College Applications for the Naruto World

Chapter 20- Jiriaya

Name: Jiriaya

Birthday: Suits. Lots of lucky ladies get to see it and I love to see theirs.

Sex: Please and lots

Grade Point Average: I'd give myself an A+++++, with the ladies that is. They can't resist my charm and dazzling wit.

Family: Not important


AV Club- Basically what it says. Simple enough

Lady Prowler's Club: Our club mission is simple. Conquer and Divide. Get the Lady. Get lucky. Cash in the Prize. Get where I'm going?

Spy Club- I'd hate to brag, but we're impressive when it comes to stake outs and finding out and seeing things. I've seen a lot of pleasant sites…a lot…fun.

Sex- I especially when its *&#^, **&#, *&#$, and with twins. Sometimes I like to spice it up by using *&#^ *&#$ !^%%% *#^*!( &!^# &* *&^ and the traditional *#&$. My favorite positions are in the (# though the *&#$# isn't bad either. I must say that I do leave the ladies passed out. (Note from the President: We have edited slightly. The original was a three page report.)

Going to the Gym- Got to keep up with my little buddies. Need endurance and strength. Plus having muscles help bring in the girls.

Checking out the local sites- beautiful, beautiful places. This is why I love Konoha!


Biggest Pervert: I have no idea why I got this, but I must say if you're the biggest in anything, be proud of it. And I'm especially proud of my biggest *&#& (Note from the President: We had to block out the word, but since you're all smart people, figure it out yourself).

Community Service: I do self, group, and one-on-one service. Which do you want?

Work: Life is work. I barely make it through the day. I wonder if the next day and the day after that if it'll be like this one and that though makes me want to appreciate every single day even more.


College...a sad sad place....

NinjaPower signing out!