Kakashi sighed as he flipped through various mail envelopes and flyers he just retrieved from the mailbox. Bill, bills, junk mail, a catalog with a young girl holding a parasol on it, and more bills. Life was looking bleak with all this debt he was in now that his ex-girlfriend charged up two of his credit cards and skipped town with some biker named Blaze. Damn that Anko... fuckin' bitch. He needed to make some money. As a professional photographer he'd made plenty of it until his boss caught him in bed with her daughter. Kakashi never suspected the seemingly mature teen was underage and cursed his damnable luck. Not only did he get fired from his regular gig at the fashion magazine. He was blacklisted and couldn't find print work anywhere at any of the other magazines in town.

At least he wasn't in jail. He was greatly appreciative at that stroke of luck. He didn't question this turn of events. But he suspected that the young lady in question had a history of going after older men specifically those that worked for her mother. For whatever unknown reasons. Kakashi just thanked God and vowed to check ID's from that moment on. No more jailbait for him thank you very much. It was that incident that made him seek out companionship with an older (than his usual) woman...Anko. He found her experience and inhibition free sexual appetites refreshing and thrilling. Until she changed on him.

The sexy confident dominatrix that he found himself in lust with started getting extremely jealous to the point of violence. It was damaging on his delicate camera equipment and the costly replacements he made wreaked havoc on his bank account. It was almost a relief when Anko ran off with her younger man. He hoped he never saw her lying deceitful face again.
Taking the stack of mail inside his house he tossed the pile of correspondence on the kitchen counter and poured himself a cup of coffee. Gulping down the hot liquid he let the caffeine rush steady his nerves. Still pondering his financial quandary his eyes caught sight of the baby blue cover of the catalog. Why would something like that come to his house? Grabbing it up he read the title on the cover Petit Petticoats and Pinafores.

'Okay...whatever' he thought to himself as he flipped through it studying variuous pictures of young girls ranging from virginal to gothic slutty. The common recurrence in the pictures were the antique style of the designs sold inside. Lacy petticoats, pinafores, parasols...hig heeled maryjane shoes...camisoles and knicker sets...corsets...'hmm interesting' Kakashi felt the faint stirrings of arousal awaken the dormant member between his legs.

Cursing himself for having such perverted tastes he squelched the feelings away and continued to peruse the catalog. Hey it's not like he was out there trying to pick up young girls. As long as he stayed away from them it was all good he told himself as he closed the booklet in his hands.

Catching sight of the address label glued to it's back. Hinata Hyuuga, 1225 Sweet Briar Drive. His address was 1225 Sweetbriar Road. Maybe he should return the thing to her. It's not like he needed this hanging around the house mocking him for his past indiscretions. Tossing the catalog back atop the pile of mail on the table he shook his head and headed to his bedroom to change for his morning jog. Might as well have his health now that his wealth wasn't looking so good.

On his jog he'd wave and nod his head at the many women that he came across fully aware that many of them put themselves there on purpose just to see him. It was flattering to say the least but his libido had gotten him into so much trouble these past few months he was wary of even approaching a female. Scared she morph into some kind of monster like the last three did.

At 27 he was a fit male speciman. His active lifestyle and previous career of being a male model, to feed himself in the leaner years of his youth, kept him him in prime shape. It all came to an end when he was in a car crash with a drunken fellow model, Kurenai, driving. He was pried out of the twisted metal wreck with a hell of a scar over his left eye. Even if his looks were no longer the flawless perfection all the agencies demanded, he was even more appealing, the scar giving his face a rakish quality with the eyepatch he now wore over his sensitive eye.

It was obvious his modeling career was over so he picked up a camera and found a natural gift in finding beauty behind the lens no matter what he was shooting. The perks of shooting beautiful women for fashion spreads were many. But those models never really appealed to him. They were either too dumb or too shallow or too vain to be any more than romp in the hay every once in awhile. The job had been cushy but not self satisfying. Kakashi wanted to something more fulfilling to shoot. Too bad Anko screwed him so royally that he couldn't even survive on his savings anymore having givien up a large portion to save his credit.

Not really realizing the route he was taking on his jog he was surprised to find himself in the wealthy portion of town running down Sweet Briar Drive. Taking in the beautiful architecture of the mansions he ran passed, he could only dream of living in a neighborhood as well kept and maintained as this. Not that he lived in a dump or anything. Running a hand through the sweaty clumps of silver blonde hair falling over the eyepatch to tickle his cheek. He noticed a shiny black Benz pull up to the house and honk. The driver was an extremely handsome dark haired young man with a bored expression on his face.

A few minutes later the door flew open and a beautiful...angel came skipping to the car. Dressed in a short grey button up dress with long sleeves,black piping and white lacy petticoats peeking out from under the flouncy skirt. She had on long opaque thigh high stockings with black ribbons on the top paired with lace up high heeled boots. Her pale skin glowed next to her inky black hair worn in sausage curls tied with thick black velvet ribbons. Her pretty pink rosebud mouth smiling warmly at the boy in the car.

Slipping inside the vehicle with him she slid over and gave him a kiss on the lips. The boy just smirked at her and said something that made her blush. Once she was buckled in the car sped off leaving the unnoticed Kakashi standing alone on the street contemplating returning that catalog after all.

Heading back home he jogged with a higher spring in his gait. An idea was worming it's way around in his head and he needed to go over his finances to see if he could even bring his inspiration into a reality. Feeling optimistic for the first time in weeks he couldn't stop the easy smile that graced his features.