"You are so evil," Cloud stated to Yuffie as he walked passed her. Yuffie just gave him a glance. "No exception even if you're having a cold."

Cloud sighed as he took his seat behind the table. Today, they were on a fan meeting session and autographing session. Cloud placed his head in his hands and closed his eyes. Zack turned to him, feeling sorry for the blonde.

Everyone knew Cloud was having a cold but Yuffie still wouldn't excuse him for this event. She said he could have his rest after the session ended.

"Okay, ready now? We're letting the fans in," the store manager announced and opened the door. As soon as the door opened, fans started to flooded in and it took 10 men to settle them down and form a line.

Cloud blew out his breath and tried to act normal despite not feeling well because he knew these people came from everywhere just to see them. The least he could do was appreciate them.


Vincent glanced to Cloud who seemed like he was going to pass out anytime even though he was trying his best to be nice to the fans. After the last one thanked him and walked away happily, Cloud dropped his head on the table.

"At last," he said under his breath.

At the door, some voices caught Vincent's ears and he looked over. The guard was speaking to a lady. Apparently the lady was late and the session was already over. Cid and Zack had already on their feet stretching while didn't move from his position.

Vincent recognized the lady's voice immediately. He smiled to himself. "Let her in," Vincent called out to the guard. Cid and Zack turned to him in confusion. When the lady entered the store, both of them gasped and didn't move as she walked in.

Vincent just nodded in acknowledgement and the lady motioned for them to remain quiet. She stopped right in front of Cloud.

"Cloud, she's the last one," Zack said after some time. Cloud just murmured something like, "I'm already asleep."

The lady smiled, "Can I have your autograph?"

Upon hearing her memorable voice, Cloud's head shot up and looked at her. The brunette just laughed a little at his reaction. "You're here?" he dumbly asked.

Tifa just looked around, "It seems like it."

"You don't seem well," she said then paused. "I've warned you yesterday," she added silently. Cloud just shrugged.

"Well, it can't be helped. I've already made a reservation," she said as she pulled him to stand up. Cloud almost stumbled. "Where are we going?" he asked but followed her.

"It's a secret. Guys, I'm borrowing him for this evening!" Tifa announced to the rest of the members and pulled Cloud out of the store. Zack waved, "Be nice and play safe!"

Tifa just smiled sweetly, "It's more than that!" she replied and closed the door behind her. Cloud didn't understand what was going on but he held her hand tightly, not caring where they were heading or why people were looking at them.

All he knew was somehow, things had worked out between the two of them and he wasn't going to repeat the same mistake again. Not now, not later.

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