Iron Knight

I failed.

I screwed up.

I'm a failure.

I'm no knight.

I'm just washed up.

I failed to protect Hayate. She ended up getting hurt by the Book of Darkness. It nearly destroyed her when it took over her body and used her as a weapon. She almost lost her soul to it.

I failed to protect Nanoha. I just turned my back for just a moment at that moment she had dropper her guard, and look where it ended up sending her; to a hospital, where she spent almost a year trying to recover.

And now here I failed. I screwed up. I couldn't destroy the engine.

And here I am now, lying on the very deck I had leapt off of to take on that damn engine. What's left of Graf Eisen isn't too far, but what's the point of picking him up now? I'm all out of cartridges, and we're all out of strength to even get up and try again. I don't even know if he could even reform his Destructor form again.

As a knight, I had sworn to protect Hayate. We had also sword to protect her friends; much good that oath did for me. I failed, three times now. I couldn't bring down the engine to let them stop this thing. I couldn't protect Hayate. I couldn't protect Nanoha. I couldn't protect anyone.

I'm a failure.

"Meine Entschuldigungen." Graf Eisen? You don't need to apologize. I'm the one who should be worry. I broke you.

What's that cracking noise?

It's…it's the engine! We, we did it! We did it Eisen!

"Ja. Mission vollendete."

Yeah. "Mission completed."

After all: We are Vita the Iron and the Iron Count Graf Eisen. Together, we can break anything.

I only have two regrets: I couldn't help out Nanoha, and I couldn't see Hayate one last time.