Title: Lady Knight Continued

Pairing: Kel x Dom

Rating: PG13

Setting: After Lady Knight -- Kel's last book.

Summary: Drabble -- A continuation of what would've happened after Lady Knight.

When Kel arrived at Steadfast, she felt a flutter of butterflies chase up her stomach. The prospect of seeing Dom, for once, without any interruption, had her in a fair fit. Neal, who'd been picking dried blood from under his nails, glanced at her with his hazel eyes narrowed.

"You're fidgeting."

Kel ignored him, watching instead the group who came to greet them. It seemed forever before they were seated for a dinner. It was a small group, and Kel raised her eyes in surprise when Dom sat beside her, his broad shoulders bumping hers as he tried to scoot Neal over, who was sitting on his right side. Tobe lingered in the shadows, watching silently, making sure to keep an eye on Kel.

Neal had gotten a few brief moments with Yuki – in which she quietly, and privately, scolded him for leaving her for so long. Kel knew the Yamani were the best around with their scolding. They knew just where to poke and pry and when to twist. Kel felt sorry for her friend, who was sulking and picking at his food. She'd reminded him earlier to eat his vegetables. With the mood he was in, he'd simply glared at her, and pointedly pushed them to one side of his plate.

Dom patted his cousin on his back, grinning at him, his blue eyes glinting. "I'm so glad you've finally got a keeper, Meathead."

Neal muttered something rather inappropriate, though Dom merely grinned at him more. He turned his attention back to Kel, asking her playfully, "So, do we have another adventure to run off to?" The smile he flashed at her was contagious; she smiled back, shaking her head.

"Not tonight. I'm looking forward to a bit of rest." Dom laughed at her, shaking his head as he picked a piece of meat from the center of the table. They had all agreed they were tired of being waited on, and that it would be more relaxing without such things to worry about – at least for tonight.

Updates came and went, and Kel struggled to stay awake for part of it. Between the alcohol Dom had suggested, and the drone of voices, she was feeling bleary in no time.

Neal walked her back to her quarters for the time they'd be there, scolding her as he helped her along. "I knew I should've brought some tea," she mumbled under her breath as she fell into her bed, feeling Neal pull the blankets up as he continued to rant to her about how stupid she was to drink something Dom had suggested.

It was later when she awoke. She rose groggily, still a little woozy from the drink. As she pulled the covers off, she watched the door. Perhaps she'd been wrong, thinking she'd heard the faint knock. Eventually, it creaked a little. It opened slowly, the faint light from the hallway framing a masculine outline in the doorway.


Dom's voice. She relaxed back into the pillow. "Something wrong?" Her head hurt. It wasn't daylight out yet, and even so, she'd been told she was able to sleep in a bit tomorrow – she wasn't needed until well after dawn.

"You okay?"

Kel grunted in return. Her head felt too terrible to be nervous around Dom. That he was in her quarters. Closing her door. Sitting on her bed. She cracked an eye up at him. He was holding something. When he handed it to her, she gagged a bit at the smell.

"Drink it, it'll make you feel better. Promise." She could hear the tease in his words as she frowned, squeezing her eyes shut as she gulped down the vile tasting liquid. After she handed the glass back, she flopped onto her pillow. The smile on Dom's face was obvious as he commented next, "I didn't know you were such a weakling with your drink." After a moment, he added, "I never would've had you drink it if I'd known."

Kel sighed as the pounding in her head eased. She felt lighter, and Dom's words didn't seem too loud at this point. She blinked up at him, admiring his face in the dark. She could just make out the outline. She wasn't sure what made her reach up to touch him – perhaps more of those silly girl feelings she got whenever she thought of him. Her fingers lightly traced his jaw line.

Dom's hand covered hers, pressing her palm to his cheek. "We've missed you." He didn't have the courage to say that he'd missed her. In a way he hadn't thought of missing her, at least. One of those things he hadn't realized he'd wanted until she was gone… and it wasn't as if he hadn't known about Cleon. He'd noticed the new necklace she wore just like everyone else.

It hadn't bothered him then. But it bothered him now. She still wore it. Why? Was there a reason? Or had she just never thought to take it off? Kel yawned like a cat, stretching and cupping his face before pulling her hand away.

"I've missed you too."

Dom thought as she drifted back to sleep, her hand resting on his leg, a beacon of warmth. Finally he left, creeping from the room to his own cold bed, where he tossed and turned and tried to figure it out.

Had she missed him? Or had she missed them?

Kel didn't know how to face Dom after that encounter. Part of her thought it must've been a dream, a warm, lovely dream that made her cheeks redden at the thought, but a dream none-the-less. When she caught Dom looking at her, he looked away, as if he hadn't been looking at her at all. Normally, he did, at least. Sometimes, he would continue to look at her, a frown on his lips, as if he wasn't sure if he should look away or not.

Kel picked at her food. It had been another day of meetings and councils. Things were tidying up rather neatly, but everyone was still worried about the chance that someone else would figure out Blayce's magic.

She excused herself quietly to her room, only Neal noticing with thoughtful hazel eyes that she left early and that someone unexpected followed her.

Later that night, as Kel sat alone in her room, Neal held Yuki comfortably. Though she had made him commit to no sex before their formal wedding, as was custom (that he well hated by now), he still managed to woo her into his arms at night.

Thoughts of the day meandered in his calm mind. It was nice for once, to not have to worry about his friends dying right and left, or that something would happen to his father, or something else would go terribly wrong. Just anything, really. He squeezed Yuki's hand softly, feeling her snuggle into him. The fire crackled as Neal thought.

Dom had had plenty of romps in his life. He was older than Neal, and still rather single. It could have something to do with being in the Own, though. If he was to marry, he would be stuck. Dom was not the type to cage himself up unless there was a good reason. Had he ever noticed it before? Looks, comments, touches? He didn't think so. Dom was outrageous with his women; boasting and laughing and flirting as loudly as he could. But he'd never said a word about Kel before. Did that make her different? Neal knew he had little reason to talk of wooing Yuki. She had made it rather clear their first night alone that she was his, and his alone. He frowned.

There was no way that Dom had managed to claim Kel so thoroughly. He sighed, Yuki kissing his neck gently in return. Perhaps he was thinking it all over a little too much. He did do that fairly often, as Kel had informed him many a time. He'd let it go. Dom wouldn't dare do anything to disrespect Kel – even if she could take care of herself, she had enough friends that life would be mighty hard for Dom if he ever did. And Neal trusted his cousin, in a strange way. He rarely set out to harm others in the first place, and Kel would be no exception.

Content with his decisions, Neal let sleep carry him off, his arms wrapped around Yuki as they lounged on the couch, the fire before them crackling.

Kel talked to Jump quietly, mending a tear in one of her shirts. "He's never shown an interest before, Jump." The dog cocked his head to one side, and then the other, his tail wagging softly as he watched her intently. "And it's silly. Silly girl things." She cut the thread and started to put away the small sewing kit, thanking the Lioness again for all her wonderful gifts. Before, she had thought it was strange to talk to animals. But now she was so used to it, she was surprised when animals didn't understand her.

Slink, the gray and orange female cat that had accompanied Kel along their trip, lifted her head from the bed as she yawned, gracefully standing and stretching while her tail flickered from side to side. With a lazy cat-shrug, she leaped from the bed, walking outside neat as could be.

Kel sighed as she stood to close the door, glancing up briefly to meet the dark blue eyes that watched her from the crack. She barely managed to cover her squeal as she commented on a rough exhale, "Dom."

He raised one eyebrow at her, peering into the room behind her. "Am I interrupting?"

She swallowed hard and shook her head. "Not at all. I was just catching up on some sewing." She moved to the side, opening the door wider as Jump slipped past them, his boxy shoulders hitting Dom's shins when he didn't move fast enough.

Dom watched the dog trot down the hall, a sparrow landing on him after a moment. His gaze returned to Kel as he gave her a grin, "It seems the king decided to leave, huh?"

Kel smiled back at him and turned to continue cleaning up after her sewing endeavor. When she was finished, she sat on her bed, her hands folded in her lap as she watched Dom. He was leaning against the door frame, making it somehow seem smaller than she knew it was. She forced herself to once again feel smooth as a lake. It was hard. Especially when she kept wanting Dom to jump into her lake.

That was a bad thought, she realized, as a blush crept up her neck. She coughed and turned from his intent gaze, moving instead to put her sewing back into her pack. When all was returned to normal, she watched Dom as he moved into her room, quietly closing the door behind him. The candle beside her bed flickered a bit from the movement and drew her attention.

"So… are we going to talk about this, or are we going to pretend it didn't happen?" It had taken him all of two days to work up the courage. Kel was a formidable woman and she wasn't to be taken lightly. It bothered Dom that he didn't view her as a fling. That perhaps something more serious would come out of them, though he was still unsure about it all. Goddess forbid he'd give up his life in the Own so early, but he would if he had to. Was Kel reason enough? He still was unable to answer such a question, but he did know that she deserved more than what he was giving her. The mixed signals, and that night especially…

Kel was silent. She knew what he was talking about. She licked her lips, and shrugged. "It wasn't like you proposed to me or something. It was just a… touch. Not even a kiss."

Dom looked at his hands as he picked a nail, shrugging as well. "I just thought…" He looked up to her to see her blank Yamani stare. He sighed. "Never mind. I must've drank too much."

Kel didn't stop him when he left. She could breathe easier without him watching, but something inside her felt a little torn up. She had let him walk out. She hadn't tackled him to the bed, or told him about all the warm fuzzy feelings that he inspired in her. She bit her lip as she stared at the closed door.

She would sleep, that's what she would do. And in the morning, they would leave to return to New Hope, and that would be the end of it.

It was well before dawn when she awoke suddenly, her brow covered in sweat as she gasped for air. She still had nightmares of the ones she'd lost from Haven. She knew it was common throughout the warriors, that it was perfectly all right. But at the same time, she wished for once she could have a decent night of sleep now and then.

She grumbled to herself as she stood, wrapping a blanket around her shoulders. She shivered as she opened her door and slipped out. This was why she worked herself so hard. If she worked herself hard enough, she never had time to dream.

When she glanced up from the cobbled floor, she eyed the door. It was Dom's. She knew it was. He was in charge of the Third Company, and this was their hall. She bit her lip. She knocked, gently.

Inside she could hear a crash, swearing, and then finally, in all his glory – a shirtless Dom. Kel bit her lip. It wasn't as if she hadn't seen him shirtless before. His wonderful shoulders and chest… she dragged her eyes back up to his.

"What's going on? Is there an attack?" After her silent stare, he frowned. "And why did you knock so quietly?"

Kel took advantage of his confusion. She leaned in and kissed him lightly, hesitantly. She'd never made the move to kiss Cleon, at least not in the beginning. She was still staring at her toes when she noticed that the door hadn't slammed on her face. She glanced up through her eyelashes, trying to see Dom's face without him realizing she was looking for something so obvious. "Nightmares," she managed to croak softly, her voice cracking.

Dom watched her for a second more before tugging her arm and pulling her into his room, into his bed, and wrapping his arms around her. "Next time," he murmured in her ear, "just come on in, Kel."

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