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Rory married Logan short after her graduation and hasn't spoke to her mom for the five years she is with Logan now. She altough hasn't been to Stars Hollow the entire time. She found out that Logan cheated on her quite a long time ago, but she didn't do anything about it until now. Finn, who has become Rorys best friend in this five years, will play an important role too.

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Chapter One: Back home

As he opened the door to his apartment he was greeted by quietness. It was unusual. Normally his wife would come out of the kitchen and greet him smiling. She would have cooked something and they would have had dinner together.

This time it was completely quiet in their whole home.

"Ace? I'm home honey, where are you?" He looked into the kitchen and the bedroom, but there was no sight of her. Getting worried he looked in his office, the last room. There, on his desk, where two things:

One was a picture, cut in two halves; the other was a letter, written form his wife. He took it and began to read:

You said you loved me, you said that I make you happy.

But you cheated on me and hurt me over and over again.

By the time you read this, I will be back to where I belong.

I'm not going to take it anymore!


For a moment he stood completely still, even forgot how to breathe. She left him? Then he finally looked at the two halves of the picture, lying on his desk. It was their wedding picture …

Slowly she drove through the streets of her hometown. It seemed as nothing had changed in the five years she hadn't been here. It was all the same, the gazebo, Luke's, the houses, the people she had known her whole life. Miss Patty looked at her and then pointed at her car, saying something to Babette. She pulled up in front of her house. No, it wasn't hers anymore. Her mom lived here with her husband Luke, she went away with Logan!

She got out of the car and slowly walked to the door. She knocked and waited, nervous what would happen now. Lorelai opened the door, looking into the house and obviously speaking with her best friend Sookie. As she looked at Rory, she went quiet.

"Rory?" was the only thing she said.

"Hey mom …"

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm back home …"