When they first saw each other it was nothing special, one of them noted that the other seemed too pretty and delicate for his profession and the other wished he could see the one's face; his eyes were hard to read, even though he himself hardly expressed emotion he liked to know what other people were feeling, it made them easier to predict.

The second time they saw each other was the first time Itachi actually saw his leader's face. It had been several years since Itachi had joined Akatsuki and the first time Pein had noticed how slender the Uchiha's wrists were, other than cataloguing for possible injuries, and the way that when he walked his entire body seemed to sway with the motion of his hips. It was in this meeting that Itachi noticed the first few idiosyncratic tendencies of the man who led Akatsuki, little twitches of annoyance, favored expressions. The former Konoha ninja wasn't sure what bothered him more about this, the fact that he had duly noted these minor facts but had mentally catalogued them as major incidences, or the fact that he had found expressions that he favored upon his leader's countenance a little more than was entirely professional.

The third time they saw each other was the first time Pein saw Itachi without the Akatsuki's signature cloak on. The powerful Ame-nin was glad he stood in the shadows that day. The way Itachi moved like a cat, bonelessly, soundlessly, throughout the Akatsuki's base, his sandals off, and his hair free of its tie, cascading around Itachi's face and shoulders, perfect ebony black, and going all the way down to his slender waist and softly curving hips. Pein was glad because the breathtaking beauty that was his youngest recruit stole his breath and any control he had over his expressions. All that day Itachi wondered why his commander sat in the shadows, but the Uchiha didn't mind, he realized he found the presence and feel of his leader's chakra comforting.

The fourth time they saw each other was the first time Pein noticed that Itachi didn't have any scars. The Uchiha was sitting on the floor of Akatsuki's living room when Pein walked through the door and froze at the sight before him; Itachi was shirtless, checking a bruise on his side from a minor injury he had sustained from an earlier mission. Itachi was completely distracted so he took the time to gape, the perfect-black of Itachi's hair was tamed into a loose ponytail that had been swept over his shoulder and cascaded down his chest like a night waterfall, pooling in his lap and making Pein realize that Itachi had absolutely no scars marring the perfection of his skin. Akatsuki's leader turned-tail and 'hastened' back to the other side of the hideout as quickly as was dignified.

The fifth time they saw each other was the first time Itachi learnt his leader's name. Itachi was in his commander's office, giving a report about various facts learnt during a reconnaissance mission to Kiri.

"And that's all we learned, Leader-sama." The stoic teen finished.



"My name is Pein." Pein heard himself say, shocked by his own actions.

Itachi just looked at his commander for a moment before nodding his head slightly,

"Hai, Leader-sama."

The sixth time they saw each other was the first time Pein had ever seen Itachi without his Sharingan activated. Itachi had been in the kitchen, taking advantage of the absence of most of the other members of Akatsuki by dipping into the dango stores, when Pein had again walked in. The Uchiha looked up at him from the plate of dango he was occupied with, and the leader had seen the darkest eyes on the face of the earth, Pein was instantly lost in their midnight depths, the inky black of his hair and eyes set off the absolute alabaster of his skin. During later reflection Pein would realize that, without the Sharingan, Itachi was a creature completely in black and white.

The seventh time they saw each other was their undoing.

Itachi was sitting on the floor near a rice-paper screen door that had been opened, letting in the cool breeze and displaying the overcast skies, wearing a black yutaka with his hair tied back into a low ponytail the Uchiha had just finished repainting his nails in the Akatsuki's standard shade of grape-purple when Pein strolled into the room. Akatsuki's leader had mistakenly believed that all his subordinates were out either on missions or vacations, until he walked into the living room, and seen Itachi, gorgeous, breath-stealing Itachi. Itachi, who was staring at him with those sin-dark eyes; Itachi, with those slender wrists, and feminine hips, and that perfect skin.

Itachi stood, he had no idea why but it seemed appropriate, and very suddenly Pein had crossed the room and pulled him into the most passionate kiss he had ever experienced, Pein, whose hands were roaming his body, driving him much deeper into insanity than he already was.

Clothes were shed and they explored each other's bodies ferverently, worshipfully, painfully at times, but gloriously in the next. When they had completely exhausted each other Pein held Itachi in his arms and reveled in the warmth radiated by the Uchiha, his Uchiha, watching the teen as he slept, dark hair falling around his head in a halo-like manner, free once again from the hair-tie, pale skin glowing un-earthily in the moonlight, the way Itachi's face relaxed in sleep, making the two lines under his eyes nearly non-existent.

Pein pulled Itachi closer to himself as the first true smile that had been upon his face for many years made itself evident, looking down upon this angel that had somehow fallen to earth, his angel.

Pein silently wondered it this is what true depravity felt like. Because desire will destroy your mind and twist your senses to see its fulfillment.

The End
Well, that was my attempt at a Pein x Itachi pairing. I wrote this in about two hours while listening to 'I've Got to See You Again' by Norah Jones. This is most definitely dedicated to TehGlompingKitsune45 for making me aware of the amazing possibilities of this pairing.

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