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Tell Me How

Chapter One


"Sora! Sora wake up!!"

"Mmngh… two more minutes..."

Roxas rolled his eyes at his little brother and pulled the sheets off of Sora, "C'mon Sora... Riku is waiting in the car."

"Fuck Riku…" Sora muttered, burrowing his head into the pillow.

Roxas laughed and murmured something that sounded like "I know you want to…" At this, Sora jumped out of bed and looked strait in to his brother's eyes, blue eyes just like his, but for some reason Roxas eyes were darker, deeper, different from Sora's that always shone with happiness even if there wasn't anything to be happy about.

"What did you just say!?" He asked him challenging to say it again.

With a smirk on his face Roxas looked at his brother amused. He knew that would get him out of bed, he was so predictable, at least to him, he knew him so well, "I say you're gonna be late" he singsonged.

Sora didn't move, he just stared at the blond, he had heard what Roxas said.

That he wanted to fuck Riku? Oh haha, funny. He hated Riku! He was always making fun of him and pissing him off. He didn't want anything to do with him, but he was his brother's best friend so he was always around, plus he was giving him a ride to his camp…shit! The art camp! He was running late! Sora suddenly started moving, getting his things, putting some clean clothes on. No time for a shower! He hadn't realized Roxas had left the room while he was lost in thought.

Five minutes later Sora was ready to go, panting in his doorway, Riku and Roxas were already in the car, laughing. Probably at me, Sora thought.

Despite that Sora got in Riku's expensive new car (a gift from mommy and daddy) and they went on their way.

It was an hour drive from Sora's place to the bus station and Roxas slept all the way there.

"So… what's this camp about anyway?" asked Riku.

Sora was looking outside, either he didn't hear him or he didn't want to answer, Riku tried again:

"Sora?" He asked looking through the rear-view mirror. Sora looked up, blue eyes meeting aquamarine.

There's was something about Riku's eyes and the way he said his name that made Sora's stomach feel funny. He had felt that before and it was always around Riku but he always pushed those weird feelings away.

It's Riku we are talking about here. And I hate Riku! he always thought in distress.

"Art camp." He finally answered still not looking at him.

"Oh! How interesting…" Riku said pouring sarcasm through every word. "And what kind of art are you interested in?"

"Theater." Sora responded so low the silver-hair teen barely heard him; he had always like theater. It was fun. He was very outgoing and he liked to make people laugh with his shenanigans; it's not like he wanted to do this for a living, he still didn't know what he really wanted to do, but he didn't worry too much about it, he still had a whole year to figure it out, no, two years.

The art camp was something that he wanted to do out of fun and curiosity, he had never camped before and he really wanted to do something different this holiday. He always got bored on holidays! All his friends; Wakka, Tidus, Selphie, and his other classmates, went away for school break and his brother always hung-out with Riku, so this year he asked his parents if he could go to camp and they had agreed to it saying Sora had been a really good boy keeping his grades up, (with much help from his brother) and keeping his room tidy. His parents never had a lot of expectations from their sons; they just loved them the way they were.

Sora was really exited about it; he had read and heard a lot of things about "Xenmas Art Camp."

It had six different teachers and six different houses dedicated to each different art. There was a house for Theater, Paint, Literature, Music, Sculpture, and Architecture, but they all ate in the same place and shared the same bathrooms. Sora had seen photos of the place and it was enormous! He just knew he was going to have a great time there.

As he was looking through the window, thinking, a sly smile appeared on his face and he heard Riku laughing.

"What!?" He yelled. It was too damn early in the morning for Riku to start his usual, 'make Sora miserable' hobby. Riku had laughed because he though Sora looked cute with that stupid smile on his face, but he didn't say that… Instead he said: "Oh nothing… that's very…"

"…." Sora just ignored him.

"So…" Riku insisted "you sure you'll be able to climb to the stage?"

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Sora asked throwing daggers with his eyes into the rear-view mirror.

"Oh, just that you are short…" Riku answered smirking.

At this Sora moved from his seat beside the window to the middle of the backseat and kicked the back of Riku's seat causing Riku to turn his smirk into a laugh.

"Roxas is only a year older than me and I'm as tall as he is! And you never bother him about his high!" Sora try to defend himself, or more like tried to get Riku to stop or at least explain why he bothered him so much about every little detail.

"I'm just messing around with you, man." He said still laughing.

"Yeah I know, you always do and I hate it."

They had reach a stop so Riku took this chance to turn around to look at Sora, who was wearing the most adorable pout Riku had ever seen in his life. He couldn't stop himself from thinking just how cute Sora looked right then.

"I didn't know it bothered you so much," he said in a serious tone… "I should do it more often then" he finished getting back to the driving. That won him another kick at his back.

The rest of the trip was just the same. Riku just kept pissing Sora off; there were too many things to make fun of about theater and art camp itself. Sora tried to ignore the comments, but for some reason what Riku said mattered to Sora, that was one of the many things that bothered him so much about Riku, he felt so weird around him, and the more he thought about it the less he understood his feelings toward the silver haired, very handsome and tall teen, if he didn't know better he would think he liked Riku.

Not just as a friend but REALLY like, Riku.

But that wasn't possible, not because he had a problem with being gay, he couldn't care less about that. He actually had his suspicions but he wasn't sure yet and honestly wasn't eager to find out, what mattered was that he knew his family and friends would accept him either way and as for the rest of the world, he could handle them, no problem, he was a brave boy. When the time comes, he thought, when I fall in love with someone, boy or girl I'll deal with it then. No, he didn't have a problem with that; he had a problem with Riku.