Tell Me How

Chapter Nine

Tell Me How

"Sora! Sora wake up!!"

"Mmngh… five more minutes..."

Roxas rolled his eyes and pulled the sheets off of Sora, "C'mon Sora... we are gonna be late for school!"

"Fuck school…" Sora grunted, burrowing his head into the pillow.

Roxas laughed, he never did get tired of Sora not being a morning person, and "Riku told me he wanted to talk to you…" he said singsonging.

At this, Sora jumped out of bed, "Really?!" he asked, a glint of hope very visible in his blue eyes.

Roxas looked at his brother and regretted having just told a lie, he knew the "little white lie" would get him out of bed, what he didn't know was that it would break his heart, seeing his brother so happy about hearing from his best friend…

"No, not really," he said looking guilty, "but you'll see him at school! If you wanna talk to him… just do it!"

Sora sighed and nodded unsurely, "I doubt he'll even want to look at me at all…"

There was a heavy silence that followed Sora statement, Roxas wanting to say something but didn't know what.

"Well… I should get ready," Sora said with a fake smile, "We don't wanna be late."

Roxas smiled back, a real, assuring smile; one that clearly said 'the sun will come out tomorrow' or some shit like that; it was one of his best smiles and it made Sora feel better, made his fake smile change into a real one, small, but real.

School went by pretty slowly, teachers would only talk about what they were going to be studying that semester and blabbering about how hard quizzes were going to be and every other sort of useless things teachers usually talk about when they don't feel like doing their job.

Even though Sora didn't really want to confront Riku he had hoped he would at least see him around lunch and recess but there was no sight of the handsome teen.

At least he had had a chance to see all his friends again and they always manage to make him laugh, he had missed them a lot these days and they were the best distraction he could think off. He had also called Axel on his free time to talk about nothing, Axel was very good at talking about nothing, that was one of the things he liked best of his red-head friend, but even so, Riku was still hanging at the back of his mind… he wanted to apologize for being so heartless, he still thought that they could never be but he still wanted them to be the way they used to; no matter how much it hurt and how much he hated the way Riku used to treat him, he wanted to do it for his brother's sake.

But, how could he ask for forgiveness after what he had said? He didn't have any idea what to say, he figured, he would find the words when he saw him. Problem was, he hadn't…

School day was almost over when he saw silver hair on the hallway, Riku had just entered the men's room and Sora had run and zigzagged through the students after him. He opened the door and leaned against it panting slightly.


Riku, who had been washing his hands then, was looking at him surprised. When Sora looked up and saw him standing there… waiting for him to say something, he panicked. He made a strange and faint squeak sound and ran out and into the hall that was suddenly empty.

'Were the fuck did everybody run off too?!' Sora thought alarmed, looking for a place to hide.

"Sora! Wait!"

Riku had followed him out, there was no chance he could hide now, was there? Oh! But how he wished he could be just swallowed by the ground right then. Slowly as if it pained him to do so he turned around to face Riku one more time.

"Uhm, hi." he said shyly.

"I've been looking everywhere for you."

Surprised, Sora gaped at him "You were?"

"Yeah, you see I wanted to ask you something." Riku said taking one step closer, looking really serious.

"Look Riku, I'm so-" Sora began apologizing but Riku cut him middle speech…

"You told me you loved me, remember?"

…and left him open mouthed.

"And then you said you didn't love me, in fact you said no-one would ever love, but nevermind that." Riku said rapidly, he looked nervous all of the sudden.

The tall teen took a deep breath and moved even closer to Sora bending his neck slightly so that he could look at him in the eyes.

"What I want to know Sora is: how did you do it; how did you stop?"

The petit brunette was extremely nervous, his palms where sweating, his heart felt like it was going to explode and he had no idea what was Riku talking about.


"Tell me…" Riku said in almost a whisper, "Tell me how did you stop loving me so easily, so fast."

'Okay… What the fuck is going on here!?' Sora thought awfully confused, 'When did I stopped!?'

"I-… I…" he had no idea what to say! To him, Riku was talking nonsense, this was too weird! And being this close to Riku made his heart ache, he was loosing it.

And apparently, Riku was loosing it too because one second he was only inches apart and the next he was grabbing Sora's shoulders harshly and glaring at him, "Tell me how to stop loving you!" he said in a harsh deep voice.

To Sora the whole world stopped right then and there, everything felt heavier, especially air, he couldn't breathe, he couldn't think and he couldn't talk. Riku loved him? But he didn't want to anymore, well that was obviously his fault, no point longing on that. But, Riku loved him? Him?

Why? Where? When? And what could he do now? What should he say?

"I…" Fuck! Is that the only word he could say?!

Riku looked like he was about to cry, his beautiful eyes were shining wet and he tilted his head down letting silver hair fall to the side of his face.

"Please Sora, I can't do this anymore, you need to break the spell you charmed me with. Please, tell me how."

"I- I can't." Sora said tacking is eyes off Riku and glaring at the floor.

Riku looked up, surprised at Sora's tone of voice, it sounded stranded as if he was crying and sure enough, when Riku crocked his head to look at Sora's face tears were falling silently from his deep blue eyes, staining his pink cheeks.

"Why?" He whispered.

"Because I never stopped, okay!? I never stopped loving you." Sora nearly yelled, still glaring at the floor, then slowly he moved his eyes, his face still facing away and he whispered shyly, "I love you."

The grip on his hands lesser and Sora realised Riku had been keeping him on his tip toes cause his feet touched ground just then, slowly he turned his head to look properly at Riku, wanting to see the reaction to his 'little confession'.

Riku was just standing there, eyes wide, mouth slightly open.

He knew it was wrong to think about it, but he could help but notice how luscious his lips looked right then. The sight made him lick his own lips involuntarily, however, it seemed his innocent action brought Riku back to the living, because right then Riku blinked and looked keenly at Sora's lips and slowly, very slowly be started to lean closer, Sora tilted his head to the side and leaned, just as slowly, toward Riku.


The fire alarm rung right then and both Riku and Sora stood straight and backed away a big step as quickly as possible; Sora was flushing furiously and Riku looked slightly irritated, he even took a moment to glare at the stupid bell.

Some god-damned asshole had thought it funny to interrupt school. Students and teachers starting filling the halls, some looked happy, others scared and some looked like they had been waken up by the bell. The principal was mad and screaming at the top of his lungs it had been a false alarm but no-one was listening, and soon all the staff and the students were outside enjoying the sun.

Sora and Riku had been separated by the crowd, not before they gave each other a nervous smile, and now Sora was sitting on the grass, with his back against an old tree, waiting for Roxas who he had text messaged with his location.

Minutes later Roxas came and positioned him self Indian style in front of Sora, his back against the school's wall.

"What took you so long?" Sora asked him irritated; he had been waiting anxiously to tell his brother about all about what had happened with Riku for a while now, he had learned his lesson, no more secrets for Roxas.

Roxas smiled creepily at him, "I was talking with Riku." he said.

Sora didn't have even time to blush before Riku came toward them dragging by red hairs a tall teen.

"Axel!? What are you doing here?" Sora asked standing up surprised.

"Ow! Sur- Ow! -prise!" Axel responded awkwardly, Riku still tugging at his hair.

Sora looked at Riku and raised his eyebrow in question to which Riku responded with, "Guess who activated the alarm."

Opening his mouth in bewilderment Sora looked back at Axel and the redhead smiled apologetically at him, "Sorry! Ow! Would you fucking let go now!? Thanks!" be said when Riku let him go to sit next to Roxas, not before he gave Axel a not too hard kick on the ass.

Sora giggled cutely looking at Axel rub his sore butt before dragging him down to sit next to him by the tree.

"What are you doing here?" he asked him trying to ignore Riku, who was looking at him with a smirk on his face.

"I thought I'd come here and treat you some ice-cream, but for some reason, I've got the feeling I came at the wrong time." He said glaring at Riku at the last part.

Riku just laughed and winked at Sora who passed from sun-kissed to tomato skin in a nanosecond.

"Roxas is free and he loves ice-cream, right Rox?" The silver-hair teen said elbowing the blond indiscreetly on the ribs.

It was Roxas time to blush now, but he only did for a second before he looked at Sora and then at Riku -who raised his eyebrows at him and nodded to the street- and then he smiled wickedly at Axel.

Did they really think he was not getting what was going on?! Had the world gone mad and he was suddenly a blushing bride who needed help to be left alone with the boy he wanted?! He was going to kill Riku when Roxas and Axel were gone, who did he think he was, winking and smiling at him like that, and making him blush?! Sora scowled, feeling a little too embarrassed.

Axel and Roxas had left while Sora was lost in his thoughts, and now Riku was looking at him shyly, all the confidence of just seconds ago flushed down the toilet.

And even though Sora thought it cute –and annoying- to know Riku used his fake confidence and jokes too hide his true feelings, he was still mad at him for making him look so… so… so uke!

In the blink of an eye, Sora raised himself and jumped back down over Riku's legs, straddling him and punching him open handed in the arms and chest.

"Ouch, what –ahahah- wha- are you owahaha doing!?" The silver hair teen asked laughing.

"What the hell was that?!" Sora said still hitting him.

"Ahhahaooow, wha- what are you ow! Talking ahaha about!?"

"You! Making fun of me again! Making me blush! You haven't change a bit!! I thought you lo-" But Sora never got to finish that sentence because Riku chose that rightful moment to grab the boy's head and kiss him passionately.

There, sitting on Riku's waist while the tall teen leaned his back on the school's wall, both of them hidden by the old big tree, while Riku kissed him, Sora froze, eyes wide for just a second before shutting them and melting into the kiss, kissing back just as passionately.

And they were both sober!

They stayed like that, exploring each others mouths, pouring out all the love they felt for one another, all the words they never said to each other, but then Sora moaned and Riku pulled back, suddenly remembering they were in a public place.

He looked dearly into Sora's eyes, both off them were panting rather heavily and the brunet was blushing again, he had never looked so beautiful before, Riku thought, his eyes heavy and darker with lust and his lips pink and bruised from the kiss. He couldn't wait to take him home.

Riku raised his hand and cuddled the other's hot cheek with it.

Sora closed his eyes and leaned into the touch and Riku smiled.

"I love you so much."

The End.


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