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Training Day

"No, no, no twinkle toes. You need to keep your knees bent more and your back straight."

Aang and Toph were in the desert training. It was hot, it was humid and the earthbender's patience was quickly wearing thin.

"Here she goes again." Aang though. "Yes Toph, I'm sorry."

"And another thing, stop being so nice. If you want to be an earthbender, then start acting like one."

"Wow, in the sunshine, she looks even prettier." Aang kept thinking to himself as his master yelled at him.

"Being nice is fine when your talking to sugar queen or that other idiot, but your on my time now air head."

"She sweating and her hair is down…no, stop…pure thoughts, pure thoughts, pure thoughts!"

"I mean, come on twinkle toes, at least try to be man!"

"Oh no, she's getting angry…she's so cute when she's angry…"

"You're a poor excuse for an airbender and a man, at least try not to show it…ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME!!!"

"Oh spirits, I can't take it anymore!" Aang move in close to her and grabbed her arms.

"HEY! What are you…" Aang kissed Toph before she could finish. Her blind eyes widened. She struggled for a brief second, then she went limp. Time stood still for a few tender seconds. When Aang finally parted from her, both of them were blushing, especially Toph.

"Twinkle toes…" Aang smiled. "…YOU CALL THAT A KISS! No tongue, no running your fingers through my hair or anything! You really are a poor excuse for a man you know."

Aang giggled and began to slowly walk away, but not before stealing one more quick kiss from his master.

"Yeah, you better walk away!"