Morning found him before the alarm's wake and he gently reached over his sleeping companion, dotting her face with a kiss as he preempted the alerting ring. Cautiously sliding out of bed, he tiptoed to the bathroom across the hall, a quick shower being his intent.

Inhaling deeply, her eyes fluttered open before she gently turned on her side, glancing at the empty space beside her. Fingers gently traced the pillow before she glanced over her shoulder, staring in direction of the bathroom.

He stood under the shower's powerful jet, allowing the water to cascade over him and soothe his muscles. Leaning his head against the cool tile, he thought of his upcoming day - actions that would affect the rest of his life. There were so many things he hadn't thought about and despite the urgency of the situation, he was finding it hard to concentrate on anything except for her body. Her face. Her voice. He smiled softly to himself: her spirit.

Closing his eyes, he tilted his head back and let the water run down his face and neck. It was going to be a long journey and he knew the results weren't one-hundred percent. There was no way of even knowing if the effect was reversible. If there would be any long-term consequences. He swallowed hard, wondering if Sam would stick with him through and through.

His thoughts were interrupted by two cold hands, pressing against his shoulder blades until he was almost pressed up against the wall. He glanced over his shoulder, a smirk on his lips. "Careful Carter, we could'a had an accident down there." He gave a grin at her chuckle, glancing down at the faucet between his legs.

He turned around, hands immediately finding her skin, bringing her closer under the shower's warm spray. "I'm the one cursed with stealth," he mentioned, referring to her entrance into the shower, undetected.

She took a step back, leaning against the other side of wall as she watched him.

His thoughts came back to haunt him. Had she figured out that should his invisible state be permanent, there would be more negative aspects than positives through her eyes? He pressed his lips together, dropping his chin to his chest. "Look Carter, I -"

"- I can see you." She interrupted him, eyes watching him.

He just noticed her happiness, just heard it in her voice. "W-what?" He glanced down at his own body, still seeing nothing through his eyes.

"With the water," she began, taking a step towards him. Her hand slid down his shoulder, reaching down to clasp his fingers. Her other hand remained active, tracing around his nipple before leaning and gently taking it between her teeth. She guided him further under the spray, watching as each drop left a whispered trace of his form.

Not taking her eyes off his somewhat visible form, she reached for the soap and gently lathered it. Pressing the bar against his skin, she began to paint him, watching as the suds revealed the body that had connected with hers last night. The body belonging to the man who she spent countless nights dreaming of.

He gave her the time she needed, standing patiently still and enjoying the feel of her hands as she massaged the soap into his skin. Watching her concentration and arousal was breathtaking, and he inhaled deeply as her hands began to move downwards, lathering soap over his awakening member.

"I miss seeing you…" She whispered, taking a step back from him.

He glanced at her when she stopped abruptly, holding his breath and waiting for her to declare that this wasn't going to work out.

She brought her body back against his, hands feeling the skin she couldn't see. "I still can't believe you're here…alive." She paused, fingers reaching for his face until she found his lips. She traced them before leaning up and giving him a tender kiss. "…that you're here with me."

He brought his hands forward, cupping her cheeks and pulling her in for another kiss. "Scared me for a minute," he whispered between kisses, "thought you were going to leave me…"

She took a step back, brow furrowed. "Why would I do that?"

He closed the distance, embracing her. "Because maybe you realized that if I'm stuck like this, we could never have a normal relationship."

She scoffed, kissing him on the neck. "When has our relationship ever been normal?"

He opened his mouth to speak and then closed it wisely. "Good point."

She laughed, turning slightly and leaning against the adjacent wall. Grabbing hold of his shoulders, she pulled him towards her, lifting her leg and resting it on the outside of his thigh.

"I wouldn't be able to take you to dinner. Ever. We could maybe pull off the movies," he mumbled, leaning against her. He glanced down at her leg, which had started to gently rub up and down his calf before hooking itself around his thigh. He cleared his throat, feeling her heat against his arousal. "You can forget about a wedding ceremony, unless you want the National Inquirer to cover it."


His head shot up, not only at the intonation of her voice, but also at the use of his name.

"So what, you've been in here drowning in your pity?" She rolled her eyes, one hand sliding down his taut stomach before venturing down lower. "We'll deal with those moments when they come. I just…I just want you." She leaned forward and kissed him hard as her hand grasped his erection, fingers coaxing it to hardness. "I don't care about those things. I care…a lot…about you." She smoothed out her kisses along his jaw before reaching for his lips once more. "Love you."

"That's…" He paused, giving her a crooked grin. "Really cheesy."

She laughed, leaning her head against the tile as she looked at him with lust filled eyes. "So you gonna do me before you go?"

He closed his eyes, letting out a small moan as his hands became animate, one gently pinching her nipple while the other trailed down her torso until he reached his destination. "Already wet, Captain?" He grinned, grabbing hold of her hand that still caressed his erection, and guided it closer to her, pressing the tip against her core.

She shivered, hands now gripping his shoulders as she prepared for him to enter her. She raised her leg higher, opening up for him. She moaned softly, her breath captured by his mouth as he entered her, finding that familiar rhythm that they had discovered last night.

They emerged out of the shower half an hour later, each sporting a reddish tint from the accumulation of steam, words whispered and caresses administered - though Sam's was the only one who's colouring was apparent. They dressed in relative silence, seldom interrupted by Jack's lame comment and Sam's giggled response.

Sitting at the table, he watched as she devoured the waffles that he had made with an amused smile.

She picked up on the silence, throwing a sheepish grin over to where he sat. "What? Sex makes me hungry, okay?"

"If the level of your hunger is in any relation to the quality of sex, I'm a very proud man."

She laughed out loud, throwing him those kind of smiles that made him weak at the knees. "So," she sobered up, wiping her mouth with a napkin, "you thought about how you're going to get to the mountain? You can't drive because an unmanned vehicle cruising down the highway will surely get some looks. Can't hail a cab because no one is going to stop for, well…no one."

After a long period of silence, Jack sighed aloud. "You know, I'm really glad you can't see the dumbfounded look on my face."

She breathed out a laugh. "Oh, I can imagine it, Sir."

There was another pause, a little more tense this time. "I'm giving you such a dirty look right now, Captain."

She smiled at the humour lacing his tone. "We can leave whenever you're ready, Sir."

"Carter…last time I checked, you were suspended -"

"- I know, Sir. I figure I can drop you off a little ways in, and then you can put your stealth to good use."

He nodded at her teasing. "Yes well, it's not going to be very hard this time."

She cleared her plate and his, setting them in the dishwasher and turning the cycle on. "Ready? Do you need any provisions, Sir?"

"Don't really have a place to put them, now do I?" He scoffed at her. "And here I thought I was sleeping with a scientist."

She rolled her eyes. "I can think of a place to put 'em…" She mumbled as she walked out the door.

"Care to repeat that, Captain? Your CO didn't catch that last part." Jack replied, following her out and locking the door behind him.

She dropped him about a click away, putting her car into park near an alley. She rested her hands in her lap, smiling sadly as she felt his hand on her thigh, giving her a reassuring squeeze.

"Carter. Stop worrying. That's an order."

She closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side, giving him access to the sensitive spot behind her ear. Humming softly, she reached her hand, sliding it up to his jaw and leaning over to kiss him. "Be careful, Sir."

"Me? I'm always careful."

She raised her eyebrow, opening her mouth to retort but he cut her off.

"Okay. Bad example." He shrugged, leaning back in the seat. "It'll be a piece of cake. No one can see me, I'll head out undetected, get the information on how to turn back to normal from the colourful - er, invisible locals, and I'll be back in time for dinner." He paused. "See? Piece of cake. Hm, maybe we can have some cake after."

Sam remained silent, looking at the Cheyenne Mountain in the distance. "You do have an advantage…"

"See? It'll be easy. I'll give you a call once I'm back in."

She nodded, reaching over for his hand and holding it tightly. "Come back to me." It was a murmur but the intensity was not lost to his ears. She turned to face him, eyes pleading. "I can't lose you again. Not after all this."

He leaned over, catching her lips by surprise. "I'll come back. I promise."

He smiled, his ego needing no stroking as he managed to infiltrate one of the most heaviest guarded complexes in the U.S. He literally had to physically stop himself from whistling smugly as he walked casually through the busy halls of the SGC.

Stopping off at the infirmary, the revengeful thought of jamming an extra large needle into Janet's backside did cross his mind, but he quickly dismissed that evil thought with a smile. He discreetly swiped a couple of sedatives and quickly retreated from the infirmary, careful to avoid any witnesses from seeing a few floating syringes.

Making his way to the command room, he quickly sedated Walter and the other officer on duty, dragging their bodies and leaning them up against the wall. He took a seat in Walter's chair and was about to enter the code to seal off the room when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

Jumping, he placed a hand to his chest, meeting the amused blue eyes of his lover.

"Damnit Carter. You have got to stop doing that!" His brow furrowed. "How did you get in? I thought you were suspended…" He whispered, looking over her shoulder, making sure the coast was clear.

"Snuck in through the back. It's a long climb down, Sir."

"That it is." He turned toward the computer, as he finished typing up the code. "How did you know where I was?"

"Saw the chair moving." She remarked casually, looking out into the deserted embarkation room. "Now's our chance, Sir." She moved beside him, entering the coordinates in the computer.

"Our chance?" He raised his eyebrow. "Carter…you're in enough trouble as it is. I don't want to drag you into this…"

She turned, voice intense. "Sir, you need me. You may not need me to go, but you do need me to get back. Without a GDO code, we won't even open the iris. And even if you have one, what do you think will happen when you come in?"

"Well, I expected to be … back to normal by then." He stated lamely, watching her finger hover over the execute command.

"And if you weren't?"

He nodded. "If you're sure…" He closed his eyes as he felt her hands on his chest, trailing up to his jaw as her thumbs rested on each corner of his mouth. He kissed her back with fervour, both knowing that this was a dangerous step they were taking. Going wasn't as much his concern as their return, knowing that she could very well be shot for trespassing. He screwed his eyes shut, not even wanting to think of that situation. "Let's go. We gotta go now."

She nodded. "Door's sealed? Hammond has the code but it'll stop 'em for awhile."

"Yeah. You got the GDO?"

"Yes Sir."

The two rushed out of the room as the klaxons started to ring, and the gate started to dial. Running into the embarkation room, they moved to either side and opened the electronic box, dismantling the doors.

The final chevron locked and they both watched as the gate blossomed into life.

"Captain Carter!"

She turned around, meeting the livid and shocked gaze of George Hammond.

"What is the meaning of this?" His voice boomed from the microphone.

To the side, they both heard men trying to enter through the door.

"I am ordering you to cease this nonsense, Captain! You are trespassing. If you go through that gate, I can not protect you from any consequences that may arise." His voice softened a touch, though she could see the change more in his eyes. "Samantha. I know Colonel O'Neill's death has taken its toll, but you're not thinking sensibly at the moment." He paused. "We can get you some help, Sam."

She looked at him with worried eyes, closing them when she felt Jack's hand on her shoulder. "No going back now, Sir. Let's go." With one last look at the base's General , she grabbed Jack's hand and they quickly walked into the gate, officially sealing her fate as a fugitive.