Before Kingdom Hearts

Author: Anime-RPGAngel

Co-author: 7-KHPrincessKairi-7

Author's Note: First I want to point out that I really don't like the way Selphie looks in KH. I like the way she looks in FF better so imagine her like that. Secondly, I'll be changing POV's a lot because this involves Sora, Kairi, Riku and Selphie.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Sora's POV:

I woke up to my alarm and got out of bed. I got in the shower, got dressed, ate a quick breakfast, then I walked out of my house, stretched and started walking across the street to my friend Kairi's house. I've been friends with her since the second grade so we're pretty close. I go to Destiny Island Middle School with her and her best friend Selphie Tilmitt. Every morning I sit on her porch and wait for her and Selphie so we can all walk to school together. When I walked up on the porch my best friend Riku was already there leaning against the house, arms crossed, with one foot on the wall like he always does. He used to walk to school with us but this year he's in high school and we're stuck in middle school.

"Hey, Riku! How's high school?" I asked him.

"Hey, Sora! It's pretty boring" Riku said.

"C'mon something must have changed. You've gotta tell me. I'll be over there next year and I wanna know everything." I said trying to tell me what high school was like.

He told me to calm down and told me all the things that change when you go to high school. He said the teachers are more strict and there's more homework. I couldn't tell if he was trying to scare me or if he was really telling the truth. He mentioned that in high school everyone wears a uniform except on Fridays, which were free dress days and then I noticed he was just wearing his normal clothes.

"Riku, if you're supposed to wear a uniform, why aren't you wearing it?" I asked.

"I guess I just didn't think about it" Riku said laughing.

"Aren't you gonna get in trouble for being out of dress code?" I asked him as Kairi and Selphie walked out.

"Why would he be in trouble for dress code?" asked Selphie.

"Because they have uniforms in high school" Kairi explained to her.

"Oh. Then why…?" Selphie started to ask but turned away.

"I don't know why. That's why I asked him but he hasn't answered me" I said.

"I guess I just didn't feel like it. I won't get in too much trouble. What's the worst they could do to me put me in detention?" Riku laughed.

"I thought they could put you in ISS for things like that" Selphie said quietly.

"So what if they do? It's not the end of the world. So it goes on my record. I don't really care" Riku said.

"We're concerned for you, Riku. We're trying to help you out" I said trying to reason with him.

"I know. Thanks for that, but really don't worry about it. I'll be fine" He said.

As we walked up to the middle school someone at the high school called Riku over there. We said our goodbyes and walked in the school.

Riku's POV:

The guy that called me over to the high school was my friend Rex. He's a good athlete and leader of a gang called the Vultures even though he's only a sophomore. I met him last year when I was in the eighth grade. He told me he could make me popular in high school if I hung out with him so I've been friends with him ever since. The only problem is that he and the rest of the gang didn't like Sora at all.

"Why do you hang out with those middle-schoolers?" He asked me.

"I don't really hang out with them."

"You walk over there with them every day"

"Yeah. That's because of Sora"

"Why would you wanna be friends with a wimp like him?"

"I dunno. I guess its 'cause he's been my best friend since elementary school"

I didn't like that he was calling my best friend a wimp but I'd learned to get used to it. I had to if I wanted to be in the gang. If I didn't ignore it I'd be kicked out of the gang and if I'm kicked out I won't be popular. I wanted so much to be popular in high school. Besides it'd be good for Sora because if I'm popular when he gets to high school next year he'll be popular with me. I'm not exactly an official member yet but Rex keeps telling me he'll make me one soon. To be an official member you have to get the vulture tattoo on your right wrist. I couldn't wait to be an official member. I thought about it all the time.

"So, Strife, you skipping today?"

"Sure. What period?" I said not really wanting too.

"Third. Daisuke and Krad have lunch at the middle school that period"

"Whatever" I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Then I'll meet you here at the beginning of third"


The bell had rung to tell us to get to our first period class. I acknowledged what Rex said with a nod and started off to my class. He got my attention again by calling my name.

"Strife!" I turned to him. "We're going to make you an official member of the Vultures this time."

"You mean…?"

"Yeah. Later!" he said as he waved and left for his class.

"Later!" I said excitedly.

I was going to be an official member! I couldn't wait! The first two periods seemed to go by so slow. I was sitting in my second period class thinking about becoming an official member and what kind of assignment he was gonna make me do as an new official member. How would my first assignment go? What if I screwed up? As I thought about what seemed like every possible thought about the gang the bell finally rang. I ran to the front of the building where Rex said to meet him and we walked over to the middle school to see Daisuke and Krad waiting for us. Rex talked to them for a minute about Daisuke's assignment. I was standing there waiting so impatiently that I didn't even hear when Rex asked me a question.

"Strife! I asked you a question!" he yelled angrily.

"Sorry. What?"

"What's the name of the girl that hangs around you and Sora?"

"Kairi?" I asked.

"No the other one. The ditz."

"Oh her. Selphie" I laughed. I'd never heard her been called a ditz before but it sure fit her personality well. I just had to laugh. "Why'd you wanna know that?" I asked curiously.

"She's Daisuke's assignment." he said smiling.

They talked for a couple more minutes about it before Daisuke brought out the tattoo pen and Rex drew a Vulture on my wrist. After that he wrapped it with gauze and gave me a wristband to put over it. He said that we have to wear the wristband because you're not allowed to show tattoos in school so it covers it up and everyone in school knows the people with a wristband like this are in the vultures. I was finally going to be popular! After he finished explaining that he said he was going to give me my first assignment. I listened intently.

"For your first assignment, I want you to get close to Kairi" I could've choked. I didn't want to hurt Kairi. Besides I knew Sora liked her. I couldn't do that to him.

"I can't do that." I said insistently.

"Are you actually refusing an assignment?!" I could hear the anger in his voice.

"Yeah. I am. I'm refusing it for two reasons one: she's like a sister to me and two Sora likes her" I tried to explain.

"Well 'one' the way you hang around her all the time it seems that you like her more than you're letting on and 'two' so what if Sora likes her? That hasn't ever stopped you from dating a girl before. When I was testing you before you got in you went after girls that had boyfriends. What's so different about this?"

"She really is like a sister to me! I've just known her that long and I know a lot about her" I objected.

"All the more reason to get close to her" he stated deviously.

"I'm not going to do that to Sora!" I glared at him.

"Why not? You said yourself you don't know why you hang out with them." he said glaring back at me. I didn't care I wasn't going to back down.

"I didn't say anything about Sora! He's my best friend and I won't betray him like that!"

"Fine! You won't take the assignment? Then switch with Daisuke" As he said this he backed down a little but I could tell he was still angry and was still trying to maintain his authority.

"Fine." I said with a grimace.

"You don't like that either?" he asked annoyed.

"Not exactly" I knew what he'd say I don't know why I was telling him the truth.

"Choose one or you'll have to take a punishment… and you know what that means…"

Now I knew I was in trouble if I didn't pick one or the other. I didn't expect that! There are gang rules that I have to abide by. And one is if you refuse an assignment you can be punished and a gang punishment isn't like just getting yelled at like a parent does its way worse than that. I could end up in jail or seriously hurt if I didn't pick! Just the thought made me cringe a little.

"Yeah… I know"

"So choose one"

"I guess I'll try with Kairi." I said after thinking for a minute.

"Good. I'll be waiting to hear about it"

After that he turned to Daisuke and told him that if he got Selphie in bed he'd make him 3NC. That's third in command. I heard Daisuke complaining about how hard that would be because he'd already been forceful with her and I knew Rex was annoyed with me for trying to get out of an assignment so I spoke up to try and get back on Rex's good side.

"You could always try apologizing for being forceful and be nice to her for a while. Then take her out on a couple "dates." After that she'll trust you a little more and it should be easier to get her in bed"

"Nice. I like the way you think. You might get to 3NC before he does. Of course it all depends on how well you do with your assignment." Rex said.

"Whatever" I shrugged. I was back on his good side. That's all I cared about.

Author's Note: There you have it chapter one. What's going to happen now? I plan on making this fan fiction go through this school year and the next. The summer after Sora and Selphie's freshman year is when I'll end it. Please Read and Review.