instantly.

"Hello?" I asked in tired voice. There was a pause on the other end and I was just going to hang up, when a male voice spoke suddenly. A voice I remembered immediately, despite not hearing it for over five years.

"Hello, little brother. Am I calling you in the wrong time?" I closed my eyes and cursed silently. Of course he was calling in the wrong time. Every fucking time was wrong for him to call.


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