Hey guys,

It's been a while, hasn't it? (Three years, actually.)

Recently I've been trawling through the Inheritance fandom (something that hasn't happened in a long while), and somehow I find myself being drawn back into this obsession with Eragon. My interest has for the most part, kindled by some new and totally awesome Eragon/Arya fics (which I've gone and added to my C2). To be honest, Paolini isn't that great of a writer (and even less adept at portraying realistic women) the plot is filled with holes, some of the characters are one dimensional… but there's something about this typical bildungsroman boy-turned-hero fic that still captures my imagination even after this time (maybe it's just the unresolved nature of his epic journey and his relationship with Arya).

As for the purpose of this little note (which I'm sure breaks some kind of ridiculous no-note-posting-as-chapter rule) - it's to do with my own writing. I intend to edit and upload the final chapter of Epic Romance. This may take a while - I just wanted to give people a heads up. The amount of reviews and PMs I've gotten through the years have convinced me to keep my promise in finishing it (even if there isn't much interest in it anymore). I owe it to myself and to all the dedicated readers of this fic. Hopefully I can make it a fitting conclusion, and something much better than the writing I've posted so far, as rereading this fic almost made me die laughing because it's so corny.

Cheers! Hope I'll be talking to some of you that I know from a while back when I was writing Inheritance soon.


(And a big hi-five to my 500th reviewer, ShinyCrobat!)