Demon Nature


"Mental Link"



"Talking to beast"

This is my second story so yeah hope you guys like it. Well this story I got the idea from this book I was reading named Dark Demon really good book just to tell you! (read if you have the chance) Anyways this will be a yaoi story ok….

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Mage- Wizard with tremendous power well respected

Dark Mage- Wizard with tremendous power but uses them for dark arts

Dark Demon- Demons that have sub come to their darkness.

Demon Slayer-Kills Demons good or bad doesn't matter.

Demon Hunter- Hunts down Demons that have sub come to their thousand years Darkness

Thousand Years Darkness- darkness that consumes the soul of a male demon.

As the sun set, Sasuke got ready. The Mark on his right hip started to burn once more as the night drew forward. Demons start to roam around and will try to find him to kill him. This was nothing new to him. They wanted to kill him, he was ready.

Ready as he will ever be, he wore black to blend in with the darkness of the night. Black pants that let him move around more freely and a tight fitting shirt that won't get caught in anything. He wouldn't make the same mistake twice. A belt that had at his weapons at his reach. Every thing he needed to hunt down those bastards.

He jumped off the balcony that accompanied his room in to the night world that he hunts. As he landed on the soft ground he felt is shift under him. The ground trembled with the evil in the air. Sasuke smirked, "This was going to be one hell of an interesting night."

He said out loud for the wind to carry his message out to those that hunt him.

As he ran into the dense forest, he felt the trees quake with the evil the wind bought them. He pushed him self a little bit more to quicken his pace. The bastards were coming from every angles. As he ran though the forest, something kept coming behind him but under ground. Every time he looked back the thing would stop moving. "Very strange" Sasuke thought turning back to the front of his path. He arrived in the middle of the forest and sent out a pulse of energy to lure the Demons to him and get this over with.

Just as he let the pulse of energy go though out the forest, a pack of wolves came though the thick of the trees. The wolves had black fur that was stained with the blood of their kill. The look and smell that came off them was so strong that Sasuke wanted to gag so badly. The wolves looked at him with a peculiar look of hunger, but they would not attack. They stood there waiting for something or someone.

"Well, well, I never thought I would have the honor of meeting you again Sasuke of the Uchiha Clan." the man said a he immerged from his hiding place behind a big leafless Sakura tree. The man stood at 6'3, seven inches taller than his 5'9 stature. The man had white long hair that was gathered in a low ponytail. He also wore glasses that made him look handsome and intelligent. He also wore a black and white suit.

"What do you want Kabuto? I really don't have time for this right know" Sasuke told the man in front of him. "My you wound me my dear little Sasuke. I thought the pulse of energy was to draw me near to you. I thought maybe we could get together and do a little something under the moonlight." Kabuto said to the shorter man with raven hair in front of him. Sasuke smirked " So that was you dear Kabu following me though out this time. Well if so then lets dance with the moon as our witness. What do you say?" The raven told the white.

"So let it be, dear Sasu let us dance." With that Kabuto let his pack of wolves attack Sasuke.

Somewhere Near The Inn

Naruto walked around the inn where his soul was being tugged to. "Are you sure this is were you are being called to? This looks like an inn?…How strange.." Naruto asked his beast. All his beast did was growl his answer. The beast within him was becoming restless and wanted to find his Life-Mate that called to him within these wall. The sent was intoxicating to him and his beast. The smell of rainstorms and thunder.

He found out who his Life-Mate was when he passed a young man in Paris France last year. Truly now lady luck was on his side after all these years of trying to find his mate. The darkness of thousand years has little more to go before it consumes his soul and become what he has hunted threw out his long life of servitude to his Queen Lady Tsunade.

As he neared the in to where his mate-to-be was staying, he felt a pulse go threw out the earth. The ground groaned as the energy went in and out in huge waves. The energy was from a strong demon be not quite. The beast with in him rose its mighty head in felt the pulse. It shook him to his core. He recognized this energy. It was Kabuto. One of the demons he had fought back in the ancient days of Japan. He was quite powerful but not as powerful as him. There was also an energy that was coming from the same direction as Kabuto's, this energy was indeed stronger then the earlier one. His mate was going to have to wait. He had to get to the bottom of this before human blood was to be shed.

As Naruto ran, his beast began to protest. He wanted his mate now that they were close. "Look do you want interruptions while we are with are mate? Do you want our mate to die if there are other Dark Demons out there that are out for blood?.. Tell me if that is what you want." Naruto told his beast as he ran thought the dark woods to the source of the pulse of energy. He was getting close now. He could feel his hair rise with the Dark energy and Light energy.

Naruto knew that if who ever was fighting with Kabuto would mistake him for a foe. With this in mind he changed in to his bestial from. The Nine Tail Fox. Not his giant from but his smaller form that could blend in to the trees. As he ran he came to the place where they were fighting. He blended in to the shadows of the night and watched from afar. He didn't want to die just yet, and so close to his mate.

As he looked out to the battle filed he could see to figures fighting. One for sure was Kabuto. The other he couldn't make out. The figure was at least 5' 9 or 5'10 as much as he could tell from where he was. It was a young man. He was slender but had some muscle to him. From what he could tell he could fight well. His body was moving gracefully thought the battle that was at hand. Naruto couldn't see the young man's face since he had his back to him. But his sent was oddly familiar. It smelled of thunder and rainstorms. That's when it clicked. He was looking at no one other than his mate-to-be. This had him at shock.

"Well at least he can protect him self if it comes to it." Naruto thought to him self. His beast couldn't agree with him better.

The Boy and the man still didn't sense anyone in the forest. Sasuke kept his mind in the fight only. Moving this way and that way. Trying to out men over his opponent to a point where he could strike a fatal wound. The Heart of a Demon. Sasuke knew that Kabuto was doing the same with him analyzing what to do. As there weapons of choice came together, Sasuke spotted an opening to land a deadly blow to his opponent. As his went for it. Kabuto noticed what was about to happen. He jumped out of the way in the precise moment. Sasuke would has landed him a blow.

As he moved he called forth a pack of dogs. "Kabuto you cowered do not run away in the face of death come back and fight me your self , you bastard!" Sasuke yelled at the coward that had jumped away. "My My, if would have known better I would have said you didn't want me to leave!" Kabuto replied with mirth in his voice. This disgusted Naruto and Sasuke very much. With one snap of Kabuto's fingers. The Dogs longed them self's at Sasuke. He twisted here and there. Back and forth. Side to side. Naruto and Kabuto could only watch as Sasuke fought off the dogs with grace full movements.

As the dogs where getting to much for Sasuke. He could only do what was left for him to do. Turn in to his other half. The half his Father gave to him. The Wolf. As he changed forms the dogs backed off a bit as Sasuke emerged as a Wolf. This formed screamed submission from the smaller forms on the battle field. Naruto was impressed by this form. Fur Black as the Night and fangs white as porcelain. Muscular and fit like in his earlier form too. His little mate didn't stop amazing him.

Sasuke moved closer to the dogs. They moved back. He was about to attack when he felt a presence behind him. Kabuto had moved behind him with a sword in the air. It was to late to moves out of the way.

Naruto moved at his own accorded and as fast as lighting, bit Kabuto on the arm and twisted back. Making him fall back to the floor with a "oomph". Naruto jumped back and landed near Sasuke who still in defense mode bit at him when he was to close.

Naruto was taken a back a bit.

Sasuke had attacked him. His mate attacked him.

Naruto could only look at him with confusion in his blood red eyes. As they looked at each other Kabuto got back up and attacked Naruto wounding him on his shoulder. He jumped back and landed on the other side of the battle field. Sasuke jumped back too. He looked at his to enemies. "What the hell is going on" Sasuke thought in his head. To demons fighting each other. Did he miss something?

Naruto shape shifted back in to his original form. Sasuke did the same. He looked at the being that changed and was looking at his earlier opponent.

The fox turned in to a young man. A handsome man at that his mind added to his train of thought. The man had golden hair like the morning sun that rises. Blue eyes that you get sucked in to the depth and drown. His body was strong and lean. And was way taller that him. He was probably the same height as Kabuto. But the only problem- he was a Demon Hunter. The same kind that killed hid beloved brother. Naruto felt Sasuke looking at him. As he looked at Sasuke, Kabuto attacked. Naruto twisted out of the way just in time. He conjured up a elemental sword. A Hell Sword that is brought out of the depts of the fiery realm of the demon courts.

Kabuto smirked.

" So we being, ne Naruto." Kabuto said as he raise his sword in a battle pose of the ancient times. Naruto just looked bored. "Well if you wish to die by my hand. Then let is be Kabuto." With that Sasuke watched as the two demons went at each other. The swords hit each other and sparks flew in every direction. Sasuke could only watch what unfolded in front of him.

Here and there the two Demons flew at each other. The blonde was cut at the abdominal region with the sword that burn with the intensity of lighting. It looked like lighting to Sasuke. He didn't know what it was but it was golden and flashed every thing like the lighting in the sky.

The sword that the blonde held in his hands grew to hot because you could see the color of the flame turn black. The hottest you could get a flame to go. But the blonde didn't feel the heat of the blade. With that deadly blade he stroke the white haired man right though his chest. The man screamed out in pain as he felt in insides burn. " Damn so close to his heart!" Naruto cursed him self for not landing to deadly strike that would have ended this fools life.

Kabuto spit out blood and raised his claws. " I'm not going to hell alone you bastard!" with that his claws struck Naruto straight in the chest. He could feel the claws tearing at his muscle tiring to get to his heart. Sasuke could only watch as they tore in to each other.

The scene made him sick to his stomach. Naruto with his free hand grasped the offending hand and pulled it out before it could go any further in. As he grabbed it. He twisted it as broke the bone cleanly thought. Kabuto screamed in agony, feeling his wrist braking thought the muscle that guard it. Ok Now Sasuke was going to be sick. The braking of the bone was to much. He actually heard it cracking. The sound was sickening to the core.

With that Naruto dialoged the sword from him and his own sword from the screaming man.

"Kabuto, don't be such a coward and get up and fight me. You can still get up!" Naruto commanded to the other to do. Sasuke moved up to where the blonde was. "What the hell is your problem! Who are you and what are doing coming in to my fight?!" Sasuke screamed in Naruto's face. Naruto just blinked.

" I was helping you, is that bad?" Naruto said as he cocked his head to the side while looking down at that screaming boy.

Sasuke could feel him self turn red with the anger that build up in side him. "Who is this fool!" "Don't ever come in to my fights Demon Hunter, got that!" Sasuke said. Naruto just blinked.

That dogs surrounding Kabuto Howled and circled their master. Naruto Turned to them and picked up his discarded sword once more. Walking to the man in agony, he heard as scream full of pain from behind him. That scream belonged to one other that his Mate-to-be. He wiped around to see what had him like this when his saw two hands with dagger like claws digging in to his ankles. Sasuke screamed blood murder. Naruto forgot about Kabuto. With that the injured man made his escape. The ground opened up ad swallowed him whole.

Naruto came up to Sasuke with is Hell Sword and swung at the offending hands. The hands were cut off and disintegrated in to dust. Sasuke whimpered once he didn't feel the nails digging in to his skin. With that, the boy collapsed. Naruto caught him with ease. Sasuke looked up in to the eyes of the one that had caught him.

" Who are you?" Sasuke asked. Naruto just stared at him and answered. " My name is Uzumaki Naruto. That last of Nine Tail Clan." Naruto responded. The boy had the darkest eyes he had ever laid eyes upon. Obsidian is what you can describe them. He let go of Sasuke. The raven haired boy just stared at him. "Why did you help me?" He asked to blonde that just looked bored from his face but his eyes told his some thing else.

"I couldn't help my Mate-to-be?" Naruto asked. Sasuke was taken aback. "MATE!!!!" His mind screamed!

Oh the fates were cruel to him.