Hey there BloodMoon01 here just wanting to say Hi!

Well anyways I just wanted to see which of my stories all of you were still interested in. please vote to tell me which should I keep or not.

Demon Nature: Naruto Fanfic

He vowed to destroy him...but was he his true enemy, or destined Life Mate? Second FanFic..Hope you enjoy! If you don't like Yaoi don't read. BoyxBoy NaruxSasu SemexUke.

Hell will freeze over before I say 'I love you!': Inuyasha Fanfic

Kagome is the Northern Land's Heiress. With that come responsibility, like mating with a Taiyoukai son. But as she says Hell will freeze over be for I say I love you. Will she still say that later on?

Two Sides: Inuyasha Fanfic

There is someone that wants Kagome. Neither she nor the group know who. Is it the one she loves? Or something more sinister?

I'M WHAT!!: Naruto Fanfic

Something Happens no one can help it. Kyuubi? May have something to do with it. When doesn't he..lol.yaoi NaruxSasu

Blood, Power and Betrayal: Inuyasha Fanfic

Blood, Power and Betrayal. Three ways for an Empire to be formed or be destroyed. Nuraku's Empire is starting to form. Will the gang be able to stop him? Will Sesshomaru find a power that could help them out in the final battle and the one in his heart?

This would really help out for which stories to continue or not.

Love ya'll!