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Their movement was poetry. Beauty incarnated as motion.

Although their styles differed drastically, any observer would be swift to note that they worked as a team.

He had the build and style of a street brawler. Tall, highly muscled, handsome in his own rough way.

She turned and leapt like a ballerina, all grace and fluidity. She was tiny, perhaps a third of his size, but she dealt as many effective blows as he did. It was her genuine and joyful smile that truly caught the eye.

All adversaries flew aside as they passed, negated swiftly by a strike from one or the other of the pair.

It was the sort of scene you expected to see played out on a Vid screen, carefully choreographed to the last camera angle. Perhaps it would even be slowed down so you could appreciate the striking detail.

The hypothetical observer might notice they never touched. They seldom even glanced at one another. They were sure, certain, one hundred percent and without a doubt, that no danger approached that the other could not thwart before it reached them.

They were partners.

They reached their companions at the center of the maelstrom, near the bar.

The ire of the mob kindled against them as they assisted the browncoats who'd triggered the whole mess.

"Lets go." The big one said.

The four fought their way to the door.

The larger group lost some of the tightness of the duo, but it was clear they all knew to rely on one another.

As they exited the pub, the two stood for a moment in the doorway, dealing mayhem on those still inside.

In a calm second, their eyes met and he answered her broad grin with a smile of his own.

It was one of those mind boggling, earth shattering moments. The kind of moment that doesn't pass, but rather lingers on in the things it changes.

She gasped at the heat in his eyes and let another kick fly without releasing his gaze.

"Lets go." She repeated.

They backed out the door and met their laughing friends who were already a block down the street.

"What was that all about?" The big man asked, flexing his bruised hands.

"Unification day." His petite partner replied, still smiling up at him.

"Gorramit." He looked over at their companions. "Why don't people tell me these things?"