Title: Adaptations of Love

Pairings:Sam/Bee and Swerve/Mikaela

Rating: NC-17 (eventually)

Author's Notes: This is going to be a multi-part fic so please be patient as we churn out the chapters around schoolwork, work and sleepy-time. We LOVE reviews!! We also LOVE FanArt, so if you can't think of anything to write but you can draw, we're happy! Also, a small part of this fic is in answer to Umashino's challenge at the LJ community "Check on the Rep" to make Bumblebee look different than the standard white/Caucasian, blond-haired, blue-eyed guy, so you won't find any of that here.

Summary: Sam's graduated, Bumblebee's admittedly in love and Wheeljack has plans that are surprisingly diplomatic in nature.

Adaptations of Love

By Nightmare and Winged Dreamer


Chapter 01


Humans were such a fascinating species. He wasn't a scientist and he never would be, but like millions of humans that found themselves enamored of another culture, a television show, an author, a poet, Bumblebee found himself enthralled by the entire human race. It was the way the tiny creatures persevered despite all of the hardships that befell them and the way they went on loving and hoping, knowing that their death drew closer with every beat of their tiny hearts. It was how they went on pretending they had an eternity ahead of them when they all knew full well that their time in existence was very limited that he would never be able to fathom. They just did so much with what little time was given them. It was nothing short of amazing.

And if he was enthralled by the entire human race then he was completely enraptured by his charge. Bumblebee would never forget the day that he had at last tracked down Samuel James Witwicky. The way the boy's hand had felt the first time it had smoothed along the very edge of the roof of what had appeared to be nothing more than a ratty old yellow Camaro, would never forget the way it felt the first time Sam had settled into the driver's seat and laid his hands on the steering wheel. The boy had seemed so fragile. Well, Sam had disproved that first assessment and fast, facing down Barricade, Frenzy and even Megatron very nearly by himself. And Sam had done far more than impress the Autobot's recon specialist with his bravery and determination. The boy had stood by him in the worst possible situations, trusted him when most other sentients would have run screaming, and refused to abandon him when Bumblebee himself – crippled and nearly useless – was unable to do more than hand the All Spark to one very heroic, very young human male and pray that Sam would make it through the next few hours alive. It hadn't even taken one hour before Sam had resolved the core of the Autobot-Decepticon war. A war that had lasted for millennia was stopped by one small Earth boy. Megatron was probably rolling over in his grave as the human phrase went.


The voice-sensation over the WiFi was amused and teasing, and though the little red Corvette beside him showed no outward signs of being anything but a little red Corvette, the glossy candy apple shell hid the Autobot soldier Swerve just as Bumblebee's own sunshine and shadow Camaro camouflaged him. Swerve of all the other Autobots was the most aware of how Bumblebee truly felt about his human charge, but like a good friend he never let on near the more oblivious Autobots. It wasn't wrong by any means to fall in love with another species so long as they were sentient, but Swerve respected Bumblebee's privacy and Sam's total and utter obliviousness where his "car's" emotions were concerned. Bumblebee was okay with that he supposed. There wasn't much else he could do, but just accept things the way they were. Humans were a bit touchy when it came to interspecies romance. A pity as the Autobots were far more open minded than that.

You, Swerve, are just jealous because Sam prefers my company to the company of "big, dumb jocks" that drip burger dressings all over the upholstery and constantly want to "fuck" on the hood, Bumblebee retorted. Silence was his only answer. It wasn't that he had insulted Swerve. Not at all. It was just that Swerve couldn't argue the facts, and it was no secret between them that the fairly recently arrived Autobot was falling fast for his own human charge, Sam's ex-girlfriend Mikaela. Swerve was less fascinated by the species as a whole, but he was very interested in a human that could make him "purr" just by asking him to pop the hood. It was almost comical how fast Swerve exposed some of his more intricate parts to her when she asked.

A sudden roar from the direction of the gymnasium of Sam's school stole both their attentions. Any minute now, Sam would come walking out of the building with his parents, close relatives and friends in tow. Bumblebee couldn't wait to hear all about the high school graduation ceremony. Sam's entire life was as interesting as the entire planet as far as Bumblebee was concerned.


"Freedom!" Sam crowed, rushing out of the stands to find his two best friends. It wasn't hard to find Miles and Mikaela among the throng of other new graduates, and he threw an arm around them both. "We, my friends, are now free men! School's out forever!" he half sang, half yelled, and planted enthusiastic kisses on his friends' cheeks.

"Jeez, man! You are psycho today!" Laughing, Miles elbowed Sam in the gut and wormed out from under his arm, making a show of wiping his cheek. "And no, I am not singing Alice Cooper with you," he firmly stated just as Sam opened his mouth to ask.

"Oh, come on, Miles! Just this once." Sam clapped his hands together and put on his best puppy eyes. "Please?"

Rolling her eyes and laughing, Mikaela pushed Sam in the shoulder. A mock-exasperated shake of her head made her perfect hair tremble in its fashionably haphazard bun, the thick, nearly black locks threatening to ditch her decorative hair-chopsticks and cascade around her pretty face at any moment. "You really are the strangest boy I've ever met! You belong in an insane asylum, I swear!"

Sam stuck his tongue out at her and turned back to Miles. "Pleeeeeeeease? Just one time! Just one!"

"No! Look, there are your parents. Go ask your dad or something." Miles shoved Sam in the direction of the older Witwickys, spotting his own parents coming down from the upper stands. Waving, he pushed Sam towards Mikaela and started walking a little faster.

"Dad won't sing it with me! Are you crazy?" Sam called after him.

"I won't sing what with you?" Ron Witwicky nodded to Miles as he strode past and gave his son a questioning look.

Mikaela smiled in greeting of Sam's parents and then laid a hand on Sam's shoulder. "Sam wants you to sing an Alice Cooper song with him. See you later. My Aunt's taking me out tonight, and I'm sure you know who is getting bored out in the parking lot by now."

"Bye, Mikaela," Judy Witwicky called after the retreating girl and waved back when she received a wave in response.

Sam blinked at Mikaela's retreating back for a split second, then headed straight for the parking lot.

"Oh no you don't." Ron grabbed the back of Sam's graduation gown, forcibly making him slam on the brakes. "We have a reservation for dinner, and you are not disappearing in that car of yours until we are done eating and we've discussed the plans for the family trip. Are we clear?"

Wriggling out of his father's grip, Sam turned around and nodded with almost too much enthusiasm. "Crystal. I promise to not disappear until after dinner. Got it. But there's no point in leaving him behind in the school parking lot, so why don't I just follow you guys?" At Ron's suspicious look, he held his hands up in a placating show of honesty. "I swear I'll follow and won't take off! Cross my heart."

Ron gazed at him for a moment more, then shook his head in amused defeat. "Yeah, alright. Crazy kid."

"Yes!" Sam punched the air and sped off, weaving between the multitudes of people to his beloved Camaro. After patting the Corvette's hood in a distracted greeting, he dove into the Camaro's driver's seat and gripped the steering wheel, running his palms over supple leather. What he really wanted to do was give the hiding Autobot a hug, but even as exciting as the evening was and Sam's reputation for being a little weird, hugging a car would draw unwarranted attention. "Hey, Bee! Didja miss me?"

He grinned as the leather seat behind him seemed to mold ever-so-slightly to his back, as if wrapping him in a welcoming embrace. The radio, as it usually did, clicked on in response. "I'll remember you, and baby that's forever true, and you're the one that I'll always miss."

"Missed you, too, buddy. Alright, let's go find Trailbreaker so we can follow him to wherever Mom and Dad made the dinner reservations. Sorry, Bee, but we won't be able to talk until after dinner." Boy and living machine hadn't been able to stop talking about Sam's graduation for the past month, most of their discussions centering around what such a step signified in the human's life and how different it was from a Cybertronian's coming of age. Sam knew Bumblebee was eager to hear what the ceremony had been like so he could marvel at yet another human novelty, which never failed to amuse the young man.

"'Till later, 'Till later tonight. 'Cause tonight always comes," the radio sang as the Camaro's engine revved up and the gear shift slid into reverse. As if in the hands of a professional driver, the yellow and black Camaro executed a smooth backward glide to exit its parking space, shifted into drive as soon as it was clear of the cars on either side of it and rolled forward, making a B-line for the dark blue GMC Canyon truck idling patiently near the entrance to the school parking lot. As soon as the Camaro neared, the Canyon instantly let off the brake and rolled out onto the street, little yellow car trailing just behind.

"True enough. Hey Bee, play 'School's Out Forever'? Please?" At least Sam could count on Bumblebee to "sing" it with him. After discovering that the Autobot could save a virtually unlimited number of audio files to his memory banks, Sam had proceeded to feed every last one of his CDs into the Camaro's stereo so Bee could download them all and thus be able to "talk" with more than just the radio and whatever he happened to find on the internet.

Almost instantly the eight speaker sound system began to blare Alice Cooper's "School's Out." Bumblebee was always more than happy to "sing" along with whatever Sam wanted to hear if it made Sam happy.

Grinning, Sam belted out the anthem of many a new graduate as they followed Trailbreaker.


"I can't believe they said you have to stay behind!" Sam griped, throwing a rock at the nearest tree to vent his frustrations. Sadly, not even the solid thunk of the rock hitting bark did any good. "A family trip is supposed to be a family trip, and you're part of the family! But no, 'we can't take more than one car. It'll look too strange,'" he falsettoed, imitating his mother's voice. Throwing another rock, Sam gave up on that means of relief and dropped down onto the grass next to Bumblebee's leg to lean against the solid metal. "This so sucks."

Normally when Sam and Bee visited clearings deep in the forests covering the Rocky Mountains, it was to hang out and talk about anything that came to mind – which usually ended up in comparisons of human to Cybertronian life and the fascination each participant had for the species of the other. This was supposed to be their time, and here Sam had to ruin it with complaints about how unreasonable his parents were being. Talk about a bad ending to what was supposed to be a wonderful day.

"I understand their logic." Bumblebee spoke softly, his bright blue optics trained on the tiny human leaning so comfortably against him. "And Chromia is more than capable of handling any Decepticons that come her way at least long enough for back-up to arrive. But I dislike the idea of my charge, my best friend, being out of my range during this time of high risk."

"And I told them that! I told them that Optimus gave you the job of protecting me and that you can't exactly protect me if you're notthere, since that argument tends to hold more water with them than me justwanting you to come along, which I do because I know how much you'd love traveling around. But no! 'Bumblebee can't hold all the luggage, and Chromia's perfectly capable of protecting all three of us.' And you can't simply follow because 'he'll be in a parking lot all day long and so there's no point.' We're going to the Grand Canyon! There would be plenty of opportunities for you and me to go somewhere where you won't be seen and for us to have fun! Stupid..." Grumbling, Sam bumped the side of his head against Bee's paneling and muttered curses under his breath.

"They are only trying to be reasonable, and I think," Bumblebee began, but stopped short. "Excuse me," he added after a moment and then fell completely silent.

Sam looked up at his best friend and watched as the Autobot's glowing optics dimmed a little, much like a human's eyes going blank, as he focused on something only he could hear. "What is it?" asked Sam when Bee's optics brightened again. "Who was calling you?"

"Optimus," Bee answered. "He was 'calling' to request that I return to base for the two weeks or so that you and your family will be gone. He says that it is important and that he will ensure that you and your mom and dad are well protected while I am away."

"Which means that you wouldn't have been able to come along anyway. Great." Sighing, Sam leaned more heavily on Bumblebee's leg. Orders were orders, and Sam knew Optimus wouldn't call Bee away without good reason. "When do you have to leave?"

"The same day that you leave with your parents and Chromia."

"So in a couple days then. At least you won't be leaving immediately."

"Optimus sees no legitimate reason to change the guard around you and your family until it is absolutely necessary. Now, tell me about your graduation ceremony, please."

Bee's overly polite request managed to get a small smirk out of Sam. Even in his worst moods, he could never fail to be amused at Bumblebee's insistence at sounding like an actor out of some old black-and-white detective movie. "Some day, I swear, I will get you to talk like a normal person. Closet punk," he teased. Leaning away from Bee's leg, Sam scooted around on the grass until he sat directly in front of his best friend. "What do you want to hear first?"

"The beginning is usually the best place to start." Antennae rising with curiosity, Bumblebee resettled himself more comfortably in front of Sam and gave almost his entire attention over to the young human as he began to speak.

"Well, it started with a lot of saying hi to classmates and taking a lot of pictures," Sam began, latching onto the familiar routine of relating his day to the ever-inquisitive Autobot.


Song Credits:

"I'll Always Miss You" by JoJo

"Later Tonight" by the Pet Shop Boys

"School's Out" by Alice Cooper