In Risembool we find 15 year old Edward Elric shopping with Pinako. Funny, huh? The scene that was before them earlier that day wasn't…Well maybe it was…


While playing tag in the Rockbell house, Ed and Al broke a bunch of appliances important to the Rockbell family. Winry, in her extremely pissed off matter, began to beat the crap out of them both with a wrench. Pinako, well aware of the commotion, assigned both brothers chores to do in order to make up for the damage they caused. Damn Equivalent Exchange…

Arriving home, Ed started to unpack the bags of supplies, and food. At the bottom of the bag he found something he wasn't quite familiar with. It was feminine that's for sure. Otherwise he would know what it was.

Ed decided to ask Pinako what they're for.

"That's for Winry." Pinako replied. "She's been getting cramps for a few days now and is bleeding a bit."

"EH?!" Ed exclaimed. "What the heck's wrong with her?!"

"Why don't you ask her yourself?" Pinako suggested. "I'm sure she can tell you better than I can."



Winry was adjusting Ed's arm when he spoke up.

"Um, Winry?"


"…Why are you bleeding?"

The blonde mechanic flinched and accidentally tightens Ed's automail.


"Oops, sorry. Anyways where the hell did that question come from?!"

Ed quickly explained.

"Well, I'm not going to explain it to you-"

Ed frowned.

"-but I'm sure Colonel Mustang knows."

"OH HELL NO! I'm NOT asking that bastard about anything!" Ed objected, crossing his arms.

"It'll answer your question, Ed." Winry smiled.

They stared at each other for a minute before Ed gave in with a sigh, "Fine."

Winry smirked. "Okay, here's what you ask him." She whispered the question in his ear.

A day later in Central…

Ed kicks and breaks down the door.

"Oops." Ed really didn't mean to hit the door that hard and sweat-dropped.

A gloved hand reached Roy's face. "What brings you here, Ed?"

"Well, uh, I just have a question to ask and I thought that you could answer it."

"All right, ask away." Roy said, taking a sip out of his coffee mug.

"…Why do women bleed once a month?"

Roy's coffee was spit out of his mouth. The liquid flied all over his paperwork. Oops.

"Okay Ed, let me get this straight." Roy started, wiping the access coffee off his mouth with his sleeve. "After three months of searching for the stone, without my permission, might I add, you come here all the way from Risembool to ask me about womanly functions instead of what the next lead on the Philosopher's Stone might be?"

Ed considered that for a moment. "That's pretty much the gist of it; yeah."

"Listen, Edward…" Roy got out of his chair and wrapped an arm around Ed's shoulder gently seating the teen next to him on the couch. "…that kind of info isn't really worth looking into."

"Why not?!" Ed fumed, standing up. "My girlfriend is in pain, damn it! I want to know what the hell is wrong with her!"

"Stop making a scene, Fullmetal. It's not like she's going to die or anything. If you want to help her so badly, just get her a bottle of Advil or something and the pain will go away. It's no big deal."

"Oh, okay. Thanks…" Ed surprised the Flame by hugging him. "…Roy."

"You're welcome, my shrimp-e short-e chibi bean-e sonny."

Roy sure knows how to kill the moment…

Reacting to the height issued insult Ed stood up, fist shaking.


"I didn't say any of that, Edward. And no, I sure as hell don't think that you're pregnant, considering that's impossible since you aren't female. Well come to think about it, you sure PMS like one and you look like one too…"

Unable to control himself any longer, Ed beat the crap out of Mustang.

"Oops." He smirked.