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For anyone who didn't read the original, it's a 'what if' kind of story taking place in the episode fault and it's my idea of how things could have turned out. Instead of shooting the perp, Olivia shot herself. (I know it probably sounds trash but read the first part and you may change your mind).

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Elliot waited outside the hospital room. To be truthful he hated hospitals, 'but what person likes them, not even Doctors like them' he though as he paced up and down.. As the door flew open a nurse in scrubs came out, she was caked in blood.

'Oh my god, that's Olivia's blood', it was all he could think. He decided enough was enough, he couldn't just stand outside anymore, Olivia was in there and she needed him.

As he walked into the room, the coppery smell of Olivia's blood mixed with the clean smell of bleach hitting Elliot's glands made him gag. He wanted to throw up but this wasn't about him it was about Olivia, his best friend, his partner and whatever else it was she meant to him.

He took in a deep breath and walked over to the bed which Olivia was lying on.

He could here the nurses and Dr's saying things like 'her pulse is tacky', 'BP such a thing over such a thing'…. He had to stop himself from listening, their worried voices made his worried head ache and throb.

"Liv." It came out as a sigh. It was enough to catch one of the nurse's attention.

"Sir you can't be in here". She informed him coldly.

"How is she?" Elliot asked in a feeble squeak.

"She's a fighter, but her blood is not joining in on the game. We're having trouble stopping it. Are you her husband?" The same nurse inquired. She turned to look at him.

She felt sorry for this guy; if they were not married they were as close as a married couple. He looked ready to break, she offered him a small smile, maybe for sure or maybe it was empathy she wasn't sure.

"Err, No I'm… She's my partner…" Before he could finish speaking a machine that was hooked up to Olivia's chest started to beep.

"What is that? What's wrong?" Elliot asked as panic took over.

"Get him out of here!" Before she had finished giving her orders he had been pushed back out into the hall.

"Hegh. What's going on?" Elliot screamed and kicked the door.

Approaching him form down the corridor where the paled faces of Cragen, Munch and Fin.

"Elliot, how's she holding out?" Fin probed.

"I don't know, her pulse just, I… Something's going on they won't tell me what they just pushed me out.

"Elliot how did this happen?" Cragen asked a worried but stern tone in his voice.

"We were chasing a perp…"

"And he shot her?" Cragen asked, the only one not knowing the extent of the story just yet.

"No, she shot herself. She shot herself to save me, Damn-it Olivia!" He punched the wall as he moved further down the corridor away from, the others and the droning sound of the machine.

- - - - - -

When Olivia opened her eyes she was in shock. She felt like she had been floating and swore that she was dead. As she looked around the room she was in she started to cry, not because of the pain she was in, and there was a lot of that, but because she was able to. She was alive!

"Hi you!" Olivia turned to see Elliot's face. She couldn't help but smile.

"Hi!" It was the simplest of greetings but just being able to say it to him, made her want to giggle and smile like a little school girl. She got the smile part okay but as she tried to laugh, pain shot through her body.

Elliot was quick; he had hold of her hand and was stroking his other hand over her hair. "You okay?" He asked concern in his eyes, the eyes she loved.

"Yeah I'm fine." She smiled back at him with her eyes. The eyes he loved.

"Why did you do it Olivia? You really think I'd be better off alive if you were dead?" Olivia knew this was coming from the second she had seen him there and remembered what had happened not like she was ever going to forget.

Her eyes filled with tears, making her big brown eyes even more shiny than normal. "I just couldn't stand to see him with that gun at your head. I couldn't stand to watch you get killed in front of me." She said, she held in her sobs but the tear fell freely.

Elliot couldn't resist he brushed away a few random tears. Olivia tilted her head into his touch, closing her eyes and embracing the feel of his skin against her own.

"Olivia I have no intentions of ever letting you watch me die, because I have no intentions of ever loosing you." Olivia burst into sobs at his confession, she couldn't help it, she fell into his open arms and they hugged for only seconds but to both of them it felt life a lifetime.

Elliot pulled away and placed his hands either side of her face. She stopped stopping and smiled at him. He smiled back, he loved to see her smile, it suited her, only adding to her beauty.

Elliot leant forward and kissed her on the lips, hers were soft beneath his own. Perfect, just how he imagined they would be. He pulled back and looked at her.

Olivia was in shock, the good kind though. She smiled at him, she couldn't help it. This time when he leant in to kiss her they both kept their eyes open. They wanted to see each other. They stopped for a moment and rested their foreheads against each others, smiling.

"Please don't regret this in five seconds El or I will shoot you this time." Elliot laughed as did Olivia, then he pushed her chin up so as for her to meet his own gaze.

"I've never been more certain of anything in my life Liv." She looked at him for a moment, seeing only truth in his eyes, this time she leant in and kissed him.

Things had changed for them and for the better. Now instead of going home and sitting alone, they would be going home with each other. Neither of them would be alone anymore.

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