The Puppets of Akatsuki

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--- Chapter 7. ---

Deidara POV

I hurry through the corridors, wearing nothing but a towel. Yeah, Danna even took my boxers. And I wasn't especially smart of me to shout that to him from the bathroom. I think he heard me, and that would mean that maybe rest of the members here at the base did. And that would mean complete awkwardness for me, since Danna would just stand there and pretend like nothing ever happened.

And I just don't understand him! One minute he is all 'you're worthless and mean nothing', next he's acts all 'Deidara, why are blushing? Is something bothering you?' when he's so... close to me.

If it's physically possible, my brain must have turned into clay. No, not clay, it's turned into MUD. Completely un-artistic MUD. Isn't it funny, mud? I think it sounds funny. I wonder why it does... maybe it's the sound of it?

It's all his fault, it truly is. If he just hadn't been there... why the hell does he first have to break me down, turn me into the thing I am now just because I died, to then crush me and my beliefs, and then just play with me.

No... It can not be like this. I am his puppet, his to toy with, his to do anything he would ever feel like doing.

I truly am nothing.

Ha, and I didn't even realize that until now, I really am an idiot, ain't I?

I kneel down, down on the floor in one of the endless, maze-like corridors in the headquarters, and I laugh.

Itachi POV

I'm on my way to the kitchen when I hear a laugh bouncing off the walls, coming from one of the side corridors which leads to some of the bathrooms. Hearing laughs is the norm around here, even if some are just imaginations.

But this laugh isn't like the others.

The imagined laughs I hear are laughs from the past, from the times I had with my brother. The real laughs that are often heard around here are either the plain through psycho-laughs Hidan has when he sacrifices something, or the ones that Deidara had before the time of his change.

But this one is different. It's a maniacs, a psychotics laugh. At the same time it's heartbreaking. Funny said of one of the men that are claimed to don't have a heart isn't it?

If the whole thing had been normal, I couldn't have cared less of who it is or what it is about. But now... this laugh is like a sirens voice.

It makes you follow it, blindly.

As I walk into the side way, the laugh stops and the one laughing looks up at me with wide, blue eyes and his lips ever so slightly parted. Deidara looks questionably at me.

"Itachi, un? Did you hear me yell at him?" he asks me slowly, the words falling off his lips in an... artistic way.

I look at him with an indifferent emotion on my face, and I think. Did I hear him yell something at someone? It is a possibility, I heard someone yell something. I look down at him again, and his sitting on the floor wearing only a towel, at least whats visible to me.

I don't know all the circumstances of his death, but I think it would have been better- and more noiseless, if he was still dead. We could have found another member, one that was quieter and respected others more, one whom weren't so cocky in fights. But something with Deidara's personality makes him okay, even though it most of the time makes you want to kill him.

"Itachi.. did you hear it?"

I snap a little, being lost in thought before I simply answer: "No."

"No? Good, un.." he mumbles, still sitting down and now crossing his legs, looking down in the floor.

Usually I wouldn't be concerned about him, but this is starting to get weird. More so than things usually are around here.

"Itachi.. do you have a kunai?" he suddenly asks me, just about the time I'm starting to move away from the alleyway we're standing in. I look down at him again, and he looks at me with some sort of unreadable look on his face.

"Yes, why are you wondering?" I ask him, not caring to activate my Sharingan to see what he want the kunai for.

"May I borrow it, un?"

Not giving it a second thought I grab one of my kunais, and I throw it to him. He catches it with his right hand, his reactivity not so bad for not being able to do anything for weeks. I look at him, how his eyes starts to gleam when he looks at is, when he touches it with his fingers. The curious tongues in his palm stick out and touch the sharp blade, just to soon retreat into their –probably- hot caverns in the palms. That kind of throws me off, I don't understand how how you can have something as odd as that.. it's just extremely odd. I will not say it's freaky, just that it's odd.


Upon hearing his name he looks up at me, answering with a questioning 'un'. Inwardly I sigh, I don't feel like standing in this alleyway anymore, but I don't show anything on the outside.

"I'm out of here." I say at last, and I walk away, being there was none of my business even from the start. I can feel how he still looks at my back when I walk away.

Deidara POV

"Deidara, why aren't you in the fucking kitchen? Oh hell, this isn't good."

I move my head a little when I hear Hidan's voice, but I can't see clearly, it's all blurry, the closest I am to see anything is something that might be a pair of sandals standing in red, but I'm not sure. I close my eyes again as I hear footsteps coming closer in a rapid pace.


"Deidara, don't move. It would only open up your wounds, and if that will happen you will surely die." Konan tells me, soft and nice as usual, I don't understand how she can be like that all the time. I groan a little, and the stinging pain grows and fills my head, my arms, my throat and my stomach.

"Or become a real human puppet, not just a half one." I hear someone else mutter, and you can not mistake his voice.

"Sasori!" not Konan, but Hidan tells him with sharp voice. It glads me that even though I did this, they still help me, they still defend me.

I start to cough, the white I see in front of me is getting stained with red. My mouth feels horrible, just tasting blood and my insides... I don't even want to think about it. I feel how my insides turning, and I throw up. Blood and gall is all, my stomach is otherwise empty.

Konan's hand is stroking my hair, sweat starting to form on my forehead. I gasp for air, I just need to breath, but every time I do breath in, and out, it hurts so much.

"Deidara... swallowing a kunai probably wasn't so smart, don't you think so?"

--- Chapter 7. End---

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