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Disturbance) - noun) something that disturbs; an outbreak of disorder; a breach of public peace

O N E -- A Memorable Girl

Haruhi grumbled, her arms aching under the weight of the instant coffee. She couldn't see over the mountain of coffee and relied on her memory of the school and the laughter of the students to direct her to the third music room. "Rich bastards," She hissed under her breath. "Next time Hikaru and Kaoru want to throw a fashion show, they can get their own coffee and-"

Haruhi's words were cut off as someone ran into her, the containers of coffee tumbled from her arms and scattered across the polished floor.

"Oh! I'm so sorry," The person who had collided with her cried, hurrying to pick up the scattered coffee. Haruhi got up and retrieved the rest.

"I-I wasn't paying attention," Her smile was bright against her medium brown skin. Her startled gray eyes studied Haruhi's face. "I'll gladly help you carry these, it looks like quite a lot."

"Thank you," Haruhi mumbled, continuing down the hall. The stranger followed silently, her eyes wide as they entered the music room.

"Yay!" The twins chorused. "Commoner's coffee!"

"Haru-chan, what took so long?" Hunny asked, grabbing Haruhi's sleeve. His eyes were wide as he regarded the stranger. "Who's that, Haruhi?"

Haruhi placed the coffee on a table and took the rest from the girl. Tamaki frowned. "The Host Club is closed for the rest of the week in preparation for the fashion show..."

The girl blinked, confusion apparent on her face. "I'm Tsukiko Ogundiran," She said softly, wary of all the men in the room. "I'm not here for any fashion show. I was just helping...Haruhi with the coffee I spilled."

The Host Club stared at her. It was Kyoya who finally spoke, stepping forward and offering his hand. "Lady Ogundiran, it is my pleasure to finally meet you again."

Tsukiko's eyes widened. "Kyoya-sama! The pleasure is mine. My, you've changed... It's been thirteen years!" She bowed. "My father told me to greet you, if we met. He sends his greetings to Mr. Ohtori."

"How are you finding Ouran?"

She laughed, shaking her head, causing her loose golden-brown curls to fall over her shoulders. "It's wonderful. Nothing like the Aussie schools, or London, but it's very charming."

Hikaru cleared his throat while Kaoru coughed. Kyoya smiled, gesturing to each person in turn. "These are my friends; Tamaki Suoh, Hikari and Kaoru Hitachiin, Takashi Morinozuka- but we call him Mori, and Mitsukuni Haninozuka- we call him Hunny. You've met Haruhi Fujioka." Kyoya straightened his glasses. "And this is the Host Club."


"Yes, princess," Tamaki whispered, gently lifting her face so he may see her eyes. "It is our greatest desire to-"

Tsukiko slammed her heel into Tamaki's foot. He gasped, tears coming to his eyes as he retreated to his corner. "Don't touch me. I know exactly what a Host Club is, there was one at the Queen's Prestige." She narrowed her eyes.

The twins laughed, their amber eyes shining as they approached Tsukiko, taking her hands.

"Your beauty cannot be matched by any," Hikaru whispered into her ear.

"Such a gorgeous, exotic creature you are," Agreed Kaoru, kissing her hand. He pulled her to him, his arm tight around her waist as his twin stroked her cheek. "You're like an African lily planted among daises."

Tsukiko gasped, tears came to her eyes as she weakly protested. Kaoru dropped his arm.

"You're bleeding," Haruhi observed. Kyoya immediately stepped forward to inspect the wound.

"Who did this to you?"

"N-no one..." She lied quickly, wringing her wrists.

"Because such actions are not tolerated at Ouran. Whoever is responsible shall be rightfully punished." Kyoya pressed his hand against the wound, applying pressure to prevent the wound from bleeding. "Hikaru, Kaoru, go bring something for Tsukiko to change into, her uniform's ruined. Haruhi, please bring some hot water, a cloth, and some bandages."

"I'm fine!" Tsukiko persisted. "Please, I could just go to the nurse..."

"Nonsense!" Tamaki shook his head. "We are perfectly capable of caring for you here. Besides, whoever did this could be waiting for you."

"Exactly..." Kyoya nodded to Mori. "Watch the door, please, in case he followed Tsukiko here."

Tsukiko stood silently as Kyoya ripped her uniform in order to clean the long cut along her side. Hunny gasped when he saw it. It was deeper than Kyoya had thought. Whoever had done this to her had wanted something in particular. Tamaki slammed his fist into his hand. "A crime like this cannot go unpunished! Shame on a man who thinks he can abuse a new student." He pointed to Tsukiko. "You are now under the Host Club's protection until he is brought to justice!"

Tsukiko stared at him boredly. "Just because I'm a new student doesn't mean I don't know how to take care of myself. I broke his arm, thank you very - ow!"

"Sorry," Kyoya mumbled, standing. "Here, take her to go change." He watched as the twins eagerly led her away to Haruhi's usual changing spot.

"This isn't another self-claimed fiance, is it, Mom?"

"No, Dad," Kyoya murmured as he washed his hands in the basin Haruhi had provided. "Doctor Ogundiran and my father are great friends from school. He's a world-renowned doctor with strong affiliates concerning my father's business."

"Ogundiran isn't Japanese," Haruhi noted.

"No, Haruhi, it's actually Yoruba - a language native to the West African country Nigeria. Tsukiko's father is Nigerian and her mother is Australian. She was born in Tokyo during a medical conference, and out of respect her parents gave her a Japanese name. She lived in Australia until she was ten and then moved to England. She's been in Nigeria since - but transferred here because her father wants to start an experimental treatment facility for various diseases and cancers in Japan. The last time I saw her she was two."


The Host Club turned to stare at Tsukiko, who shyly lowered her head under their gazes. The twins had dressed her in a gold and purple dashiki. Around her middle was a violet sash that showed perfectly how thin her waist was. The cotton-silk material of the dashiki flowed elegantly over her slender hips, stopping just under her knees to show off her long, dark legs. She wore golden sandals that matched the golden bangles that jingled on her wrist.

"She's gorgeous," Haruhi murmured. "Like a model."

"Ah! Is my daughter jealous?" Tamaki teased, his voice hopeful.

"No," Haruhi scowled, crushing his enthusiasm.

"She's pretty!" Hunny exclaimed.

The twins took her arms and paraded her around the music room. Tsukiko made a face, clearly uncomfortable.

"I...really have to go..." She sounded a bit apologetic. "Thank you so much, for everything. It was nice seeing you again, Kyoya-sama." She smiled, then pursed her thick lips. "Ah...could one of you tell me how to reach the main hall."

"We'll escort you!" The twins beamed, pulling her out of the room before anyone had enough time to say anything. Kyoya made a face and wrote something down on his clipboard.

"Will she be in the fashion show?" Hunny asked. "She'd be a wonderful model!"

"I agree," Mori said, still standing by the door.

Kyoya shrugged. "It's up to her. I'll be sure to give her an invitation tomorrow." He continued to write, a thoughtful expression on his face. He had only been three when he had seen her last - an impressionable age. She had been a very intelligent child, even then. There was something about her that made her a fond memory of childhood, even though he had rarely ever saw her. She had been a good friend - very advanced for two years.



"You said you'd show us a picture of her when she was younger."

Kyoya furrowed his brow. Had he said that? He didn't remember...

He placed his clipboard on the stacked coffee and pulled his wallet from the inner pocket of his uniform. He felt foolish now, to have such a meaningless picture in his wallet, where pictures of family went, but there was something about her...

Kyoya smiled as he ran his thumb over the small photograph. Tsukiko was dressed in a pale blue dress, hugging a younger Kyoya, her curls framing her round, smiling face. Together they sat in the large chair behind Mr. Ohtori's desk. Tsukiko's father had thought it was hilarious at the time.

"There we are. Thirteen years ago." I still remember it, He thought to himself, amazed. Was she that much of a memorable girl?

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