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Darken Jade

Dark green eyes stared at the empty prison with glee.

"He escaped"

"It seems so"

"He would have lived if he had stayed"

"Yes, if only he had stayed a bit longer" Wise grey eyes looked over at the boy who stared at the empty prison. "I assume you had nothing to do with this"

A crazed smiled appeared on the boy's face.

"Very well, you have my permission"

Those green eyes glowed.

Feet silently as possible moved through the maze like hall, dim blue eyes nervously looked around, expecting a monster or something similar to popped out and eat him.

Which given the circumstances, may be true.

He gave a growl of frustration when he found himself once again at the same place he had passed an hour ago.

He had to get out of here!

Footsteps coming down the hall had him tensing, and with surprising speed for someone his age hid himself behind a suit of armor. As the footsteps came closer he held his breath in anticipation and fear, his heartbeat quickened as they became closer and closer, and then they stopped.

Right in front of the suit of armor.

Albus waited, his wand hand twitching out of instinct.

What felt like hours, but only minutes ticked by until finally the footsteps walked away leaving the old man, much to his mix of discomfort and relief.

Once sure that he was alone, Albus moved from his hiding place to once again find a way out.

Harry hummed as he entered the room, it was empty expect for a small circular pool in the middle, he kneeled down at the edge and looked into the murky water, his eyes glowed and the murky liquid cleared revealing a picture of Albus trying to escape the castle and failing.

Harry smiled, the man was never getting out, the castle was just like Hogwarts, it had a mind of its own and right now the castle was toying with him.

"Now what shall we do with him?" Harry murmured, the castle's stones vibrated an answer. Harry giggled.

"It sounds like fun, very well" Harry waved his hand over the pool a evil grin on his face.

Elsewhere, Severus and Lucius were in the Kitchens, they and everyone else had heard that Albus had escaped, at first everyone took hold of their wand and headed out the door, until Magic had ordered them to wait and stay out of sight.

"Where do you think he is now?" Lucius asked

"Knowing my Harry, going crazy" Severus answered, while pouring a glass of red wine, Lucius chuckled, as he sipped his tea.

"Whats the difference?"

Severus chuckled, as the kitchen door opened as Hermione stepped in, looking extremely pleased.

"Magic wants us in the hall and she says to bring your wallets"

"…Whats a wallet?"

Albus sighed as he sat down on the cushion chair, he wasn't sure where he was, and right now didn't care, he spent hours running around the huge castle and had yet found a way out.

What did I dream?

Albus stiffen when a drop of water splash upon his head, he looked up but saw no cracks and anything on the ceiling.

I do not know;
The fragments fly like chaff.

More drops fell, quickly the old man scrambled out the chair only to fall into another one that wasn't there minutes ago. More droplets fall, and the room floor began to flood.

The door suddenly busted open and a wave of water rolled in, Albus let out a scream of horror as the wave rose and came crashing down on him. His world was then a swirl of colors and movement, his mind in a panic until everything with dark.

When he came to, he was dry and back in his bubble prison, a bright hot light shining down on him, shakily he stood on his legs and looked around, his heart for a moment stopped beating.

Yet strange my mind
Was tickled so

"Ah you're awake enjoy your nap?"

Harry smiled at him

"W-whats going on?" Albus asked, his eyes never leaving the scene before him, he shivered, all those eyes staring at him.

"Just a little get together" Harry said simple before nodding to Hermione.

"Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, our last item of this evening is the self-proclaimed symbol of light Albus Dumbledore"

Murmurs of excitement flowed through the room, and Albus became more nervous.

"We'll start the bidding at 100 galleons, do I hear 150?"

Harry sat next to Magic with a chuckle, as the bidding for Albus Dumbledore began

I cannot help but laugh.

We're almost at the end! Who will place the highest bid!

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