Kel squeezed Dom's hand as Myles rambled on about such proper things as were required at a wedding.

Kel was doing a surprisingly well job when it came to tuning him out. Though she respected the old man, she was much more intent on the man holding her hand. The smile she flashed at Dom reflected in his face – his formal brocade trimmed with a dark blue to match his eyes making Kel's heart flutter a bit.

"And in this union of equals, of knight and warrior, man and woman, may you both cherish what you have found, and love with all your hearts." Myles squeezed both their hands before placing Kel's into Dom's, his warm fingers wrapping about her palm. "So mote it be."

Dom, ever extravagant, was not content to merely kiss her. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up as he kissed her hard, sending a very clear message to all those around: Kel is mine and Cleon be damned to hell for ever thinking otherwise. Kel returned his enthusiasm, a hint of red tinting her cheeks, knowing in the back of her mind that her parents would be blushing enough for her.

Kel's thoughts, ever flittering, drifted back in a flash to her deciding moment.

The raid hadn't been planned very well in the first place, and the third company and their two accompanying knights had had no problem at all subduing the bandits. Perhaps their ease and comfort in the takeover was what led to their downfall. All Kel could remember clearly of that day was that at first they were tying up some renegades to take them back to the crown, and then as quick as could be, she was holding a strung arrow pointed at Dom and the man holding a knife to his neck.

She was trembling. Why couldn't she keep the arrow straight? They were up against a building, and the fellow holding Dom was doing a rather good job of keeping himself hidden.

"Me'n this handsome chap are gonna leave nice an' slow, y'hear?" Dom's hands were held up by his head, his body tense. Something in Kel wanted to yell at him to stop playing around and break his keeper's neck. But the knife was too close, and the risk too great. Kel and Dom knew it just as well as the other men who had gathered.

Her body may have been trembling, but her words were deathly quiet. "Release him. Now."

The man chuckled at her, his laughter growing as she continued on in the same dead-pan voice.

"I swear to the Goddess that if you don't release my husband, I will kill you here and now." The thief continued to laugh, and for a second, lifted his head as he did so. It was a fatal move, as in that moment, Kel's arrow planted itself firmly in his laughing mouth, killing him instantly.

Kel dropped the bow, remaining where she was as an equally shaken Dom approached her. He was rubbing his throat where a paper-thin trail of blood was starting to scab up. "So, I'm your husband now?"

Kel leaned against him as she rested her head in the crook of his neck, the fear leaving her slowly. "As soon as we get back to Corus and you tell Raoul, you damned well will be."

The applauding, whether for Kel's aim, or her unorthodox proposal, was deafening.

They had been known to be together for years, by then, but Kel was still just the knight who traveled with the third company. And in those few moments, it hit her that wasn't how she wanted things to be anymore. Neal had been telling her for years that Dom would never wish her to be a "quaint little house wife" and that if she didn't bog down and marry him, he was going to run away. And while Kel knew that Dom wouldn't run away, she did know Neal was right in the other matter; Dom would never expect that of her.

When the company returned, Dom immediately found Raoul and handed his uniform in. Raoul, who had finally convinced Buri to marry him, asked no questions. He gave Dom a pat on the back, and congratulated him. (He also asked if there would be alcohol at the wedding, because he really did hate social events, but that's an entirely different story.)

Kel, on the other hand, hunted the Lioness down to pull in a favor. Alanna was pleased by the request, and conveyed it to Myles.

As such, Myles was the officiating overseer of Kel's wedding.


After the kiss, she shared a brief look with Dom, no more than a second or two, and she knew he was thinking of the same thing.

Maybe those old guys who wrote sappy poetry were right: some things in life were too precious to let go of, no matter how scared you were to hold onto it. Kel was sure of her love now, and there was no way she was going to be scared of it.

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