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As they stare and gawk at each other, the others are extremely confused on what the hell was going on. Finally knocking both Sasuke and Sakura out of their stupor was the group saying they were to meet at that same place in 5 hours and leaving with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Before Sakura or Sasuke could say anything else, the others were gone. So Sakura decided to go look for a gown herself, and as she turned around to leave, Sasuke had grabbed her wrist and said, "Looks like we're the only ones left, let's go." So off they went with Sakura wondering why he would want to go with her in the first place.

They finally arrived in front of an expensive looking store with a huge diamond chandelier at the entrance. When they stepped in, automatically there was a saleswoman asking her and Sasuke to follow her to the gown section. Wondering how this woman, whom she was pretty sure she had never met in her life, knew what she was looking for asked, " Um……..excuse me, how do you know that I need a gown?" The saleswoman replied, "O Sasuke-sama texted us in advance what you needed." Surprised, Sakura turned around to look at Sasuke with a confused expression on her face. " I don't get it, how…." Sasuke had already covered her mouth and said, "It's because my mother owns this store along with many others, so it's my treat. I'm going to buy you a gown whether you like or not. Just think of it as greeting gift, alright?" "But I have to repay you somehow." " O no you don't, just follow the damn woman Sakura." Still complaining, she followed and was in a private dressing room probably reserved for celebrities. As she stood there in awe, the saleslady had already shoved her into the dressing room, while Sasuke sat on Prada covered couch next to his already bought and prepared tux.

Inside the dressing room, there was a strapless white gown with pink diamond cherry blossoms embroidered down the side. Sakura carefully felt the dress so lightly that if it were too hard it would rip. Slowly trying it on, she was amazed to see that it fit perfectly. She opened the door and walked out. Sasuke turned his and was amazed and stunned by her beauty. She looked surreal, an angel from heaven to see him. " Beautiful….." he whispered. She blushed and thanked him but said she would not let him pay, it must cost a fortune. "It's alright, the shoes are ready at the counter, the saleswoman could already determine your shoe size, so shall we go?" She nodded and quickly changed back, and left with Sasuke to purchase the dress. After they left, they decided to eat somewhere, so they ended up at a café drinking coffee a telling about themselves to the other. They both knew that they probably were falling for each other. There they stayed not noticing the time at all.