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Chapter 1: Screwed Up Family History

Dear Diary,

Hi. I'm Rose.

This is really, really weird for me. Meaning writing in a diary. I mean, man, I sound stupid, I'm not really used to sharing my feels with anyone, especially my dad and the school psychologist.

Obviously, I have no writing skill whatsoever.

Look, I'm just starting a diary because I'm bored, okay? Aunt Cathy sent me this from Gotham because she says living the way I do definitely results in needing somewhere to vent. Oh, she doesn't know the half of it.

I live in Jump City with my dad, Slade. Yes, the Slade who's tried to take over the city twice and is a one eyed world class freak.

But seriously, I didn't know he was my dad until about two years ago. Here's why:

My mom, Lily Worth, used to live in Cambodia. She was wrapped up in something illegal (that's the only way Slade would've ever met her) but she would never tell me what.

Anyway, some crime lord decided to send some thugs after her, so the crime lord she was working for (or something like that) thought Hey, I'll just get me a somebody who can beat up all them thugs? Hm . . .oh! How 'bout Deathstroke? He's a vicious one eyed world class freak mercenary. Lily'll be totally safe with him!

Or something like that. So my dad, then known as Deathstroke, got hired to protect my mom. Well, they were very attracted to each other, and living in close quarters . . .well, put two and two together and you get Rose Wilson. Not that Deathstroke knew, Mom never told him, or anybody else. She just ran away to NYC.

I can't even remember living in NYC because even though Slade didn't know about me his insane loser of a half-brother, the Ravager, did. So he decided to kill me and my mom. Which explains why we were always on the move. I've lived in Gotham, Chicago, Metropolis, Orlando, and just about everywhere else.

I was fourteen when Ravager finally killed Mom. We were living in the bad part of Seattle and were eating dinner when my dear uncle ran in and shot her. Mom had taught me martial arts stuff and I was a black belt in more fighting forms than normal for anybody, but I didn't even think of that. We had a gun in one of the drawers in the kitchen.

Slade had been tracking his brother and burst in a few seconds after the gunshot. He was too late, obviously.

The Ravager was already dead. What a lovely family reunion, huh?

This proves that just about everybody in my family is completely insane, including me. I'm just the only one who will admit it, even if only to myself and now I guess this diary.

Oh, except Aunt Cathy. Whenever Dad's "busy" I go stay with her in Gotham. It's hard to even imagine her as Dad's sister. First of all, she's five foot one, second, she's never done anything illegal, never even gotten a speeding ticket.

I was with Aunt Cathy last weekend because Dad had something to do with that tramp, Terra, who killed him before I met him. Sounds weird, but I met Slade about a month after the end of the world and he'd come back to life.

Told you my family's insane.

So, my big exciting adventure thing at the moment? Well, first of all Dad wants me to act as his partner in the field.

Yeah, no. I did some mercenary work last summer as Ravager, but I don't want to work with my Dad! How stupid is that?

Ok, I actually think it would be really cool, but if you tell anyone that I will hunt you down and burn you and bury your ashes in the Sahara desert. Great, I'm talking to a book. Now I'm really crazy.

Groan on paper, it's a training session. I think I'm the only girl in the world who's Dad hits her when he's not mad or drunk, but as part of her "education".

Well, bye, I guess.

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