Link's Dilemma

Link was still searching for missing girl Stacy. Everyone though she was dead except for Link. He had discovered a secret map that tell of Stacys hiding spot, where the ogre vampire hid erh to save for dinner!

"I must go to the enchanted forest of faieres" said Link arrivingly at the forest.

"Helloooo" said a mystical fairied at him. She dusted the glitter sprinkle during her rainbow flappingly.

"Wow it is a super rarity!" it sure was too because it was a hidden fary. The most invisible at all the hidden. So rare they were extinct.

"I am the last of my kind! Please save my home from the vampires!" she contsulated

"Don't worry I am safe with ferries" So Link burned trees down until he found the right one where there was a shopkeeper at it.

"Pick whichever you lik" obtested the shopkeeper offered.

Link has to decide between the key to unlock the door to save Stacy or shuld he choose the bucket of water to put out the forest fire?


Note from author: I will pick the most popular choice and used it in the next story