The Puppets of Akatsuki

Authors Note: This is my first serious fanfic. Every else I've written have had crack, or atleast lot of humor in it. This don't. It have jokes, and fun moments, but it's not so fun over all. But my propose with this fanfic isn't to give other people joy, happiness or anything like that. I don't know what my propose with this fanfic is, but it might be to try something different. For me as an author that is. Just needed to mention this is an slight alternate universe fic, and Deidara fought against Chiyo and Sakura instead of Sasori.

Warnings: It's an AU-fic. The characters might be OOC, hopefully not to much, but what do I know. Future yaoi. Mentions of shojo ai.

Disclaimer: Yeah, I own Naruto! And Deidara would dye his hair blonde, just to remember he already is blonde, Sasori would realise he's irish because he's a redhead, and move there after his death, Itachi would declare his undying love for the coulor pink because it matches his Sharingan so good and Konan would do a 'Britney' (aka. shave of all of her hair) because she think it's fun. Kakuzu would bye a ferris wheel to Zetsu and Hidan would start with teaching math for 8th and 9th grade in a swedish scool. Of course I don't own Naruto! I would love to, but I don't. And i do have some competion about owning it if Kishimoto ever let the fanbase get the show. And I don't own the characters I'm using for this. I might own Konan's personality, and I might have thought up some of the plot, atleast I hope so. I don't even own my computor. I do also not own I my brain, somebody stole it last week... it's true.

Summary: Slight AU. When Deidara fought against Chiyo and Sakura, it happened something. When he wakes up from his coma, something about him has changed forever. (he's turned brittish! xD)

---Chapter 1. The Bitter Reality---

Deidara POV

I'm waking up. I don't know for how long I've been sleeping, but probably for some time. My last memories are this fight... with danna's granmother, and some young pink'haired girl. Weird, who would anyone want to have pink hair? Oh, let's not think about that now... I have more important things to think of. Actaully, when I think about it, my body feels kinda numb at some places, and my eyelids feels really heavy. But I still open them.

"Oh, he's waking up... go get Pein-sama and Sasori." I hear Kisame's raspy voice mumble to someone. I try to sit up, only to have a big hand pushing me down firmly. I glare at the hands owner, not so suprisingly Kisame, with my one stormy blue eye. He looks at me with an anxious look, and I look back. It knocks on the door, and in comes Pein-sama and Sasori-no-danna. Pein-sama looks at me with an, atleast for me, unreadable look. I'm getting pretty tired of this 'look som much you can at Deidara'-contest they seem to have.

"You owe Sasori. We all do." Pein-sama finally says. I look him. Then I ask;

"Why, un?" My voice is kinda hoarse, as if I have a cold, or I haven't drunk anything for a long time.

"Why?" He awnsers. "Because you were dead Deidara." I look him dumbfonded, that is just really ridiculus!

"Sorry Pein-sama, but that is is just ridiculus." I tell him bluntly. "I'm here, I am alive. I'm not dead, un."

"I didn't say that you are dead. I said that you were dead." He says with the kind of voice you would use to explain something for a little kid.

I start to think... with Sasori-no-danna, life and death almost always equals in one thing, but... no. It can't be like that... don't let it be like that! Without realising it, I've closed my eyes. I open them again, afraid of what I might see. I look down at my hands, and I let out a breath I didn't know I were holding. They look normal... or, so normal hands with mouths in the palms can. I take my gaze from my hands, and drag it along my right arm... it still looks normal... wait, there. Mid forearm. Where it both feels weird, and looks diffirent. I look at my left arm, same thing there. I feel how the panic is filling me.

I pull up the sleves of the shirt I'm wearing... and there it is... a joint. Where I should have a elbow, I have a joint instead. A ball-joint to be exact. I swallow, to prevent myself from screaming, I've got a really strong urge to do that right now. I close my eyes, and I try to reglate my breathing. I open my eyes once more and I turn around. I point with a finger accusingly at Sasori-no-danna. I'm shaking, and if it is of anger I don't know, it might aswell be of fear...

"Y-you... you.. . you made.. you made me a..." I stutter, my stomach is feeling like it's being sucked into a black hole. I'm feeling sick, and my whole body hurts. I'm getting a klump in my throat, like I got when I were little, when the others made fun of me.

"I made you a half-puppet Deidara." My danna says, emotionless as usual.

"Y-you.. you. You!! Everything is your fault, un!!" I shout at him, as my whole world finally collapses.

"Deidara, if Sasori hadn't done this, you would have been dead." Kisame trys to tell me, trying to calm me down. I can just say that it's not working. I spin around from my pace on the bed and look at him.

"Death would have been better then this!" I shout at him, not caring if it's rude. All I feel like now is crying. I don't care if shinobi isn't suppoused to show emotion. And even if I weren't a shinobi, boys don't cry. Only women and small children do, and I am neither of it. But for now, I don't care. Nothing matters anymore. Not when I'm like this...

"Deidara." Pein-sama says. I turn around, and look up at him. "Sasori only made you half puppet. Wich means that you are half human." Oh, am I suppoused to feel better hearing that? Just more things to add to my list why I am a freak. This is just great.

"Wich parts of me are puppet, un?" I ask him, my voice have dropped some levels, but is still louder then normal converation level. But I don't care.

"Er.. you still have your... 'manhood' left." Pein-sama says, rather uncomfortably.

"I asked wich parts of me are puppet, un?" I say again. I don't care that I'm taking rudeness to a new level.

"Parts of neck, shoulders and most of your arms. And around 75 of your legs are also puppet." Sasori-danna tells me, emotionless as ever. How can he be so fucking emotionless all of the time?! I bury my head in my hands, slowly shaking it.

"Why? Why, un?!" I ask him furios, my voice cracking at the end. I lay down on my side in the bed. I don't care if he sees me as bratty. I don't care at all, it's just his problem.

"I don't know why i bothered to make you into a puppet. You are certainly not worth it." Danna says, a look of distaste showing over his face. He looks at me with a blank expression.

"Go. Go away, all of you, un!" I shout at them. At Pein-sama, Kisame-san and... and that creep, Sasori-no-danna. Danna is the first to leave the room. Pein-sama and Kisame follows him, and they all left me wthout saying anything... but I don't care.

Sasori POV

I look at the blonde brat.

He sits on the bed, head buried in his hands, shaking it slowly while asking 'Why? Why, un?', slightly furious. It irritates me to no end. Must he always be such a brat? And why can he not see the beauty in it? In his new body. He might not be eternal, atleast not yet... but he's on his way. And that would be the most beautiful thing in the world... wait? What the hell am I thinking?! The brat and the word beautiful at once? No way... It's just that, why can that blonde little brat not understand? He do not understand anything. Not art, not beauty, not priorites. Nothing at all.

That brat should be 'happy', or 'reveiled' that he still is alive. Otherwise he would just get buried, and get eaten by worms while his corpse lies there and rots. Being eternal prevents stuff like that from happening, and that kind of the point with it, isn't it? People asks me if I don't regret making myself a puppet, and my awnser is no. Only bad thing is taht I didn't wait until I were adult. Now I'm jsut locked into this teenage body forever. Because thats what I am, eternal. I am forever.

Oh, the blonde brat... he irritates me so, and he annoys me. I take a look second look at his shivering frame... he actually looks kind of fragile when he sits like that. And it looks feminine. What's with him looking like a girl anyway? Itachi also has that girly look... but he's much more creepy. Something about young males with ponytails and feminine looks... is quite disturbing. But it only says that you can't judge a book by it's paper.

I need to awnser his question. His why's.

"I don't know why I bothered to make you a puppet. You are certainly not worth it." I awnser his questioning why's with, because it's true. I wouldn't made him a puppet, or even a half-puppet, if Pein-sama wouldn't ordered me to do it. I don't think he deserves being one.

"Go. Go away, all of you, un!" He shouts at us, that little brat. I walk out from the room, as he wanted. No need to upset him more, atleast not now. Tcch, he need to learn to control his temper, maybe Itachi could teach him that. Pein-sama and Kisame are soon to follow me, leaving the brat alone, as he wanted. Kisame goes back to his and Itachi's room, and Pein-sama goes to his office. I walk in the corridoor, where I see Konan outside, and she walks up to me.

"Is Deidara in there?" She asks me and points at the door to the room he is in. I nod, and I reply; "He's in there" . She smiles a small smile and says a 'thank you' to me. I am going back to my room, or as it actually is, my and Deidara's room. But I think he'll refuse to sleep in there anymore. After this little... thing, or what we should call it. I walk through the corridoor, nothing more to do here. If it even were anything to do from the beggining...

Konan POV

I knock on the door, and wait. The time passes, and I'm not getting an awnser, not even any kind of response. I open the door and I close the door behind me. He just lays there on the bed, looking apathetic. I walk to the bed he lays on, and he haven't changed his expression the least.

"Deidara, move in." I say to him, soft but commanding, with a small smile on my lips. He lifts his head to look at me. I get a chock if what I'm seeing.

The blonde boy that always is happy, almost hyper usually, with a grin plastered across his face and with a mischievous gleam in his eye. But now... now, his eye is dull and greyblue. It looks lifeless. And... he looks more emotionless then Sasori. He even looks more emotionless then Itachi... and that is something.

He sighs, a small light, sigh and rolls over, leaving some space. I sit down, and I pull him closer, until I have his head in my lap. And he jsut lays there, not moving at all, except that he is breathing. I pat him lightly at his head, and at the same time I'm plying with a lock of his thick, blonde hair. I feel how he starts to move, and I lift my arms from him, showing it's okay if he don't want me so close. Instead, he puts his arms around me.

He hugs me.

It's a good start. I put my arms around him, loosly.We just sit like that for minutes, how many I'm not sure of. He moves again, now lifting himself up from my lap, so he can look at me.

"Konan, un..." he whispers, stuggling even with just saying my name.

"Yes Dei, what is it?" I ask him, making sure that I speak softly to him. He don't need harsh words now. If he ever have needed that...

"N-nothing, un..." His voice is now higher than a whisper, but it's still lower thet normal speaking tone.

"You can ask me anything Dei. Except where babies come from." I tell him a small smile on my lips once again. He looks at me, blinking a couple of times, and then he swallows.

"Why? Un... why did they, he, do this? Can you tell me that Konan, un?" he asks me, with something in his voice I can't rally recognize. This is not how he should be...

"I have some reasons known. First of all Deidara, you are very important for the organisation. Second, we are a family Deidara. We would miss you..." here Deidara interrupted me.

"So what? You can always find a new bomber. And who are these 'we' you are talking about Konan, un? Tell me who tehy are." He asks me, suddenly slightly furios. If I didn't know better I would almost think that he was PMS-ing with these mood-swings of his. But I guess boys also have mood-swings. Well, Itachi didn't have them... but he doesn't count.

"Deidara, you are special, nobody could replace you. And who these 'we' are? We, the organisation. We your family. Me, Kisame, Hidan, Tobi-kun, Kakuzu, Zetsu, Pein-sama, even Itachi! Even Sasori!We are your family Deidara!" I tell him, my voice a little to high for me trying to be comforting.

"Better watch out for Itachi then, un..." he says. That's it. I'm here being nice, comforting him, playing pschologist, and he's all... bratty. That's all that can describe him when he said so.

"Deidara! How dare you say that? I care about you. We all do." I tell him. He looks away, a small blush crossing his cheeks. I can't stand it, I just need to comfort him again! Why did I be so harsh? He just looks so vulnerable, and fragile... I pull him closer again, and I hug him. First he's tense, but he starts to relax as the time passes. Soon he puts his arms around me again.

"Deidara..." I mumble into his hair. "I know you hate this, but..." I paused, and breathed in. "Try to accept it. I know it's hard... But just don't do anything drastic, 'kay?" He nods at this, and mumbled a 'un' as reply. I let go of him, and we return to sit like before, his head in my lap, and my arms loosly around him.

"It's just that... he'll win now." He mumbles into my cloak.

"Huh? Who'll win?" I question, looking down at him.

"He." Deidara says with empaphasis. Now I understand who means. Sasori. And their eternal argument that about art, an agruement that always ends with a bang. "Now I'm just a puppet. One of his puppets. That stupid puppeteer. I'm just a puppet, and he can take control, making me fight in his way. Not mine,un..."

"Deidara, Sasori always been able to use chakra-strings and control you." I tell him. Maybe it's not what he would want to hear, but it's the truth. He changes his head so he looks up at me. Is that fear in his eye? Is he really so scared for that to happen? Maybe I just misread his feeling, he don't sound afraid, not at the least.

"Not like this, I was human then... now am I a puppet. And he is the puppeteer... that made me like this, un." He mumbles, and actually looses his grip of me. And I realize that Sasori probably will use Deidara as a puppet if he has a need for it... at it will probably be a need for it at times.

I lift him from my lap, and lay him down on the pillows. He snuggles closer to them, closing his eyes. He yawns, and streak som strands of his hair behind his ear. I can feel that he's about to falling to sleep, so I pull the blankets up around him, and he relaxes more. Soon his breath slows down some more, giving him a peaceful look. At times like this he looks as the teenage boy he is suppoused to, and not like the murder he actually is. I take one more glance on him, and I think his sleping. I walk to the door, and I open it queitly, so I wont disturb him.

I feel so bad for that poor kid. He's always had poor mental health, and if he weren't born with having it, he has atleast had it for very many years. I mean, he blew up half of his village just to see 'the fleeting beauty' in the moment it all exploded, blended with thick smoke, blood and the screaming of the helpless people in Iwagakure. But now do I believe his mental health is even poorer. He's been close to loose it a couple of times before all of this happened, but if we're not careful now, this might be it. And who knows what he might do if he'll loose it all? And I'm not so sure we want to know it...

--- Chapter 1. End ---

Authors Note: So, what do you think? Not toooo much of OOC-ness is it? Okay, maybe that whole Konan and Deidara-part is OOC. And Deidara would probably not be afraid... but he would hate it. Really much. Please, leave me a reveiw... and CC is always welomed. If it's about my spelling and grammar, there is not so much I can do, I'm only 14 and I'm swedish. I know I shouldn't blame it on that, but I do. :P And I'm aloud to make jokes about PMS-ing girls, I'm one myself. At times. And Dei's and Saso's eternal arguement always end with a bang. But they do not bang eachother. (Atleast not yet.. xD) Just wanted to make that clear.