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At lunch, Carly had made a point of telling Sam five times that Spencer had called the school and asked to pick up Carly for a doctor's appointment instead of her walking home with Sam and Freddie like usual, when in truth she was just walking home a different way so Sam and Freddie had to walk home together. She hoped that she could get them to work things out before she had to reveal to them that she had set them up.

Carly watched the clock impatiently at 2:28 pm, waiting for her opportunity to break away at 2:29, one minute before the bell was supposed to ring. By doing this, she could avoid the crowd of students who might had trampled her otherwise. At 2:29, she ducked out of the classroom, her teacher not even noticing the flash of dark brown hair that left a soft, fruity breeze behind. Carly ran to hide in the janitor's closet, which had an open glass window that she could peer out of to spy on Sam and Freddie, and she left the door open a crack so she could hear them. They trudged out of their separate classes, meeting each other's eyes and sighing as they approached each other. It was loud, naturally, but she strained her ears to hear what they had to say.

Freddie seemed to realize this was a good time to talk, although he had wanted Carly to be with him as a witness in case Sam suddenly lashed out at him. He looked at Sam, who didn't look so much embarrassed to be talking to him as annoyed.

"What?" she spat. Her forehead wrinkled and she crossed her arms.

"We have to walk to Carly's together," he shrugged. Sam stepped closer to him, staring down at him. She actually stood on the balls of her feet to give her some extra lift, and by doing so she was able to make herself quite a few inches taller than Freddie.

"You don't think I know what Carly's doing? She doesn't have a doctor's appointment. She's trying to get us to walk home together," she said angrily. "And I don't really feel like walking home with a nerd!"

"Aw, man!" Carly whispered to herself. "I was so sure this plan would work."

"Sam, look, I don't like walking home with you either, seeing as you constantly injure me on a day to day basis and Carly has to be my only defense against you."

"That's because you're weak." She punched his shoulder and knocked him to the floor easily. "My grandma has more muscles than you."

"She's a freak bodybuilder!"

"So? She's still 64! You could be a bodybuilder too if you worked out, but I don't think there's any help for you if you can't pick up a five pound weight without crying."

"Well, sorry for not being strong enough to punch you back!"

"Yeah, if you ever touch me, I'll stuff your mouth with dead mice and dunk your head in a portapotty," Sam said, finally starting to walk to her locker. Carly opened the door a crack more so she could see.

"Aw Sam...that's just nasty!" Freddie cried. He was scared she might actually do that too.

"Who ever said I had a clean mind?" she asked. She turned to her locker and smirked, not wanting Freddie to see her happy again. Somehow, he could tell she was smiling, and suddenly he smiled too.

"There, I made you happy! There's no way you can be mad at me anymore," he said.

Finally, she burst out laughing. She wasn't sure why, but she was just happy again, and while she laughed she threw her hands on Freddie's shoulders. Freddie winced, then looked up at her laughing. She really did look beautiful when she was happy. After her laughter died down, she embraced him in an unexpected hug.

"Thanks Freddie," she simply said.

"Uh, yeah, no problem...I mean, so we're cool?"

"Mmm...yeah, we're cool."

They started walking home, and Carly snuck out of the closet, keeping her distance behind them so she could watch them without being found out. She found that they didn't say another word until they got halfway to the apartments where Carly and Freddie lived, but when one of them was looking straight ahead, the other one was looking at their face and smiling contently. They looked perfectly happy.

It was confusing to Carly how even though they hated each other so much, they liked hanging out together. She thought she might know why: probably because they had both been brought together because of Carly, since Freddie lived across from her and Sam had been her friend since who knows when. It was definitely a love/hate relationship, that she knew.

But they're so dumb, Carly thought, they wouldn't even figure out that they're perfect for each other because they're so different.

They were almost home. Freddie and Sam seemed to be walking even closer together now. Freddie said something and Sam pushed him, so he fell over on the sidewalk with a little shriek. She laughed as he got up and pushed him again, and of course he fell again.

"Freddie, you're pathetic," she said.

Carly had a memory of when Freddie, Sam and her went to the Experience Music Project near there. They had a thing where you could create your own band and perform to one of three or four songs. The music plays for you so you can't actually hear your instruments or voice, but your mouth moves so it's like you're singing and playing along. They decided to do Wild Thing, and their hair was flying everywhere as they belted out, off-key, the lyrics that popped up on the massive screen in the sound-proof room. She remembered that Sam was on the guitar, and she was just absolutely insane, and Freddie kept glancing over at her. When it was over and she went up to him, he said, "Good job."

"You sucked on the keyboard," she said back. "You ruined the whole thing. You sounded like a baby slamming his hands on the keys."

"How could you even hear me?" he asked.

"I have ways," she said mischievously, and walked away. He then tripped her, and she tackled him to the ground.

So there were moments where Freddie and Sam would go all out to tear each other down, but there were also moments, although very rare moments, where they would seem like they liked each other. Like now. Although she still wasn't sure.

Freddie and Sam were waiting outside Carly's door by the time she got up the elevator. As soon as the elevator made the little ding, they whirled around to face her. She expected daggers to be pointed at her, but instead they were smiling.

"Carly, normally I would be mad for you ditching us," Freddie said, "but for some reason I was able to tolerate it."

"Yeah, same." Sam looked at Freddie, then at Carly, feeling a little like a soap opera.

There was some silence, and then Carly broke it by saying, "Who wants to get smoothies?"

"I do," Sam said.

"I don't," Freddie frowned.

"Oh yeah, 'cause you're allergic to fruit," Sam laughed, Carly smiling too.

"I AM NOT ALLERGIC TO FRUIT!" Freddie yelled, but everyone could tell he was laughing too.