by Gunman

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Summary: Steve Rogers meets Kaoru Hanabishi and ends up saving his life from a plane crash, by giving him a blood transfusion.


Chapter 2
Kaoru Hanabishi

It had been less than 24-hours since Steve 'Captain America' Rogers had saved the Japanese Prime Minister from a trio of cybernetic assassins, saved a young girl named Aoi Sakuraba, twice, and met her attractive guardian named Miyabi Kagurazaki, all while jumping off a ship and ducking through a spinning propeller in the middle of the night.

As things went, not that different from some of Cap's other missions.

But now he was headed back to the US via an airplane under his civilian identity.

Since Captain America had suddenly appeared in the country, it was better to let people think he had just disappeared as well.

"Would you care for a drink, sir?" the stewardess asked.

"No thank you." Steve said and settled in to his seat to relax for the flight back home.

However, Steve's flight was about to take an unforseen detour.


(A Secret Island Base In The Middle Of The Pacific Ocean)

"You will never stop me, Sky Captain!" Professor August DeWynter shouted as his dark-suited men fired at the heroic aviator and his team.

Dodging the bullets Joseph 'Sky Captain' Sullivan took cover behind a large piece of machinery. He was followed closely by the blond reporter Polly Perkins.

"At least you can't say I was wrong." Polly shouted over the gunfire.

"Oh yes I can! You were wrong for coming here!" Joseph replied.

"I told you, Joe, I want this story!" she said.

"Did you bring enough film this time?" he asked in a joking manner.

"Don't start!" the woman snapped.

A week ago, intrepid reporter Polly Perkins had stumbled across a disgruntled mad scientist named August DeWynter, a former British meteorologist, who had discovered a means to actually create weather using forced ionization into the atmosphere. Having been chased out of England because of his mad plans to control weather, which would have caused other nations to fight over the technology, he had reportedly been killed in a violent plane crash a month ago.

However, Polly didn't believe that and used all her resources to try and find him. Eventually she was able to find him by tracking down machine part shipments and thefts, locating him on a remote island in the Pacific. After locating him she enlisted the aid of her former beau, Joseph Sullivan, also known as Sky Captain, to find him before he completed his new weather machine.

Unfortunately, they arrived too late, as DeWynter had not only completed his weather machine, but was testing it as well.

"Uh, Cap, while it's nice to see you and Polly talking, again, we do have a mad scientist to stop!" Dex Dearborn, the young science whiz exclaimed as he ducked down right behind Polly.

"He's right." Polly said.

"I know he's right!" Joe shouted.

"Why are you shouting at me?" she snapped.

"I didn't think you'd hear me over the bullets that are trying to kill us or the machinery that's roaring!" he shouted back.

Oh my god, it's like they're married! Dex mentally groaned as he suddenly heard the scientists massive machinery reach it's peak. "Uh, Guys?"

The pair looked up and noticed the giant electrode towers shooting lightning into the air out of the large hole that made up the volcano.

"The ionization process has started!" Polly shouted.

"The charge is reaching its peak!" Dex shouted.

"Then let's shut it down before it activates! Cover Me!" Joseph shouted as he leaped from behind the machinery and bolted towards the two towers as his men fired at DeWynter's men.

As he ran, the dark-suited henchmen followed him with their guns.

"Stop Shooting, You Idiots! You'll Hit The Electrode's!" DeWynter shouted.

Sky Captain pulled two of Dex's specially made grenades from his jacket, popping the pins as he dove between the two electrified towers. He dropped the grenades and rolled out of the way as the blasts shook the bases of the towers.

"EVERYBODY OUT!" Joseph shouted as the towers started to grind and tilt towards each other.

As the towers touched each other, the electrical pulses started sparking with increasing intensity, electrical bolts shooting randomly around the giant room.

"IT'S GONNA BLOW!" Dex shouted.

Everyone, even DeWynter's men, found themselves scrambling to get out of the island base before the reactors blew.

Fortunately Sky Captain and his team made it safely away as a giant explosion ripped through the entire base.

Once everyone was outside, the team started to take stock of what they had lost and had left. Joseph was busy trying to get the debris off his plane. Polly was taking as many pictures as she could. And Dex was examining a piece of the electrode that had been blown, but was still intact.

"So... you think DeWynter made it out?" Joseph asked.

"Don't know. I hope not. But what do we do about the weather that's already been unleashed?" Polly asked, taking more pictures of the burning base.

"Nothing we can do." Dex said. "Just gotta wait til it burns itself out."

"Is it bad?" Joseph asked.

"It's a category 3 thunderstorm."

Of course that told him nothing.

"Is it bad?" Joseph asked again.

"Not unless you're an airplane in flight." Dex said.


Unfortunately, the only plane in flight over that particular region of the world was carrying Steve Rogers and a host of other people.

(Attention passengers, this is your captain speaking. We've just encountered a freak thunderstorm so please bare with us as you may experience some turbulence.) The cabin speaker announced.

However, turbulence was a mild term as the entire plane started to shake, rattle and roll.

That only got worse, as a bolt of lightning suddenly struck one of the engines.

"Brace for Impact! Brace for Impact!" the pilot shouted.

The impact came hard, the nose of the plane slamming hard into the ocean surface. The shock and jolt of the plane caused dozens of people to whiplash hard enough to break their necks. The pilots got a face and body full of metal and glass. The only consolation was that they all didn't suffer.

However the ones left were going to drown if they didn't get out of the quickly sinking airplane.

I've got to get out of here. Steve thought as he ripped the seatbelt off his lap and quickly took stock of the airplane.

Virtually everyone was dead and the cabin was quickly filling up with water. The seams in the plane had cracked, but were not loose enough to break the individual segments apart. However, this had one definite advantage: it allowed Steve to see the bubbles that were coming out of peoples noses, indicating they were still alive.

However the bubbles were coming from only one person. A young Japanese boy.

Steve quickly swam over to him and ripped his belt off. Grabbing him under his arms he hoisted him out of his seat and quickly swam to the nearest exit. He grabbed a lung full of air from that which remained inside the plane and made a break for the nearest exist big enough for them.

He was out of the plane and headed as fast as he could to the surface. However he remembered he had to go slow so that the pressure of the water didn't cause the boys head to explode when he reached the surface.

Depressurization and such.

However, out of the corner of his eyes he noticed a large dark silhouette heading towards him and the boy. And then he saw the reason why.

The lightning flashes overhead were illuminating the darkness of the churning waters, enough so that Steve could make out the dark shape: a shark! And the reason for this shark's advance: the boy was bleeding from a rather large wound in his side.

Damn it! Must have nicked his side when we were exiting the plane itself. Steve cursed himself as the shark continued to advance. Sorry, pal. You're not getting your dinner through us!

The large shark, which if Steve was right appeared to be a Great White. But while they were too far North to be here, Steve was unconcerned with their migration patterns at the moment.

The shark advanced and dove towards the pair of warm bodies, it lunged right for the bleeding boy. Without a second's hesitation, Steve lashed out and struck the shark square in the nose.

Since the nose was the shark's most sensitive organ, a sharp blow from someone who could floor a cyborg was painful indeed. Had the shark vocal chords it would have been screaming out in pain even as Steve grabbed its fin with his free hand and used the great beast as a means to get to the surface quicker.

Normally he wouldn't have, but this was an urgent matter as the boy was losing both blood and air.

The super soldier's head broke the water as his hand released the shark. Sighting a mass of land nearby, which was illuminated by a huge fireball and several other fires coming from it, Steve made headway towards it.

Within minutes, keeping the boys head above water, Steve had reached the island. Despite the rain that was still coming down, Steve set to work bandaging the wound. However, by now he figured that he had lost too much blood to survive much longer.

Looking around he grabbed a jagged looking rock and slashed his hand across his palm. With his still healthy hand he grabbed the boy by the back of his head and lifted him up so that his mouth was open enough as he squeezed his fist tightly, causing the blood to flow as much as possible from his hand and into the boys mouth.

This wasn't the preferred method of how to give a blood transfusion, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

He gave what he figured was at least a pint or two at the most, before he pulled his hand back and set the boys head back. He lifted the boy up off the ground and carried him over to a collection of rocks, out of the rain, and pulled off his jacket to cover the boy's body with it.

He then set about trying to find something to start a fire with.


It was hours later when the boy woke up to the warmth of a campfire and a blond haired American man sitting on the other side.

"Oh, you're awake." the man said.

"Yes. I... where am I?" the boy asked.

"On a deserted island as best I can tell, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean."

"We... were we on a plane. And it crashed?"

"Unfortunately." he answered. "A freak thunderstorm. Lightning struck the engine and knocked us into the ocean. We're the only survivors."

"I see." he said. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." the man smiled. "I'm Steve Rogers."

"Kaoru. Kaoru Hanabishi." the boy replied.

Suddenly, the pair's vision was caught by a group of bright lights. Flash lights.

"Over here!" a voice shouted.

Within seconds, Steve and Kaoru were surrounded by a group of American men in military uniforms. The emblems on their arms told Steve exactly who they were, and who they worked for.

Steve and Kaoru looked on as a man in a brown leather flight jacket emerged from the group. Steve recognized the man, and the man likewise.

"Joseph Sullivan." Captain America said to the man.

"Steve Rogers." Sky Captain said in return.

The two men shook hands like they were old friends. It was then that Joseph noticed the boy behind Steve, standing by the fire.

"And who do we have here?" Joseph asked.

"The only other survivor of the plane I was on." Steve explained.

"Told ya." Dex said under his breath.

Joseph didn't glare at Dex as he said that. "I see. Everyone else in the ocean, then?" he asked.

"Yes." Steve replied.

"So, where are you headed?" Dex asked as soon as he had arrived.

"I need to get back to the States. This boy probably needs to get back to Japan?" Steve asked of the boy, who nodded in response.

"Well we can get you both back if you want." Joseph said.

"That would be great." Steve agreed.

Steve and Kaoru shook hands and parted ways. Both wondering if they would ever see each other again. Though in Steve's case, he wondered just what kind of effect his blood would have on the boy.

That... will be interesting to see some day. He thought as he headed over to the waiting Sky Captain and his plane.


Author's Notes:

I know this chapter is kinda short, but as I thought about it, there wasn't much in the way of content. This was mostly a Steve-Meets-Kaoru chapter with Sky Captain as a filler. Also, August DeWynter and his weather machine is from 'The Avengers' movie. Not much on that I know, but it's basically just a filler chapter.

I hope everyone enjoyed it nevertheless and will give me some more reviews than I got for the last chapter.

And a Merry Christmas to everyone!