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"That was a good one!" The little air nomad said to his airbending master as the old man sat back down.

"Thank you little one." The elder monk patted his pupil on his head. "Who has another story to tell?"

"I do." An earth kingdom girl raised her voice. She stood up and walked in front of the camp fire. "This is my favorite story!" She coughed, clearing her throat.

"Long ago…hundreds of years before our time…during the last years of the great Fire Nation war…the Great Avatar Aang, the father of the new airbender colonies, traveled to the frozen Water Tribes. He soared over the Earth Kingdom. And he infiltrated the burning lands of the Fire Nation themselves! He found battles, wisdom, power…"

The girl paused for dramatic effect.

"…but none of that mattered to him. For even the most brutal and mighty warriors like the Avatar could stand strong against one force!"

Another pause.

"Love. His earthbending master, Toph Bei Fong, the first metal bender, the Stone Fist of the Southern Lands, found the Avatar. Or should I say fate found them."

The women in the crowd went 'ahhhh'.

"They fought side-by-side. Two halves, making one whole. Heaven and earth, Air and Stone! Complete opposites…yet great allies. One made up for the other's weaknesses and together they were unstoppable. Time passed…and the two grew up, as everyone does. She became a beautiful woman. And he changed into man he was destined to become. But their new lives did not change their love …

…and, eventually, they married. They had children. They still fought…sometimes with each other. And, throughout their lives, they helped each other grow. Their descendants fanned out to each of the air temples, but they stayed in their little home…together…till the day the afterlife called. Sadly…after almost eighty years in this world, the might Bei Fong…died in the Avatar's arms."

The children gasped.

"Distraught by grief, the Avatar searched for her spirit, knowing that their love did not leave this world. He entered the most spiritual location in the Earth Kingdom…the Swamp of a Thousand Visions…where Avatar Aang saw a vision of his wife years before they were married…

…but…I'm afraid the Avatar's search was in vein. Avatar Aang disappeared looking for her. When the Northern Water Tribe gave birth to their Avatar…everyone knew that the mighty Aang had died.

Their first child, Ani Bei Fong of the Southern Air Temple, ordered her students to look for her father's body. A week after she had begun her search, her father's spirit came to her in a dream…with Toph Bei Fong in his arms. Through death, they found each other again. Aang was happy. Toph was happy. Their souls had found eternal love. And with their love, they found eternal peace."

They audience clapped and cheered.

"That was nice!" A tiny Fire Nation girl said. "But did it really happen that way?"

"Of course it did." The air nomad said, rubbing the little girl's hair. "It's completely true."

--300 Years Earlier--

Aang kicked a rock away from his foot, walking close to Toph.

"Hey, do you ever think they'll tell stories about us?" He asked.

"Huh?" Toph wasn't paying attention.

"I mean, we are saving the world. Maybe people will tell great tales about us some day."

"Yeah right. Maybe about me."

"What? I'm the Avatar!" Aang whined.

"Oh, don't worry. "I'm sure you'll get put in my story somehow. Maybe you'll be my sidekick or something."

"HEY!" Aang whined again.

"I'm just kidding. You'll be…something. I don't know."

"We spend so much time together…maybe they'll think we were in love." Aang smiled at her, trying to flirt.

"Yeah. Maybe." Toph moved closer to him. Aang blushed and back away from her, still too shy to actually act on his inner urges. "Tch. Who are you kidding twinkle toes?" Toph gave him a reality check. "You and me…together? Like that could ever happen."