This is just something I felt like writing. I'm still working on Secret Guardian and The Love for the Game...this is like my get rid of writers block story. Hope you enjoy it!

Oh, I own nothing...everything is owned by Stephenie matter how much money I offer... :(


I thought no harm would come of it

Just a quick visit

And I'd be gone.

He'd never have to know.

I mean seriously,

Why would he care?

He's a busy man,

He can't afford to worry about these kind of things.

But there's no time for regrets,

Especially since I have none.

He has a right to know, they all do.

Maybe there's enough time, before they….


They'll never destroy my home.

Home is where my heart lies

For now and forever….it lies with the Cullen's.

I'll find them again…eventually

I found them after nearly 90 years.

The grip on my hand tightened….

It was time…..

"Carlisle," he was speaking with them. He turned towards me, a gentle and patient smile adorning his face, "I'll go with them," a snarl was heard from behind me, "But only after I tell you this." They began dragging me away,

"You weren't an only child!"

What did you think? I know it's short...but it only the beginning!! R&R please!! Flames accepted!!