My Darken Jade

Chapter 1


Your family is suppose to love you

His didn't

Your family is suppose to protect you

His didn't

Your family is supposed to teach you love.

His taught him to hate.

Your family is suppose to make you feel safe

His made him feel fear.

Your family is supposed to make you trust them.

His made him distrust everyone.

Your family is suppose to help you in times of trouble

His let him fall

Your family is suppose to help built yourself into a great person

His created a monster.

Burn. He wanted it all to burn; he wanted them to feel all of his pain, all his sorrow, all of his suffering. Sirens in the distance caused him to look towards that direction; frowning slightly he decided it was his time to leave. Though he wanted to watch everything burn, his desire to be alone at the moment out ruled it. So, silent like the wind itself the boy walked away disappearing into the shadows. Up in the sky, the moon and stars watched, laughing as the neighborhood on Privet Drive burned.

She was more then surprised she was awoken by a knock on her bedroom window in the middle of the night, even more surprised when she saw who it was. Beaten, bloody, dirty sitting on the branch of the tree outside her window was Harry Potter, Hermione at first stare, briefly wondering how her friend knew where she lived and how he got up in the tree; before quickly rushing him in, setting him on her bed and getting the first-aid kit. After cleaning and bandaging him the best she could, she gave him a fresh pair of pajamas, tucked him into her bed, made a pallet for herself on the floor and went to sleep, questions forming in her mind. The next morning, Mr. and Mrs. Granger were surprised to find Harry sitting in their dining room eating cereal, but welcomed him none the less.

He wanted them; he wanted this family but knew he couldn't. he couldn't take them away from her, he loved her dearly she was the only one he trusted, the only one he loved, the only one he had the honor of calling family.

"Harry dear, would you like more juice" Mrs. Granger asked, Harry smiled "Yes ma'am" he said, Mrs. Granger squealed. Hermione watched as her mother cooed at her friend saying how she wanted a son as beautiful and polite as him. She had this felling that this boy was no longer the Harry she knew, she couldn't really explain it, it was the air around him, it made her want to do something; what? She didn't know. Harry caught her eye, he stared at her; and for a moment Hermione felt the room and her parents disappear around her as though something engulfed them, but she didn't look away form Harry. Harry smiled at her and a strange glint in his eyes. Brown and green stayed in contact with each until Hermione was shaken by her dad, "Hermione, are you alright? You look pale" he said "I'm fine I just spaced out" she said. Giving her parents a comforting smile here thoughts ran over what just happen. Oh yes she was sure this wasn't the boy he met on the train five years ago, and maybe, just maybe she liked it.


July 31, 2006, 12: 16 am, the neighborhood of Privet Dr was set into flames. Authorities don't know who or what started the fire, but are still investigating. Sadly, only one survivor was found, and only two bodies are missing. Petunia Dursely, wife of the deceased Vernon Dursely and mother of the deceased Dudley Dursely, and Harry Potter, nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Dursely and cousin of Dudley. Mrs. Figg, till shaken from the events could not interview with us.

See pg 67A for more details.

After breakfast Hermione and Harry went up to her room, "Hedwig!" Hedwig screeched and flew onto her master's shoulder and nuzzled his cheek "You've been a good girl?" Harry asked stroking her feathers Hedwig cooed, Hermione smiled before sitting on her bed " She missed you a lot" Hedwig nipped at Harry' ear before grooming his hair Harry giggled. Hermione decided that now was the time to ask the question that been buzzing inside her head. "Harry" she said, trying to place the words "What, what happen?" Harry looked at her that same strange glint in his eyes reappeared "I want it" he said softly "Want, what?" Harry then smiled, but this was a different smile. A smile that made her made her wary and frighten.

She felt her heart quicken and she was sure she had forgotten how to breathe. She so desperately wanted to look away from those eyes that seemed to glow; but couldn't as though he wouldn't let her. Then in a voice as soft as whisper he answered.