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Vicious stood there outside of Spike's hotel room for what seemed like an eternity, a disturbing smirk spread wide across his face. His heart beat rapidly as his hand closed around the doorknob and gingerly turned it. To his surprise, it easily swung open to allow him entry. He turned and noticed Spike's key card still sticking out of its slot. His smile broadened. Today was his lucky day. He snatched it up and walked inside, making sure to lock the door behind him so there would be to interruptions.

He looked around at the empty room. Spike's clothes lay strewn about the floor, and he heard the faint sound of running water coming from the bathroom.

This is going to be easier than I imagined…He thought, his smile still in place. He reached for the door handle and stopped. No, not yet. I need to wait just a little bit longer. But his throbbing erection was urging him forward, and the temptation was getting harder to resist. He retrieved the rope he had stashed under his coat and waited behind the door.

He didn't have to wait long. A few moments later, the shower turned off and Spike came walking out of the bathroom whistling. Vicious seized his opportunity and lunged at Spike, wrapping the rope about his neck and pushing him to the ground.

"Hey! What the hell…?" Spike grunted, grabbing at the rope around his neck with one hand while trying to elbow his attacker with the other. A shooting pain consumed his body as the gash on his shoulder tore open, leaving him defenseless long enough for Vicious to tie his hands behind he back so that they were connected to the rope around his neck. Spike winced as he was forced onto his back and he looked up at his attacker, his bindings digging into his skin.

"Vicious…" He snarled. Vicious was sitting on his stomach and looking down at him with a wicked smile.

"You don't look so happy to see me, Spike." He looked down at Spike's bare chest and bleeding shoulder, the way the rope dug beautifully into his flesh, aware that the rest of him lay exposed and he felt his heartbeat start to speed up.

"Why should I be? You came to finish me off, right?" Spike asked, a hint of a smile on his lips. It was that cocky smile again that Vicious hated so much. He punched Spike in the face and laughed victoriously as it disappeared.

"No, I didn't come here to kill you."

"Then what DID you come here for?" Spike asked, immediately regretting his words as Vicious answered.

"You." He said, bending over and licking the blood that was running down Spike's chin. Spike wriggled beneath his tongue, but the ropes were too tight and only dug further into him. Vicious almost shivered when the warm liquid hit his tongue, leaving a sweet taste in his mouth. When he sat back up Spike was looking at him with utter terror, just the way he liked it. "Just lay back and enjoy the ride."

Reaching over, Vicious grabbed a pack of cigarettes out of Spikes jacket pocket. He brought one to his lips and lit it, then offered it to Spike who sucked on it hungrily. Without warning, he took it back and smashed the red-hot ember out on Spike's left nipple. His face twisted in agony as he cried out in pain, his breath coming out in short huffs. He could feel his captor's arousal pulsing against his chest, even through the thick material of his pants. Vicious bit his lip as the sound of Spike's pain reached his ears.

Scream again, Spike. I have to hear you scream. He thought, pulling a dagger out for under his cloak.

He dragged the dagger across Spike's chest, watching as the gooseflesh spread across his skin. Then he did it again, digging in until he drew a fine line of blood. Spike winced and hissed as the dagger nicked his cheek. Vicious slid back and admired his handiwork. The sight of the crimson blood spilling out onto the tanned skin made his skin prickle. His erection got impossibly harder, and he growled in frustration. What was he doing wrong?

Suddenly, he thought of something he'd seen some of the soldier's do. He leaned in and placed his lips on Spike's mouth. The bounty hunter squirmed beneath him defiantly, but Vicious pressed harder against the surprisingly soft lips, forcing them apart and shoving his tongue inside.

He explored every inch of Spike's mouth he could reach. The taste was intoxicating, but unfortunately not the relief he required. Before he could retract himself, Spike's hips bucked up involuntarily, rubbing against his erection. Sensation shot up from his pelvis, even more pleasurable then the blood. He quickly sat up and stared at Spike, still a bit dazed from the sudden rush. His tongue was still tingling from the silkiness of Spike's mouth, and a sudden idea came to his head.

He fumbled with the buttons on his pants before finally getting them undone. Spike stared at him wide eyed as Vicious freed himself, trying to wrap his mind around the reality of what was happening. Before he could say anything, Vicious had forced his way into Spike's mouth.

Another wave of sensation swept through Vicious, so strong it blinded him for a moment and he paused until it passed. He slowly worked himself to the back of Spike's throat until he had filled him completely. He pulled away slightly, then pushed himself back in, going slowly until his body got used to this new experience. Then he began to go a little faster. It seemed that the faster he went, the more pleasure it brought him, until his strokes became quick thrusts and his steady pace became erratic.

Spike was gagging and trying to yell his protests around Vicious, but the vibrations only made him thrust further and harder into his throat. Tears of pain began streaming down his cheeks, the salty drops stinging his cut. Another quick thrust caused Spike to clench his jaw in pain. The pleasure of teeth digging into him sent Vicious over the edge and he grunted as his hips jerked forward, emptying himself into Spike's mouth.

Spike choked as the hot fluid dripped down the back of his throat while Vicious slid out and sat back, allowing his penis to lay on Spike's chest. He sat there panting for a few minutes, sweat rolling down his face. Underneath him, he could feel Spike's erection as it rose and fell in time with his breathing.

He remembered the blinding pleasure he had felt earlier when Spike had rubbed against him and laid down, aligning himself until their penises were touching, and Spike's hips jerked upwards instinctively. He bit his lip to stifle the groan rising in his throat, and he heard Spike gasp in pleasure as his hips bucked again. He ground his hips into Spike's, unable to stop the moan from escaping his lips. He lowered his head and bit down on Spike's injured nipple, warning the bounty hunter to keep his hips on the ground.

Spike hissed as teeth and tongue enclosed his tender nipple, the salty saliva burning the wound. He arched his back as Vicious took the stub into his mouth and began sucking lightly on it, relishing the noises that came from him. After a moment, Vicious sat up licking his lips.

He looked down at Spike, wondering what to do next. He had come here expecting Spike's blood and pain to be enough, but now he realized love was more complicated than that and he was in over his head. The grinding had left him with another hard-on, even more persistent than the last. He realized there was one more place that he hadn't tried.

Spike was lying there with his eyes closed, breathing heavily, when he felt himself being rolled onto his stomach. His neck twisted at a painful angle as his knees were forced under him.

"No…not this…please…" He sobbed, squeezing his eyes shut.

It was too late. Vicious was already starting to work his way into the tiny orifice. The rope around his neck tightened as Vicious pulled back on it, sliding deeper inside him at the same time. The sensation drifted from pain to pleasure, and he was disgusted at himself when he heard the moans coming from his throat as Vicious began to pump a little faster.

He reached around and took hold of Spike's erection, squeezing it, wanting to hear Spike's beautifully pained cry. Spike moaned loudly and the sharp nails dug in deeper, until blood leaked out and ran down his shaft. He cried out in pain, fresh tears stinging his cheeks.

Vicious pumped harder, then faster, letting the sensation of the tightness around his length consume him. His eyes were open, but he might as well have been blind for all he saw. Spike's delicious moans were filling his ears, sending him closer and closer to his goal. Unaware that he was hitting a very sensitive spot in Spike, he pulled back and put all his weight behind one final thrust, spilling his seed into Spike.

"Fuck!" Spike moaned, burying his face into the carpet as his penis jerk and unloaded itself onto the floor beneath him.

Vicious pulled himself out and Spike slumped to the floor, panting. Shaking, he put himself back in his pants. With a little difficulty, he managed to stand up and drag Spike over to the bed. He untied the ropes hesitantly, expecting Spike to start fighting as soon as they were pulled away. Spike only rolled onto his back and looked up at Vicious tiredly.

So this is love…this is what people spend their whole lives searching for? He thought, looking at Spike. Maybe it's not such a useless emotion, after all.

He smiled again, but this time there wasn't a hint of malice to be found.


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