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I couldn't suppress the shiver that ran down my spine as the silky soft cloth slipped over my body. As I looked in the mirror, even I could tell that I looked beautiful in the dress. I looked everything that a bride should look: pristine, gorgeous, pure, and innocent. I lacked only one thing: happiness.

It was all I could do to stop the tears from welling up in my eyes as I stared at the mirror. This was not how I had pictured it would be like when I was picking out my wedding dress. I had expected all my friends to be here. They would all fawn over the beautiful silks, and I would try on a million different dresses until I found the one that was just right. One that would look magnificent as I walked up to the alter…up to Naruto.

But that wasn't how it was. My friends weren't here. They were off in the village, avoiding me because they were tired of seeing me cry. They weren't fawning over silks. They couldn't care less what I wore, because most of them wouldn't even be there. I hadn't tried on a million different wedding dresses. This was the first one, and would be the only one. And I wouldn't be walking up to Naruto. I would be walking up to Hyuuga Neji.

It was obviously not my decision, and it wasn't Neji's either. It was my father's, Hyuuga Hiashi's, as well the counsel's. We were to be wed on March 10th, two months from now. It had been decided, exactly one month ago. It came as a shock, but when I thought about, not much of a surprise. I guess I had always known that I would get an arranged marriage. The counsel wanted to keep the secrets of the byakugan within the family. Naruto was not a Hyuuga.

Of course, they had other reasons for marrying me off to Neji. Everybody knew that I don't have what it takes to rule the most prestigious and cut throat clan in Konoha; Neji did. Since I was the heir, and he was my husband, he would rule. He was also the wisest decision for children, after all, the bloodline ran strongest in him.

The counsel made me sick. My nii-san was not some dog to breed to produce ideal pups. He was not without emotion, and he was not their property. I wasn't the only one that was being forced to abandon the one I loved. He was leaving Tenten. And even though I knew it was wrong, I blamed myself for Neji's pain. He loved Tenten, and his love was reciprocated, but I had to take him away from her. Not only did that kill Neji, but now I had lost Tenten as well. A girl that I had always looked up to as an older sister.

Neji and I had different ways of dealing with the pain. I locked myself in my room for two weeks, never coming out and never eating. I was thin and sickly by the time I was finally dragged out of my room, and forcefully looked after. I had cried the entire time, and it seemed that my eyes were be permanently red and puffy. Neji had trained. He pushed himself beyond his limits and was even hospitalized. He wore bandages around his forearms and knuckles; it was to hide the scars he had inflicted upon himself. Sometimes I cried just for him.

Hanabi was the one that had dragged me out of my room. I loved Hanabi, and it pained me that we could never be was close as sisters were supposed to be. We were always rivals, even though we would never admit it to each other. It was this rivalry to be the ruler of our clan, that drove us apart. But this ordeal had, amazingly, brought us closer together. Hanabi had practically ordered that I stop moping about and start acting like the ruler I was going to be. It was tough, sisterly love, but it did the trick. For that, I thank Hanabi.

And so I had started acting like a ruler; I held my head high and never showed anyone the pain I was going through. But even if it was almost completely hidden from someone on the outside looking in, it was still there. If anyone had taken the time to look deep into my eyes, I think that they would see the unbearable grief and emotional agony I faced. Something I feared could never be fixed.

"Onee-chan," Hanabi's voice brought me out of my painful reveries. "You can take the dress off now. The tailor is done, we've decided that this is one we're going with." I nodded my head silently, and slipped the smooth dress off. The 'we', that Hanabi had spoken of were a few of the ladies from the counsel. They all stood erect, and always had superior looks on their faces. There were premature wrinkle from all their constant frowning, and their lips were always pursed. I hoped that that would not be Hanabi in twenty years, and I prayed that it would not be me.

"Onee-chan, you're awfully spacey today," Hanabi pointed out to me. A ghost of a smile drifted across my lips as I looked at my younger sister. I wondered how I could ever think that she would become like these stiffs. She was quick-tongued and feisty. She had grown into herself, and she was now one of the most sought after girls in Konoha. She had milky skin, and light lavender eyes. She had full lips, and the perfect figure. She was more beautiful than I had been, or ever would be.

"G-gomen N-nasai," I apologized. I had gotten over stuttering long ago, but when they had announced the wedding, it had come back. Hanabi had tried to make me get rid of it. And I had tried to get over it. But I think this time, it was here to stay. "I- I'm just a l-little t-t-tired."

"Well, that's okay," Hanabi shrugged. "We're heading home now, you can take a nap before we go look at flowers, at the Yamanaka store. You're friends with Ino aren't you?"

"A-ano," I bit my finger nervously. I used to be friends with Ino, but since this whole wedding catastrophe she had turned on me in favor of Tenten. "P-please Hanabi-chan, c-can you t-take care o-of th-that f-for me?"

"Are you sure Hinata-nee-chan," Hanabi frowned. "They're for your wedding, what if I pick out ones that you don't like. Flowers make up half the wedding, that have to be perfect. They're really important."

"I-I t-trust your j-judgment, H-Hanabi-chan," I assured her. I really just wanted to get home. I would take a nice long, hot bath. With my lavender scented shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Obviously, I like the scent of lavender. Really though, I think it suits me.

"Alright," Hanabi sighed, giving in. "It's your fault if you don't like them. So don't blame me if they're not perfect."

"H-Hanabi-chan," I murmured softly. "T-this w-wedding is not g-going t-to be p-perfect anyway." Hanabi just nodded solemnly. I gave her a small smile, then turned to my coat. I still wear a big puffy coat that does absolutely nothing to show off my figure, but I really don't care. It's a different one because my last one was getting small, especially around the chest area.

Me and my sister both nodded politely to the counsel women and made our way out of the shop. The chilly wind blew my long hair around and nipped at my cheeks. I wrapped my warm puffy jacket closer to myself and we walked swiftly down the road.

There were people rushing past us with their jackets all tightly held to them as they tried to get somewhere warm. We were lucky because the Hyuuga manor was rather close. We quickly swept in and closed the door behind us.

The manor was drafty, but it was warmer. Hanabi quickly shed her coat, but I kept my on. It was like my security blanket, and I needed as much security as I could get in this house. Hanabi asked if I was going to be eating lunch with her, but I shook my head and scurried off to my room, locking the door securely behind me. I always locked my door, I think it makes me feel safe. Safe from my own family.

I sighed as I took a fluffy purple towel and stepped into the bathroom adjoined to my room. Yes, I do like purple, and lavender. I shed my clothes, and stepped towards the bathtub, which was steadily filling with steaming water. Before I made it though, I caught sight of myself in the mirror.

I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest. I hated myself. I had been getting better at that, at believing in myself. But recently, I had gotten depressed. I hated how I looked. I just

wasn't…pretty. Poor Neji, having to marry me. It was no wonder Naruto always liked Sakura better; she was so beautiful.

I tore my eyes away from my disappointing reflection and sunk deep into the warm bath. I sighed contentedly as the water flowed around my skin. I reached over and took a handful of purple lavender scented bath sand and spread it into the water, making the bath and myself smell nice. I sighed and closed my eyes.

I awoke to the sound of someone knocking gently on my door. I had always been a light sleeper. I quickly came out of the bath, and hurriedly wrapped my towel around me. I searched franticly for a robe, but I had none handy!

"Umm," I but my lip. "C-can you p-please wait a s-second. I-I need t-to get d-dressed."

"Hinata, I'm not very patient right now, please just open the door," I froze as I recognized the voice of Neji. My lower lip trembled. What was I going to do? "Hinata." Neji's warned, his voice was commanding and I cringed. He obviously wasn't in a good mood. Then again, he hadn't been recently. I guess this is what not having Tenten does to him.

"B-b-but Neji-nii-san…"

Within seconds the door was opened. Neji knew how to pick my lock. I hugged the towel tightly to myself. This was horridly improper. "W-w-what i-is it?" I was stuttering even more than usual thanks to my embarrassment. I felt my cheeks grow very warm.

"Relax, Hinata-sama," Neji said. "We're going to be married, it's not like I won't see what what's under that towel then anyway." My lip trembled again. Did he have to be so horribly blunt? I…I had never even given any thought of what my wedding night would be like. I shivered. "Hinata-sama."

Neji was holding out a ring to me. It was lying serenely in the palm of his big hand. The ring was a simple white gold band it was completely unadorned by stones. I took it from him and slipped it onto my ring finger. It fit perfectly, I barely noticed it was there. I looked questioningly at Neji.

"It's the engagement ring," he replied stoically. "You're to wear it on your mission. Hiashi-sama demands it."

"M-my mission," my brow furrowed in confusion. "W-what m-mission?"

"Tsunade sent for you," Neji explained. "I suppose the maid didn't tell you. Anyway, you had best get dressed and report to her immediately. I'll be seeing you later Hinata-sama." With that, the man left, closing and relocking the door behind him.

I sighed. That had been so embarrassing, and the thought of sleeping with Neji….sent horrible shivers down my spine. I wasn't that I didn't love Neji, or found him ugly. I did love Neji, but not like that, though even I could tell he was desirable. But he wasn't Naruto, and there was no possible way he ever could be.

Anyway, I knew I should be getting ready to go see Tsunade. I wondered why she would give me a mission, what with the wedding coming so soon and all. I supposed it would keep my mind off of it. Perhaps that was the whole point of it. Either way I was grateful. Yet I would be lying if I were to say that there wasn't the tiniest part of me that wished that maybe…I could die. I could die honorably on a mission, and then I wouldn't have to go through with this wedding.

I shook my head, trying to rid it of such horrible and weak thoughts. I'm a ninja, I should be able to face my duties head on, not run away like a coward. I should be calm and collected and now allow my heart to get in the way of what must be done.

With those strong and determined thoughts in my head, and opened my door and strode purposely out of it. My Hokage was going to give me a mission and I would complete it and then I would come back and rule my clan.

I was glad that my resolve was still intact when I reached the Hokage's office. I knocked on the door, and when I heard Tsunade tell me to come in, I walked in with a set jaw. Shizune and Tonton seemed to notice the slight change in me because they both looked up at my quizzically. Tsunade, of course, didn't because she was so busy. I didn't really understand why Naruto would want this job. After all, it was do much paper work and I don't know how Naruto would do.

"Tsunade-sama," I addressed her politely. "Neji-nii-san told me you had requested me."

"Ah yes, Hinata please sit," the large busted Hokage motioned to a seat for me. I took it, and waited patiently for her to continue. "Hinata," she began, folding her hands on her desks and looking at me in a way where I could swear that she was seeing right through me. It almost made me cringe…almost. "How has this…wedding, taken it's toll on you."

"I h-hate it, and I wished m-me and Neji-nii-san d-didn't have to g-go through with it," I answered honestly. "But," I continued, with a deep breath. "I r-realize that this is n-not our d-decision to m-make. This is for the b-best for the Hyuuga c-clan, and that clan will s-soon be m-mine. As heiress, I don't h-have the luxury of m-marrying for love."

"That is a very mature approach to this," Tsunade said quietly, smiling sadly. I nodded solemnly, it was what I had told myself millions of times. That it was for the best, and as the heiress it is something that must be done. I would be able to accept it with time, I would be able to live and love Neji-nii-san, even if it wasn't what I had always wanted. But some small part of me knew, that this couldn't go on, I wouldn't be able to make it. I just wasn't strong enough.

"Hinata-chan," I was suddenly pulled out of my melancholy by the Hokage's slightly obnoxious voice. "Are you sure you're quite all right?" She put her hand to my forehead, checking for my temperature.

"G-gomen N-nasai, Tsunade-sama," I assured her hurridly. "I-I was just th-thinking."

"Well, I've got something else for you think of now," Tsunade said proudly. She stood up with her hands firmly planted on the desk, looking down at me. I looked up at her questioningly. "I'm sending you on a mission, and guess what- it's A-ranked, and you'll be doing it all on your own."

She grinned at me, obviously proud of herself.

"R-really," I asked, excitedly. An A-ranked mission, all by myself. It would be the highest ranking mission I had ever been on all by myself, even as a chunin. I opened my mouth to ask questions about the mission, but I couldn't get them all out fast enough, they were all shoving to be first. Overwhelmed, I simply closed it again. Tsunade grinned.

"Alright, let me give you the details," Tsunade began, sitting back down on her chair. "It's going to take about two weeks, tops. Six days to get there, two days to deliver and the scroll and rest up, and then six days to come back. Now, when I say there I mean a town in the far reaches of the Lightening Country." My eyes widened a bit. That was very far away, and it was known that it was also rather dangerous. "You are to be delivering a scroll to a man named Hikaru Hirakai. The scroll is very important, but you do not need to know what is in it. Not yet. Now, we have reason to believe that the Akatsuki has an interest in this scroll. Which is the reason for it being A-ranked."

I blanched. The Akatsuki!?! What was she talking about the Akatsuki?

"Look," Tsunade said quickly. "There are going to be many decoys sent out, so it's not like they will all be converging on you." I breathed easier at that thought, but it was still nerve racking, yet exciting. "Do you think you can do this, Hinata?"

"H-hai," I replied. I could do this. I was going t be married to my cousin and rule the most prestigious clan in Konoha, I could definitely do this mission. It would prove my strength, not only to everyone else, but to myself as well. "I-I will d-do this, Hokage-sama."

"Good," Tsunade smiled happily. "You leave in two hours. Here is the scroll, be very careful." I nodded and took the scroll. It was simple, and I saw no reason why it would be of any importance. No matter, it was, and that was all that I needed to know. So, I got up and swiftly left the office, bowing respectfully as I left.

I was so excited to have a mission. I hadn't had one in months, and never anything of this difficulty level. I successfully kept my mind off of the wedding that was looming over my head.

After leaving the Hokage's office, I had stopped by to tell my father, as well as Neji-nii-san where I was going and what not. They hadn't exactly been overjoyed, but they didn't have a say in the matter. They simply nodded and told me to be careful and that I should hurry back. I told them I would, but truth be told, I really didn't want to come back until it was completely necessary.

Now I was bustling about my room, arranging things I was taking on my mission neatly in my bag, and strapping the necessary weapons into my bag. Within an hour, everything was set, and I was ready to go. I decided to stop by Ichiraku before I left. I hoped to see Naruto there. Even though I was going to be married, I still had a major crush on him. It made it all the worse to be marrying Neji, when I realized…..that he may be starting to return my feelings.

I flung my bag over my shoulders, and launched myself out of my bedroom window. The counsel would say that that was improper for a lady, and even more so for the heiress, but they didn't need to know. I hated walking through the large compound. They all stared at me.

I walked along the side of the road, demurely, like always. I nodded and offered a few nods and greetings to those I know, but nothing major. Soon, I was at Ichiraku's. I felt my cheeks grow hot and I saw the tall, handsome blonde consuming ramen at an amazing pace. Already there were piles of bowls building around him.

I took a deep and calming breath as I walked up to the ramen stand. I sat down next to Naruto and ordered a small ramen.

"Hey, Hinata-chan" Naruto greeted me exuberantly. I smiled timidly at him.

"H-hello, Naruto-kun," I replied. Naruto grinned at me and inhaled more of his ramen. I ate mine at a slower rate.

"Oi, you two having ramen without me," I jumped slightly at the loud voice. I turned to see Sakura striding towards us with a big grin on her face. I was jealous of Sakura's strength and beauty, but she was my best friend. Even through this whole marriage thing she was still by my side. I smiled at her.

"Hello, S-Sakura-chan," Naruto and I said at the same time. Of course he said it without the stutter. We glanced at each other and blushed.

"You know I'm glad your out and about Hinata-chan," Sakura said seriously as she sat down next to me. "We've been really worried about you, you know." I cocked my head at her as I sucked in a noodle.

"W-who's we?"

"Me and Sakura of course," Naruto replied loudly. He had seemed to have momentarily forgotten his ramen as he stared at me intensely. I blushed and ducked my head at my crush's gaze. "And Kiba and Shino and all them. I mean ever since you had to marry that bastard Neji-"

"Neji-nii-san is not a bastard," I snapped at him, surprising myself and him, as well as Sakura. I had always been a little protective of my older cousin. "I m-mean it's n-not like I w-want t-to marry- h-him. B-but he's a g-good m-man."

"Sure, whatever," Naruto scowled. I thought that maybe, I detected hint of jealously….

"But still," Sakura continued, trying to smooth the tension over. "You have been acting depressed, and not just slightly. Like really, seriously, suicidal depressed. I mean, do you have anything to take your mind off of your….umm… predicament?"

"I'm f-fine S-Sakura-chan," I was lying through my teeth, but I didn't want them to worry. I was horrible, and I knew it, I was depressed. But I would never commit suicide. Not because I didn't want to die. Sometimes I wished there was some tragic accident and I died, just to get away from it all. But I would never kill myself, that was a sign of weakness. "And a-actually, I'm h-heading on a m-mission right n-now."

"Really, Hinata-chan," Naruto asked happily. "That's great. Be careful though, I mean it. I don't know what I'd do with out you." Sakura nodded her agreement vigorously.

I was suddenly over come with emotion. I launched myself at both of them and enveloped them in the biggest hug my slight body could muster. I could tell they were both in shock. I never acted like this, but I really meant it.

"Thank-you b-both so much," I said. "I'm so l-lucky to have you g-guys. I love y-you b-both."

"We love you too, Hinata-chan," Naruto replied, squeezing me in his big hug. Sakura agreed. I pulled away and smiled at them, almost getting teary eyed. I was just so glad to have such great friends.

"I b-better g-go," I said, and paid for my ramen, and then and left. Waving back at them.

I was still thinking about my friends as I tree hopped through the forest, towards the lightening country. Of course, it was just light thinking, as I was more focused on my footing and whether there were other ninja around.

I had made good progress, but it was getting late. I surveyed my surroundings with my byakugan, and found a nice clearing. I hopped into it and looked around. I nodded my head approvingly and busied myself setting up defensive traps. I patted the pouch on my hip that the scroll sat in.

When I was done setting up my camp and poked a fire into existence and cooked some instant ramen. It worked really well on missions. As I waited, I hummed a sad little song. I sighed. I used to hum and sing happy songs, but I never could anymore. I tried, but it never worked. So I just hummed my lilting songs. All of them in the minor mode.

I ate in silence as I debated about whether or not to sleep. I figured it would be safe, as I still near to Konoha, and it was still rather secure. So I unrolled my bedding, and fell into a restless sleep.

I woke up startled, but not entirely sure what had woken me up. I heard the snap of a twig and I was up, kunai in hand, byakugan activated, in a defensive stance. I heard a hissing, cruel laughed echo around me. It made my skin crawl and my hair stand on end.

"W-who's th-there," I cursed myself for stuttering, for showing my weakness.

"My, my, aren't you a little….delicate," I voice hissed in my ear from behind. I spun around quickly, to come face to face with a young man, not six inches away from me. I hastily backed away, from him. He was much to close for comfort. But before I could put comfortable distance between him and I, he had grabbed in my elbow with lightening speed. I froze, as a kunai was suddenly at my throat. "to be wandering around the forest? And much too young to play with knives."

Before I could react, my kunai clattered to the ground. I suddenly lashed out, but her grabbed my arm and twisted it back behind my back, and gasped at the sudden pain. "L-let m-me go, y-you-."

"You really don't know who I am do you," said that horribly silky voice in my ear. I gulped and shook my head just slightly. He chuckled sadistically as he trailed his tongue up my cheek. "I am Uchiha Itachi."

My blood ran cold. My fate was sealed. I was at the mercy of the merciless Uchiha Itachi. I trembled. "And you have something I want."

My eyes widened, and then closed, and he hit the back of my head. I collapsed, out cold on the hard ground.

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