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Edward's POV

"Edward?" She said again, in a very snappish tone.

The mutt was smirking at his little desk.

Let's see you talk your way out of this one bloodsucker.

"What is going on?" She began, tapping her foot irregularly. Something strange was bothering me about this situation, but I pushed it to the back of my mind. I had more pressing problems at the moment.

"Bella, this is not what it looks like." I grabbed my sweater from Janine, who only had one thought rolling around in her head.

Who is this?

I was faintly surprised; I assumed everyone knew who Bella was.

"Oh really," she quirked an eyebrow, "so my father's 34-year-old secretary was not just taking off your clothes? And what's all over you? Just what have you been up to?"

"The heater, it broke, and then I got oil all over myself, nothing was going on here honey."

I wiped at the oil on my face.

Honey? Ugh, he is way too good for her.

I rolled my eyes. Then I saw Bella's shocked face.

Oh no.

"Did you just . . .?" She sputtered and then turned to Jacob. "Did you just see him . . .?" He nodded solemnly.

"Bella, I wasn't rolling my eyes at you."

"You know what? Save it Edward," she hissed at me. I took a step back. This was getting out of control, and something wasn't quite right here . . .

All of a sudden, it was like all of the anger left her. She turned away from me and I could hear the quiver in her voice.

"I sneak out and come here just to see you and when I get here, you're all over my father's secretary."

Bella's words sank into Janine's mind finally.

Father? Wait a second; this is Chief Swan's daughter? And she's dating this boy? The one he's always yelling and complaining about? The kleptomaniac? Oh this is good.

To my utter horror, Bella began to cry, great tears welling up in her eyes. I had done that, I had made her cry. I was so undeserving of her. What kind of a monster was I to do this to her?

I moved to comfort her.

"Bella, please sweetheart, don't cry, nothing happened, I promise."

She jerked back from me. "Don't touch me."

I recoiled, instantly hurt. Why was she having these mood swings? Was it really because of this, because of me? I was confused; Bella generally didn't overreact like this. She was never that dramatic.

Oh how the tables have turned.

I looked back at her and to my disgust, I saw Jacob enveloping her in a hug.

Ughh, how could she do that?

I stood blinking in shock. I had finally done it, done what Emmett had warned me I would. I drove my love into another man's arms. Wait a minute . . .

Something was starting to click inside my mind.

Bella was hugging the mutt tightly to her, sobbing openly in his arms. He was enjoying it way too much for me. I took a step toward them when the bell jingled as someone entered the station. I knew who it was before I saw her.

Ooh, they were right. He is here. What is all over him? Whatever, it doesn't matter, actually, it kind of makes him look even sexier. You know, he always was a little too clean. This is much better.

Ugh, Stanley.

I turned to see her curly dark hair flounce as she strolled up to me.

"Well hello Edward," she tried to purr seductively.

"Um, Jessica," I said, trying avert my eyes. Her shirt was a bit too tight for my taste.

I heard a thud and then an indignant screech. It was Bella. My head whipped around. She was lying on the floor in a shocked position. What the . . .

It was then that I saw the dog; he was standing there, his arms still slightly open from releasing Bella. His mouth was gaping as he stared at Jessica.

"And I'm so happy that I could come . . ." she drew off at the sight of Jacob.

Well, well, well, this was the boy that Bella liked. Wasn't he supposed to be a kid or something? He doesn't look like he's young. He looks at least early twenties! And he's obviously stupefied by my very presence.

I was slightly impressed. I had no idea Jessica knew what the word stupefied meant.

Who. Is. That? She is so beautiful. I'm in love with her. She looks like an angel.

Well, Jacob had obviously just completed that moronic werewolf ritual of imprinting.

Wait! What was I saying? This was great, this was excellent, wonderful. He was infatuated with someone other than my beloved Bella. Yes! I felt like raising a fist in victory. He would leave Bella to me.

Jacob was walking over to Jessica now.

"Hello gorgeous. I'm Jacob Black, but only people who I really like can call me Jake. I would love for you to call me Jake."

Oh for the love of . . .

She smiled coyly at him. "I'm Jessica, and you can call me anything you like."

This was so pathetic.

Janine was standing there, slightly off to the side, unsure of what to do.


I focused back into the current conversation of Jessica and Jacob.

"Okay, sure, I'd love to go shopping with you Jessica," Jacob took her hand and she started leading him out of the room, "you can show me all of the good shops."

I felt like smacking my forehead. It was kind of funny seeing him in such a demeaning position though.

"Oh, don't worry about that Jake," Jessica giggled. "I know all of the good ones."

I had no doubt about that.

I was just grateful Bella wasn't a shopaholic.


I looked around and saw she was no where to be seen. Uh oh. I was definitely in trouble now.

"Did you see where . . .?"

Jessica looked at me before walking out the door.

"Oh Edward, I'm sure you're looking for Bella?" Still too good for her. "She walked out a couple of minutes ago. She looked a little angry."

I closed my eyes. Of course, her sadistic mood swings had probably prompted her leave. What was wrong with her? Whatever it was, I wanted to know.

"Edward dear, where are you going?"

I turned back to Janine. "I've got to go, I'll be back soon."

"Well, you're not technically-"

I walked up to her and turned on the full force of my charm. I grimaced in my mind. Only for Bella . . .

"Janine," I made my eyes look deeply at her. "Couldn't you keep this our little secret?"

"Well, uh, well I?"

"Keep what a little secret?" A voice boomed from the doorway.

I turned around to see a very confused and angry looking Charlie.

"What on earth is going on here?"

I read his mind as he took in the oil spilled all over the floor, Jacob's empty desk, my sweater hanging from my hand, and Mrs. Eagan holding a hand to her heart as if she were about to swoon.

"I just saw Bella outside, going home. Or should I say running home? I started to yell at her for breaking her grounding when I saw she was crying. Edwin you had better explain yourself."

I looked at him. This was not good.

"Well Charlie, I-"

"He's not to blame."

I looked up as Jasper and Emmett came in. They both looked sheepish. Of course, I should have known that they were behind this. I narrowed my mind as I read their minds. Jasper had been influencing Bella's feelings as well. I should have guessed.

We're sorry Edward.

I rolled my eyes.

Sure they were.

They were going to get it so bad when I got them alone.

"What's going on here?" Charlie blustered, looking even more confused.

"Mr. Smith, Eden, what are you doing here?" Janine broke in looking confused.

Jasper sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "We have to confess something."

They explained everything from the beginning, and I was happy to hear Charlie's thoughts growing less and less murderous toward me.

"And so we sort of got Bella kind of riled up at Edward," Emmett finished.

"But that still doesn't explain the oil."

Janine looked at Charlie. "Oh, that other boy, Jacob, he pulled the wrong hose and drenched Edwin I'm afraid."

"Oh he did, did he?"

Maybe I misjudged the kid after all.

Finally, a ray of hope.

"What were you discussing with Mrs. Eagan though Edward?"

"Well sir, to put it plainly, I was going to go after Bella."

Hopefully the truth would only be a good thing.

"Really? So you were just going to run out, despite your punishment?"

"Yes sir, I was. Bella means the world to me and I would never want her to be unhappy. Her happiness means more to me than your approval. No offense sir."

The corners of his mouth upturned.

"Is that so?"


"Well then, I definitely misjudged you Edward, I can see that you have my daughter's best interests at heart. Maybe I was a little too hasty in condemning you."

"Thank you sir."

"And I think you've done enough work this week. You don't need to come back."



"Yes sir?"

"Why are you still standing there? From what I hear my daughter's still awfully misguided and upset with you right now."

"Oh, right." I started out the door.


I leaned back inside.

"I don't ever want to catch you inside my house at 2:30 in the morning. I kind of like you now. I really wouldn't want to have to shoot you."

Jasper and Emmett grinned.

"That won't be a problem sir."

"Okay then, I suspect I'll be seeing you when I get home?"

I nodded grinning. "You can count on it."

Bella's POV

I felt ashamed. I couldn't believe the way I had acted with Edward. I had been so mean to him.

I wouldn't be surprised if Edward never wanted to see me again. I was so petty.

I started crying a fresh batch of tears.

A knocking sound startled me and I looked at my window.

It was Edward.

I jumped off of the bed, my legs getting tangled in the bed sheets and causing me to fall. I jumped back to my feet and flung open the window.

"Oh Edward, I'm so sorry!"

"Bella, are you okay?" he asked worriedly, checking me over.

"Yes, yes, I'm fine, but I'm sorry."

Gently he kissed me, and set me back down on the bed.

"Bella, it wasn't you, it was Jasper and Emmett, they planned the whole thing. Jasper was feeding you emotions."

Yep that explained it. I really hadn't thought I was pregnant.

I started laughing and Edward looked at me.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing," I giggled and then sobered.

"What was going on with Jake?"

He relaxed and flashed me my favorite crooked grin.

"He imprinted on Jessica."



I was appalled.

"No way."

He was the one laughing now.

"Yes love, he did and right now, they're probably at the mall, shopping to Jessica's heart's delight."

I was happy for him, though I couldn't imagine him being happy with her; he deserved someone special just for him.

"And there's one more thing Bella."

"What's that?" I was curious to say the least.

"I figured I would find you two up here."

I turned around and saw Charlie in the doorway.

"Um Dad, I can explain."

He just waved me off. "No need, no need. Everything's fine, Edward here and his brothers explained everything. You are off of probation, so is he. Are you staying for dinner Edward?"

'Edward?' I mouthed to him in shock.

Edward smiled mischievously and nodded.

"Sure Charlie, I'd love to stay."

Charlie went back downstairs and I was still sitting there in shock.

"That was the surprise?"

"Uh huh."

I breathed out. "It worked."

He frowned. "Aren't you even happy that your father finally approves of me?"

I gave him a sly look, pressing one hand on his chest and pushing him down on the bed, covering his lips with mine.


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