To all readers of "Adaptations of Love"

It is our sad duty to inform you that "Adaptations of Love" has been discontinued. Upon rereading what we have done, we have decided to completely rewrite it. While we feel that our characterization and relationship developments were good, our plot was very loose and weak, and we were missing a solid conflict to give the story structure as a whole. At the moment, we are working out a new, tighter plot with a good conflict that will hopefully not only keep you guys interested, but keep us interested enough to actually finish the story.

Please be aware that the rewrite will probably not come out until after the release of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." We are currently lacking in concrete inspiration, but the second movie will be more than enough to get the juices flowing again.

Again, we apologize for leaving you hanging with an incomplete fic. Hopefully we'll have something to give to you soon. In the meantime, for anyone who's interested, we have many complete DCU and Eyeshield 21 stories on our LiveJournal and we invite you to go check those out if you are so inclined. The master story list can be found here: http : / / dreamynytemare . livejournal . com / 30481 . html

- Nightmare and Winged Dreamer