College Applications for the Naruto World

Chapter 1- Intro

Welcome to the application process to Konoha University! Home of the Ninjas and the top University of the world, which means we rock! Excuse me, here at Konoha University we have the brightest and greatest minds of the world here and hope to find the new minds that will one day change the world as we know it. We wish that everyone could come to our campus…but you all can't. So for those who prosper to strive towards the future, we hope you will get past our extremely rigorous application process. Just complete the application and we'll automatically put you on our extremely large pile of applications that's killing the world's trees! Have a nice day filling out our antagonizing and deep questions! And don't worry, if you can't get into Konoha University, I'll know they'll let you into Suna University.


The chancellor of Konoha University, that totally kicks Suna Universities' butt!