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The morning light filtered in hazily into the room. Hinata watched the white translucent curtain edges dance lazily in the gentle breeze. The soft breathing hitting the nape of her neck got deeper as she recognized the tell tale signs of Kakashi awakening behind her. The arm wrapped around her waist pulled her soft form flush against his firm muscular body. She could feel his early morning erection pressed against the back of her thigh poking her insistently. She let out a small whimper when his hand reached up and squeezed her rounded breast. The breathing got harder as it shifted from her shoulder to right behind her ear as he nuzzled her. She sighed as she shifted around allowing his cock to press against her moons from behind. He rocked against her as he plucked at her hard nipples relishing in the tremor that ran throughout her whole body his actions were eliciting in her. He moved his mouth closer to her ear "Tell me how it feels…"

Her breathe halted shakily in her desire for him. He lowered his lips to where her shoulder met her neck and started sucking on the sensitive spot. "I…I ahh!" She couldn't get the words out. all she could focus on was the way he rubbed up against her lower lips to stab agains her clit in the most delicious way.

"Yes?" He whispered darkly to her, his voice gruff from sleep, as he shifted the arm under her head more comfortably and brought his hand to her neglected breast and gave it the same treatment it's twin had. Running his free hand down the creamy soft skin of her stomach to cup her femininity softly before spreading his fingers apart pulling her open to the chilly morning air and his sensual touches. "You feel so soft Hinata. So hot and wet…so sexy." He resumed his attention to her neck as his rocking became insistent and aggressive.

His words and actions set her blood on fire…her very senses enflamed by the very man himself. Lust pooled in her belly and leaked from her womanhood making her thighs sticky. "I need…need! " She begged him nearly in tears from the overload of sensations coursing down her body. His hand retreated from her hot center and pulled her leg up and back hooking it behind his muscular thigh, without needing to guide himself his hardness aligned itself with her opening and he brought his arm to curl under hers and gripped her shoulder.

"You have me." He said silky as he pulled her down onto him slowly savoring every slight movement into her tight moistness. He groaned loudly when she started rolling her hips making her walls squeeze around him. He started a slow but deep and forceful rhythm into her. Gaining momentum with every gasp and moan she made. Her sounds spurring him on until he was pounding in and out of her forcefully. His groans behind her grew labored as he felt his stomach muscles clench nearly painfully through all the pleasure fogging up his head. His cock was so rigidly hard and heavy with his desire for her. He could feel her soft slick folds tightening on him even further as the onset of her orgasm started to pull her into it's sticky tangle of sensations. He shook his head to focus on not shooting off inside of her. He had never lost so much of his own control over his own body with anyone during sex before. Her moans increased in volume to loud cries as her tight little body shook with intensity. He gripped unto both of her hips and increased his pace to hot punishing tempo and turned his head to breathe into her ear "I love fucking you little girl…do you like it too?" He knew she got off on dirty talk and was promptly rewarded when her soft folds contracted violently on him and quivered oh so sweetly in surrender. Her cries turning hoarse as he felt her moisture coat his hardness making it incredibly slippery between them. The change in sensations combined with the tightness her pussy possessed made him mad with lust. Every in stroke felt like the first time he'd sunk into her…every out stroke clung to him snugly as if her womanhood didn't want to let go. His balls tightened as he listened to her shaky soft whimpers. He felt her shift her hips around in a circular motions. He swore under his breath as he came violently jerking against her. He heard her satisfied little giggle as his come spilled deeply inside her love channel.

After his body stopped quaking he nipped her shoulder lightly. She sighed happily as she felt herself grow incredibly sleepy after such a world rocking release. He nuzzled the shoulder once more before burying his face into her soft hair inhaling her sweet heady sent released from the perspiration of their activities. Letting his eyes close he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer to him...

Kakashi adjusted the Large overstuffed red velvet Pillow trimmed with a black rope detail and decadent sized tassels. Hinata kneeled on the black satin chaise lounge still and silent as he made sure it woud be comfortable for her. She had her hair curled up and tied up with fat royal purple ribbons the intricate yet disheveled hair do threaded and weaved with varying shades and textured of the varying shade. Some curls escaping at her nape brushing teasingly against the swell of her pale breasts that seemed to glow against the deep vibrant teal corset that pushed them up high on her chest exposing a heart shaped beauty mark adorning the upper part of her left breast. It sucked her waistline in making her hips look more voluptuous encased in a full bottom panties the purple silk ruffled in the back trimmed with teal lace. Her hands were tied behind her with the same ribbons adorning her hair. Her lips had a light glossy sheen that made it appear that she'd been nibbling on them. Her pale face had a light rosy flush that needed no make up her eyes blind folded with one of Kakashi's ridiculously expensive designer scarves he'd had since his modeling days. The only other thing she wore were the high black strappy heels he special ordered on-line specifically for this shoot. The delicate starps looked like oil slick black due to the fine glitter embedded in them.

She felt his hand gently push her down keeping the other stable against her chest as he lowered her slowly into position with her face pushed against the soft fluffy pillow with her head turned out towards him. Her back arched downward her derriere high in the air her hands relaxed resting on it's sweet bubble tied but not tensed. She felt him nudge one leg foward a bit and turning her hips a bit toward where his tripod sat. She felt his warm hand gently caress the back of one thigh up over her bottom and give her a slight squeeze before fluffing the ruffles on her panties a bit before she felt the cushions under her shift as he moved off of it.

Kakashi gave her once over before he checked the camera on the tripod. Once he was satisfied he scooped another camera off of the table behind him and looked through the lens he focused it until the backdrop cam in sharply to him. The chaise sat at angle against a backdropped Kakashi built from scratch choosing the burgundy wallpaper with black flocked designs that looked antique and romantic. There was a victorian shaped mirror angled on the wall to capture Hinata in it's reflection and not so much him. He's still have to take care not to be caught in any of the frames in the reflection. Even all the pillows scoured from the internet and antique stores. He'd even hired one of his Grandmother's old friends to sew a few supplying her with exact sketches, fabrics and notions. Vases filled with blood red roses and black spray painted reeds. Peacock feathers tucked in here and there in the floral arrangements. Overall he was very pleased and started clicking away.

Hinata heard the camera shutters going off at random intervals, she felt him move around her as he took the pictures. Even though they were not touching she was hyper aware of his presence the strong electric buzz of his charisma enveloping her thoughts. She felt so very connected still as he worked his way around her giving her instructions every so often in a way that made her excited in how direct and decisive he sounded. Not quite close to dominating...yet. She felt her skin redden in arousal as he would brush against her occasionally as he rearranged her to his liking. Finally she heard an exhale of surprise as if he'd been startled and she smile.

Naughty little girl Kakashi thought to himself as he took in the sexy smirk on Hinata's face. He'd finally come down from the high he got when he was working only to take in Hinata still in that subservient position tied up with her ass in the air. He felt himself harden under his faded threadbare jeans the only thing he wore. He placed the camera gently on the table and walked over to the tripod. He set the timer on and walked over to the chaise and kneeling behind her. He was silent when he smoothed his hands down her backside before hooking his fingers over them and tuggin them down around her thighs keeping his knees outside of hers he pulled his zipper down as the camera's timer went off the first time...

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