The meeting was about to begin. The head director of the CIA stood in front of the room, motioning for the people inside the meeting room to quiet down. The head director, Uchiha Sasuke, began speaking. "As we all know, Deidara bang Laden is number three on our most wanted list. Since he went into hiding, there have been no traces as to where he has gone, except a trail of bombings that proved to be of no help, whatsoever. But today, we have a lead. Yamanaka-san, will you please come forward?"

Hozuki Suigetsu, who had been doodling on the table, looked up when he heard they had a live lead. A beautiful blonde stepped out from behind Sasuke, looking very nervous and scared. He couldn't blame her. If Deidara found out she was working against him, bad things would happen to her. Very bad things.

"This is Yamanaka Ino. She has agreed to help us find Deidara bang Laden. Her relationship with him is ex mistress. Obviously, her life is in danger, so she'll need to be under disguise and she'll need maximum security. She has agreed to accompany two of our agents to one of bin Laden's hideout. Any questions?" Murmurings rose throughout the room once more. This was the Yamanaka Ino, Deidara's number one mistress. Hollywood had already made at least ten movies about their relationship. A redhead raised her hand. "Yes, Karin?"

"Who'll be accompanying her?"

"Funny that you ask that. You will be paired up with Hozuki Suigetsu for this mission."

"WHAT?!" exclaimed Karin and Suigetsu in unison, both standing up.

"Is there a problem?" asked the Uchiha calmly.

"But, Sasuke," began Karin, "shouldn't we get a more competent agent to do the job?" She had known the Uchiha for quite a while, and they were on first name basis.

"I agree, I mean Karin surely isn't capable of a job as big as this," concurred Suigetsu.

"I wasn't talking about myself," said Karin through gritted teeth. No matter how long she had been working with that man, she would never be able to get used to his asshole manner.

"Oh, really, now?" feigned Suigetsu in surprise.

"Enough," silenced Sasuke. "You two will work together to ensure the safety of Yamanaka-san and trace the whereabouts of Deidara bang Laden. Finding his location can help us discover more about the Akatsuki terrorist group. The last, and only, person we caught proved to be useless. The only thing we got out of Sasori was the Leader's name before he committed suicide. Do not fail this agency."

Reluctantly, the two both said, "Hai."

After filling the others with more information about Yamanaka Ino and trying to figure out who kept pigging out on the doughnuts in the lounge, the meeting was adjourned.

Karin walked out with Agent Tenten. "So a mission with that asshole, eh? Lucky you." Tenten laughed at the redhead's misfortune.

"God, I can't stand him! What was Sasuke thinking when he put us together?!" She clenched her fist as the two made their way into the cafeteria.

"Well, you two are the best agents this place has. Plus, you have experience in working with him when you guys were rookies." Tenten and Karin grabbed trays, making their way to the lunch line.

"Yeah, but Juugo worked with us too, and he's just as good. Seriously, I hate Juugo and all, but I'd rather have him than Suigetsu." She grabbed an apple, and something that resembled lasagna. It didn't matter if the CIA was one of the most important agencies in the country; the food still sucked if you were cheap enough to eat in the refectory.

"But you know how Juugo is. He's all schizophrenic, so it's just better if he stays here and helps with the training," replied Tenten. She grabbed an orange and some wilted salad. At least when Jiraiya was head director, they got some decent food.

Looking for a table, Tenten spotted Hyuuga Neji and Rock Lee. The two sat down with them. "So you're on that bang Laden case?" asked Neji to Karin.

"Yeah," replied Karin.

"Good luck with not getting killed." The Hyuuga smirked.

"He's just jealous that he wasn't chosen," said Tenten.

"Just believe in the power of youth! It will guide you through! Yosh!" motivated Lee.

"Gee, thanks…" said Karin. These people wanted to do the mission, why couldn't any of them be paired up with her? She felt something hit the back of her head. Turning around, she saw the agency's two biggest goofballs, Inuzuka Kiba and Uzumaki Naruto, snickering along with Suigetsu. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" yelled Karin across the cafeteria.

"Wasn't us," said Kiba innocently.

"Yeah, we were just trying to throw our trash away and your big head got in the way," said Naruto. Suigetsu fell out of his seat laughing.

That was it. Karin got up and walked over to their table, ready to pound them to a pulp so bloody, it made Clifford the Big Red Dog look white. However, just when she reached their table, with both of her fists raised and Naruto and Kiba cowering in fear, an announcement was made by Sasuke: "Hozuki Suigetsu and Karin, report to my office, now."

Immediately, the two got up and began walking off, leaving Kiba and Naruto looking quite relieved. "Yo, Karin!" yelled Kiba. "I didn't know you were Hozuki Karin now!" Naruto and Kiba began howling with laughter.

Karin shot them daggers and when she turned to go back to finish her job, Suigetsu grabbed her wrist. "Not now. You know how Sasuke gets when we're late."

She knew quite well enough. Once, he threw a cell phone at her head. She flicked her wrist from out of his hand. "You're an asshole, you know that."
"Eh? Geezes, I didn't even do anything today, and I get called a mean nasty boo-boo name," he said in a childish voice.

"Just shut up."

They had reached Sasuke's office. Without knocking, Suigetsu opened the door and walked in. "You called?"

"Had a nice lunch?"

"Not like I had any time to eat."

"Yes, well, this is more important," said Sasuke brusquely. "I want you two to get to know Yamanaka-san. It's important to know each others' habits in order to arouse as little suspicion as possible."

Karin examined the girl. She hadn't even noticed that Ino was standing in the room. The blonde had really long hair that reached down her back. Her nose was long and her cheekbones high like her brow bone. Complimenting her fair skin were turquoise blue eyes and light pink lips. She mentally rolled her eyes. A typical Pseudostan beauty.

Suigetsu looked at her with interest. Her chest wasn't above average, but she wasn't really flat. It went well with her slender body, but he thought she looked a bit too delicate. It didn't matter though. She was single after all.

"What do you want us to do with her?" asked Suigetsu.

"I don't know…go out for lunch or something," said Sasuke, unhelpfully.

"Don't we have work?" interjected Karin.

"This is your job. Here, just get to know her or something." He reached into his pocket and threw a large bundle of bills at Suigetsu.

Catching it, he let out a low whistle. "You don't expect to get change back, do you?"

Sasuke sighed exasperatedly. "Just…go…but don't leave the area."

"The tenth floor it is," said Suigetsu. "Come, Yamanaka-san." He opened the door and motioned for her to go through first.

She gave Sasuke a look. "It's alright. He won't bite." With that assurance, she went through. Before Karin could go, Suigetsu cut in front of her, smirking. She seethed inside.

There was an awkward silence as the elevator brought them down. The CIA building was underground and instead of going up, the elevator went down. Karin used the time to scrutinize the beauty a little more. From what she heard, Deidara was one of the richest men on the whole planet, and he never went anywhere without her. Why she would want to leave that was beyond her. Ino looked to be about nineteen or twenty, and files said Deidara was around thirty-four. Karin cringed at the fact of being handled by a man fourteen years older than her. But then again there wasn't much women wouldn't do for money.

The elevator dinged and the three left. This floor was where all of the classy agents went to eat. The food was better than any five star restaurant outside the place. There was a wide variety of different cuisines; the floor held at least twenty restaurants.

"Where to go…I never had a gourmet taco before…" murmured Suigetsu to himself.

"Hey, who said you were choosing?" expostulated Karin.

Suigetsu waved the bundle of cash in front of her. "See, when Sasuke threw this at me, he acknowledged my ability to pick the right place," he said haughtily. Karin grabbed the bundle out of his hands. "WHAT THE HELL?!" They began to bicker.

A big sigh came from the blonde. They had forgotten about her for a second. She didn't look too happy.

"Um, Yamanaka-san?" Suigetsu turned towards her after quickly swiping back the money. "What would you like to eat?"

Because she was so quiet, Suigetsu and Karin would have guessed for her to be soft spoken, but instead, her voice had the element of authority and confidence behind every word that fell from her lips. "Tea would be fine. I'd prefer Longjing tea, but I suppose you wouldn't have that here." She let her eyes roam the room in distaste. It was obvious she was used to better treatment.

Ugh, thought Karin to herself. The woman's arrogance had decided to show itself.

"Um, that's Chinese right? I think we might have it…" After much asking, they found themselves in a Chinese restaurant.

Having already seated and ordered their food, they sat again once in silence. A question that had been gnawing at Karin finally crawled out: "So why are you helping us?"

The other two looked up at her in surprise. "What do you mean?" asked Ino, still staring at her.

"I mean, you basically had everything with him, right? Unimaginable riches and slaves pampering you…" She remembered the account of the place that Haruno Sakura had given about Yamanaka Ino's life with Deidara. Haruno Sakura had once been one of Deidara's mistresses, but she ran away when she fell in love with a movie producer. She accounted that almost all of the other mistresses were beaten while Ino lived the life of luxury, sometimes even carrying out the orders to punish the other women.

"I was a slave myself. I tire of being just an object to be used up. I'm not going to just wait around to be thrown out as soon as he's done having his fun." The food had been brought out, but Ino was only having the tea. The waiter poured her a cup and she took it delicately in her hand, careful to turn the cup three times around before taking a sip.

"But accounts from previous mistresses say you're his favorite, that he doesn't go anywhere without you," contradicted Karin. She picked up her chopsticks, beginning to eat her food.

"And you trust these accounts? I believe Haruno Sakura is one of them. I've read what reporters have written, and most of what she says is exaggerated. It's true that we get all we would want, but our freedom is taken in exchange for it. I'm not singled out for being punished. Deidara can be ruthless in his wrath." She took another sip of the aromatic tea.

"So…you need a man to treat you life, isn't that right?" asked Suigetsu, jumping into the conversation. He grabbed her hand and stared into her eyes.

Ino blinked at him.

"Ignore him, he's just being an idiot," explained Karin with an exasperated sigh. "So you're risking your life to give us an attempt at capturing him?"

"I want justice to be brought down upon him," she said simply.

"I totally agree," began Suigetsu. "The way he treats you! As if you were only put on earth to do bed business!" Ino looked at him as if she saw him for the first time.

"That's what a mistress is…" said Karin.

"Yeah, but you know, she's a human being, too. Sex is great and all, but even I get tired of it."

"You act as if you're a sex god put onto earth."

"Heh, well you should ask Tenten for her opinion—" A fist went across Suigetsu's face. "SHIT, WOMAN!" He rubbed his face furiously at where she had punched him.

"You vulgar bastard! Talking about that stuff in public!"

Ino watched with mild interest. "The women here get so much autonomy. To have one strike a man…she would be locked up back in Pseudostan."

"Too bad we're not in Pseudostan…" muttered Suigetsu.

"What was that?" Karin asked threateningly.

"Violence and aggressiveness is so unbecoming in a lady. But I suppose you can't help it…your crimson hair reveals your true nature," remarked Ino.

"Just because my hair's red—It's-it's not red! It's auburn! But that doesn't mean—you can't just assume—" sputtered Karin

"A tragedy that she also has a speech impediment," said Ino. Suigetsu smirked. He was beginning to like her more and more. "It seems as if you two are both done eating. Shall we leave?" She gracefully got up from her seat.

"Let's," agreed Suigetsu, also getting up. Karin shot angry looks behind their backs, but tagged along behind them. Her blood boiled as she watched the two engage in conversation, enjoying themselves as she watched.

It didn't matter. She wasn't here to make friends. This was just all strictly business.

"And yeah, I was like, 'Get out of my house, you cheating hoe!'" said Suigetsu, telling Ino a story about some past girlfriend.

"A woman cheating…how disgraceful," said Ino, shaking her head. The three were heading towards Sasuke's office.

"I know! And the next day, I find out her lover had left her. I was like, serves you right, bitch!" he exclaimed. Ino giggled at his profanity.

Karin rolled her eyes at them as she went into Sasuke's office. "We're back," sighed Karin.

"Had a productive afternoon, I hope?" asked Sasuke, sitting in his chintz armchair.

"Yeah, I learned tons about Yamanaka-san," grinned Suigetsu.

"I'm glad you grabbed the whole point of this," replied Sasuke. "We'll need to prepare Yamanaka-san's disguise. It would be best if we cut and dyed her hair. Also—"

"I'm sorry to interrupt, Uchiha-san, but I cannot permit you to cut my hair." Karin shot her a look. Of course, a girl like her was too vain to depart with her beloved locks.

"And why is that?" asked Sasuke with impatience in his voice.

"It will mean a sign of lost purity."

"You're a mistress for goodness sake!" cried out Karin.

"I cannot help this organization if my mind is in pieces over despair. From what I've gathered, the CIA is more desperate than it leads on."

"Sasuke, can I talk to you for a minute?" asked Karin, pulling him away from Suigetsu and Ino.

"What is it?" The man looked frustrated.

"She's just a whore!" hissed Karin. "Her safety lies in our hands now!"

He shook his head. "She's right. We are desperate and she's not just a whore. She's the whore. Deidara's whore, for that matter, and she probably knows a lot more than he thinks she does. We can't upset her now. This organization will have to move to Mt. Everest if it comes to that. People are getting frantic. They're afraid and without their support, we're nothing."

There were so many things she wanted to say, but she knew he was right. She just shook her head and they went back.

"I suppose we could just dye it…your hair's too long for a wig…but you're alright with wearing colored contacts, right?"

"Yes," consented the blonde.

"You'll need to wear more make up than usual. Our specialists will whip up a special foundation and eyeliner makes a big difference. You do know how to apply it right?"

She looked at him, appalled. "Do you underestimate me?"

"No, of course not," he said quickly. "We've already packed some articles of clothing. You three will pose as tourists in the country of Pseudostan. Suigetsu and Karin, a file has already been sent to your apartments with all of the information you'll need as well as other essentials. Understand?"

The two agents nodded their consent.