This is just a quick idea I had in bed last night. I couldn't get the episode fault out of my head. The scenes where Victor has the gun pointed at Elliot and it's up to Olivia top decide how things go down. Well I was thinking what would I do it that situation if I was Olivia and that was my partner n the grasps of a mad man with a gun at the back of his head.

The lines aren't quotes so don't shout at me if I change them.

Okay so here it is, hope you like it. Oh yeah I don't own these guys I wish I did but I don't. I always forgot to say that but it's kind of obvious I don't own them and I'll never pretend I do. Anyway enough rambling…

As she heard a shot she dove to the floor, hitting her ribs hard on the concrete. She knew immediately that she had a few cracked ribs but she didn't care as she looked ahead of her she saw Elliot on his knees, Victor was stood behind him using him as a shield but pointing a gun at his head.

"Drop the gun, now drop it put it down and let him go…" Olivia shouted but her demands where mixed with those off Victor who shouted pretty similar things.

"Put down your gun bitch or I'll blow his brains out!!" Victor shouted he actually looked really scared out how this thing was playing out, Liv' thought she could use that to her advantage.

She slowly sat up, then knelt then was standing, still pointing her gun at Victor, no Elliot, No Victor 'Damn-it stay still' she was screaming in her head at Victor.

"Shoot him Liv', gun this sun-uv-a bitch down." Elliot spat out, Victor hit him in the back of his head with the gun not hard but enough to knock him forward slightly.

"Just put your gun down, you know how this will end up if you don't" Olivia said trying to stay calm.

"How's your neck? I knew I should have hit that knife into you harder." Victor said a smirk on his face.

"I've been hit harder by girls." Olivia retaliated.

"Shoot him Liv'" Elliot shouted. Olivia's head was starting to spin it just couldn't comprehend this situation and she wanted to just scream and walk over to Victor and give him a royal ass kicking. She couldn't risk Elliot's safety though.

"Stop moving stay there or I'll shoot him!" Victor screamed at her for a second pointing the gun at her. Olivia hadn't even realised she had been walking, but she stopped.

"Look if you put your gun down we can get out of here. Tell us where the girl is and we can think of a deal." Olivia tried to reassure him.

"I'm a child molester Liv' and I killed a kid, maybe two you'll never know if you don't put that gun down."

"Shoot him Olivia!!" Elliot screamed startling her. She wanted to but she couldn't get the aim.

"Shut-up Elliot!" Elliot to say the least was slightly surprised but did as he was told for all of a second that is.

"Yeah shoot me go on but I got pretty good reflexes I could probably shoot him as you fired your gun." Victor stated.

"Damn-it Victor just drop your gun and lets sort this thing out at the station." Olivia said as tears started to fill her worried eyes.

"No, no, no!" Victor screamed. It startled Olivia but it let her know things were getting out of hand, she tried to move on the spot to get a better shot at Victor but he kept putting Elliot in the way and she knew she was a good shot but she wouldn't risk Elliot's life.

"Just shoot this scum bag Olivia other wise he'll shoot me then you, then if he hasn't already he'll go kill the girl, if he hasn't already. I don't know maybe that's what you get off on hegh Victor playing with dead bodies." Elliot smirked.

"Shut up." He prodded the gun harder into Elliot's head. Olivia could see his finger tightening on the trigger. Her head started spinning fast, she needed to get this guys attention.

"No." She screamed. "Hegh Victor you want someone shot fine…" Olivia turned her gun to face her, she pressed it down just above her hip and pulled the trigger.

The shot rang out through the entire building. It worked though. Victor threw his arms up in the air and stepped back, Elliot ran over to Olivia and caught her in his arms as she fell holding her side, her gun landed on the floor with a clank.

Elliot picked it up and pointed it at Victor. Well he would have been but Victor had already run off.

Elliot for the second time today prized Olivia's hand form her wound, as he did blood started to pump out. He quickly clamped her hand back down his fingers entwined with her adding to the pressure.

"What the hell did you do that for Olivia?" He said trying to hold back the fear that was coming out. He had to stay strong for her.

"Not sure. He was gonna…"She stopped as pain shot through her body, coming out in a painful exhalation of breath "Damn-it… I had to do it so he didn't shoot you."

Elliot got out his phone and started to dial. "Hello this is Stabler I need back up and a bus, we have an officer down."

He heard footsteps running towards them he picked up the gun again pointing it at the oncoming sounds, Victor must have returned.

He let the breath he hadn't realised he'd been holding escape as he saw Fin and Munch.

"Jesus Christ. El what happened?"

"Here take this tell them our location." Elliot said dropping the gun and passing Fin the phone.

Munch knelt down next to Olivia and held her other hand. She was paling and a pool of blood was slowly creeping further around her body, it was already soaking into Elliot's clothes.

"Is it just me or is it really cold in here?" Olivia said in a quiet voice. As she spoke blood started to escape her mouth.

"Hold on Olivia." Elliot said taking off his coat and putting it over her keeping his hand on her wound as much as possible. When he removed it to take off the other sleeve of his coat Olivia's hand came off it too, Munch saw the blood pumping out he quickly clasped both hands down on it.

"They're on their way. Come on lets get her outside." Fin said.

Elliot scooped his hands up underneath Olivia's body. "Come on Liv' you're gonna be fine. Come on don't think about leaving me I can't lose you." He kept repeating similar wounds as they walked out of the building, as the got outside the bus pulled up in front of them. The doors opened and Elliot climbed into the back of it placing Olivia down on the stretcher. The doors closed behind him.

"Where are you taking her?" Munch shouted to the driver as he got in.

"St Mary's." He shouted back as he pulled off.

"Come on man we'll follow." Fin said running over to his car.

Cragen sat in his office, resting his head in his hands. Munch had just phoned him and told hi the situation. He sat in his office in silent, worrying, Olivia was like a daughter to him, and he couldn't afford to loose that part of the family.

Suddenly his phone rang again he slapped his grasp around the receiver and picked it up.

"Cragen." He sighed, a small smile creeping across his face. "Thank god. Tell her I'm glad she's gonna be okay." He sighed again a bigger smile growing across his face. "I'm on my way down now." He put the phone down and sat back in his chair, laughing out the fear that had been trapped inside him.

I know some parts maybe left unopened, but it was like 4 in the morning when this came to me. Hoped you liked it anyway. Thanks fro reading.