Wassup people! How are all the happy, mildly bored, sometimes intrigued readers of today? Hopefully in the mood to try that gamble again and read something new and unknown and hope that its something decent.

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Anyway I've for a while now been out of the game. The last few years have been just a void of writing and nothing really sparked my interest. Until Elfin Lied that is.

I have 'never' seen an anime so beautiful made, so compelling a story, so heartbreaking and funny and warm at the same time. Yeah its got lots of blood and gore, yeah its got some nudity but that's because its not afraid to use whatever it can to get its point across! At the heart of EL is a love story that's got all the right stuff in it.

Though it had a sucky depressing ending that I plan to change here and now. Ah the joy of home made fanfiction.

Anyway this is just a taster chapter I'm still working on vector one but hopefully this text will catch your interest enough so that when I finish the next issue you'll come back to read it.

Anyway enough crap lets roll on the show ok! Good reading!! J


Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam…

Et lingua eius loquetur indicium…

Beatus vir qui suffert tentation…

Quonian cum probatis fuerit accipient coronam vitae…

Kyrie- ignis divine, eleison…

O quam sancta, quam serena…

Quam benigma, quam amoena…

O castitatatis lilium.

Elfin Lied.

Prologue- The promise.

It's an interesting feeling. Knowing you could die.

The blood feels hot and sticky, flowing in rivets and pooling around me. Yet my body itself feels nothing but cold… perhaps because all my heat is spilling onto the floor around me?

I grimace. The piece of metal inside me that has now dulled to a painful throb instead of a fiery lance of agony has moved inside me as I took a deep breath. Damn it feels weird.

I take another breath. It's getting harder. The cold has spread to my thoughts now. My mind swims in icy waters and I find it hard to think straight.

Wouldn't it be so easy to just lie still and let the cold take me? The pain that tore my soul apart earlier has faded to an almost blissful numbness as my body shuts down.

Would it be so bad?


My mind snaps alert like a pistol shot and my closed eyes open with a start. The name, THAT name, bringing me back from the abyss.

Everything is red around me. Red and darkness. The red blood from two bodies covers us. The red of her skirt. The red of her hair.

The red of her eyes…

"Lucy" I whisper and the crumbled body lying next to me shifts slightly. Her eyes open, those beautiful demon eyes and they fix on my pain filled ones. The pain mirrored in hers.

She opens her mouth to speak but the effort is too much and she slumps back. My rapidly returning senses become aware of an argument around us. What happened while I was away?

"It's not human! Look at those fucking horns! You want me to spare the life of this monster that ripped two of my men apart and a lot of other innocent people!?"

"I don't really care what you want to do commander. The fact of the matter is I am in control of this operation and I want this 'creature' kept alive"

What's going on?

"You think you can just come in here, flash a few shiny badges and give me orders? This is a police matter not the military's!"

A cold laugh makes my spine shiver with a cold that has nothing to do with my wounds, "Whilst my authority is beyond the question of a grunt like you there is something else that will back my words. Namely the armed soldiers you see around us and their willingness to carry out 'any' order"

Silence for a moment then, "You think I'm scared of your threats?"

"Maybe not you but what about the men under your command who are listening so intently to this conversation. Wouldn't their families be most upset if this 'girl' was able to wipe all of you out before you shot her down hmm?"

"You wouldn't get away with it"

"I've gotten away with much worse then the murder of a few small town coppers"


My gaze turns from the arguing men and back to my friend. She's breathing slowly, weakly, but somehow still finds the strength to reach out a hand towards me.

With a grunt of pain I take it, one moment to remember only one arm can grasp. Lord her hand is so cold. I give it a reassuring squeeze. I notice the twin holes in her body, one in each shoulder, and praise her strength for swatting those bullets away from her vulnerable chest.

"You always have to one up on me eh? I got one bullet in me so you have to go for two?" I say with a weak smile. She laughs softly then winces in pain, tears at the edge of her eyes.

"I'm so sorry Kohta"

I shake my head, "Don't be"

Parallel tears track her pale cheeks, "If I hadn't been so stupid none of this would have happened. If only I had listened to you in the first place"

"Don't care, I growl through the pain, I said I'd follow you to hell and back and that's what I'm doing"

She stares for a moment then closes her eyes tight, "I don't deserve you Kohta" she whispers.

The argument behind us reaches a peak, she reopens her eyes and nothing but sadness shines in those orbs.

"This is the end for me"


She smiles at my outburst, "They are going to kill me that I don't doubt. But its ok, I don't care anymore"


She looks at me with a loving gaze, a sight that never fails to make my heart race even in my damaged state. I feel an invisible hand caress my cheek and despite myself my eyes become hooded as I rub my cheek against the embrace.

"You gave me the happiest days of my life Kohta. Of my whole life… if I die with those memories then that's the best death I ever dreamed of having"

I'm crying now and I feel her ghost hand wipe away the tears. I gaze heartbroken at her peaceful face, "I love you Kohta… thank you so much for everything" she whispers.

The argument behind us has finished. The cold voiced man is giving out orders to the soldiers around him. I don't have much time.

"They won't kill you"

"Kohta…" she begins.

"Listen to me! They won't kill you! You're too valuable. Too unique to kill"

She looks confused and I hurry to explain, "They'll want to experiment on you. Find out about your arms and how you got them. You're too amazing a weapon for them to kill"

My words sink in and a horrified expression is her understanding. Then her eyes narrow to those familiar (Oh god how familiar) murderous ruby slits and her cute face hardens to a steely pose.

"I will not be an experiment" She hisses.

I feel her anger, I can almost imagine her special arms trying to rise and fight, "I would rather die!"

My hand shoots forward and grabs her arm to stop her from getting up. I can't see them but the click of weapon catches tells me the soldiers have noticed her new found determination.

"No you'll live" I say with force. She glares at me, the gaze would terrify other boys (And a few men too) but I was never really affected by it.

"You'll live. You'll survive. And I'll come find you. I don't care how long it takes I'll come find you and take you away and we'll start a new life somewhere else"

She looks uncertain, her lower lip trembles and I wish I had the strength to kiss her again.

"Kohta I…"

"I'll come find you" I repeat.

"It would be so long, she lowers her eyes and shakes with emotion, you would forget me"

"Never! I hiss, I would never forget you"


I raise her chin so I'm looking into her eyes, burning those beautiful scarlet eyes into my memory.

"I promise" hell I'd already said it once why not twice? "I love you too damn much to ever give up on you"

Her watery eyes stare into mine and she gives a squeaked sob. Damn it I wish I had the strength to pull her close.

A strong force, unseen, grabs me and suddenly Lucy has pulled me to her and her lips have meshed with mine. My face heats up but I welcome the warmth as I move my lips against her soft ones.

She tastes sweet and copper. The blood is probably mine but I don't care. For a moment nothing exists but the feel of her body against mine. The melding of our lips. Her red hair all around me.

And then she's gone. Torn from me by strong gloved hands and I fall back, a dead weight, without her to hold me up.

I look up seeing a soldier in a sinister face mask picking Lucy up. I wonder if he is insane to try and manhandle Lucy when she could tear him in half with a thought but then he stabs a syringe into her neck and her body goes limp.

"The Diclonius is secured sir"

"Good. Bundle her up and take her to the transport. I look forward to uncovering her secrets back at headquarters"

Lucy. I wildly twist my head to track her movements. It hurts but I have to see her.

I catch her eyes. She's awake but helpless. She's being carried through the doorway; she's being taken from me.

Her lips move but no sound emerges, her beautiful eyes are growing heavy with the weight of the drug in her system. I reach out my one hand towards her and whisper 'I love you' over and over praying she never forgets it.

I'll find you Lucy. I don't care how many years it takes I'll find you and save you. I repeat it, a mantra in my head, as my body finally gives in and slips into unconsciousness.

I could die. I could never wake up. But I know that won't happen. No matter how much I am hurt I'll survive because I made a promise.

I promised a girl I love I'd save her… and I don't break promises.

"Director what about the boy? Should he be terminated?"

A cold laugh, "He's just a child, an orphan with no family and a very questionable recent history. If he somehow escapes being committed I doubt he'll ever become a threat to us"

"Yes sir"

"Come the true work is about to begin. Now that we have a live Diclonuis my plans are guaranteed fruition"

"Understood sir"

Director Kakuzawa looked down at the young boy who lay in his own blood. It would be a miracle if he survived the next twenty four hours with his wound alone. No a boy like him would never be a threat.

And now… with this 'Lucy' his great design was finally changing from a dream to a reality.

With a sneer he turned on his heel and strode out into the night. Medics rushed by him to tend the boy but he paid them no heed. His destiny was all laid before him.

End Prologue.

On the next volume of Elfin Lied: Wounded hearts and tortured souls meet and fine solace in each other's hearts. A friendship is born while those who are ruled by malice and hate do everything they can to break it. A little horned girl finds peace for a time until the past of a young man with blank eyes consumes them both in its fury.

Blood rains and tears flow in the next episode of Elfin Lied, 'A silent scream'


And that's a wrap. Like I said this is just a taster and I hope its got your mouth watering. Give me a bit more time and I'll have the next chapter up and don't worry. Its gonna be more then just five or six pages.

Thank you for reading this fellow readers and don't forget to type up and add your own works to the collective. Au revoir!